Miss Violet's journey to recovery

I am a neglect rescue case, from Medford Oregon. I have a severe skin disease and I am emaciated. When I am done with my treatments I can be adopted out to a forever home. Finding out what is wrong with me and the treatments will be the expensive part. Please help me.
Hi my name is Miss Violet. Dr's think I am 2 years old. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer mix (DNA Tested). Full DNA report will be given to my adopted family as well as my complete health records. Here is my story from my POV.
I was dropped off as a stray on November 20th 2015 to the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center (SOVSC) by a stranger. SOVSC tested me for mites and I was positive for demodex. I was transferred to the Jackson County Animal Control. This is where I got some help and started on a medical treatment plan. I still needed more help and I can only be released to another rescue agency.
11/20/2015 My photo at Animal Control.
On November 25th 2015 Miss Gabriel Foundation (MGF) stepped in. MGF was officially approved as a rescue to work with the Jackson County Animal Control. Arrangements were made right away to pull me from the shelter and start my treatment plan.

At MGF they will foster me and give me the 24/7 medical care I will need. They have a motto and it is "Giving a second chance to dogs who never had a first chance." MGF needs your help to make this happen.
11/25/2015 On my way to MGF.
11/26/2015 I have almost no hair and I bleed a lot.

I saw my Dr (Dr Liana) on November 27th 2015. She has a medical plan she believes will help me.
11/27/2015 I am waiting at the vets parking lot to see my Dr.

I am emaciated and Dr Liana believes I had not been fed often. My toe nails are long and they need to be cut, but my quick's have overgrown too so I cannot cut them too much at a time or I will bleed. My skin has a severe disease where I lost most of my hair; I smell very badly, my body is covered in scars and scabs from head to toe. My skin oozes blood and pus. I am also suffering from kennel cough but we need to treat skin disease first. I lack in muscles and I shiver a lot. My paws are also swollen. All of these are very painful and uncomfortable.

I am anemic from lack of food and my bleeding/oozing sores. I have wounds and scars all over my body and I am missing fur from about 3/4 of my body. My white blood cell is high due to my many infections.

I had some x-rays done, vaccinations given, blood work ordered and tested for certain diseases.

11/27/2015 My 1st bill is $262.00
(total medical cost to date is $262.00)
I took a turn for the worse overnight and my Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) became more important to treat than my skin. Different antibiotics were ordered to address my new problem.

11/28/2015 My 2nd bill is $20.00
(total medical cost to date is $282.00)
11/28/2015 Even with a jumper on I am still so cold.
I saw my Dr Liana on December 9th 2015. I am going on for a recheck because I am not improving as fast as I should be. Dr says it was my last antibiotic that made me feel so ill. Blood was drawn and a nicer antibiotic was ordered.

12/09/2015 My 3rd bill is $53.00
(total medical cost to date is $335.00)
12/09/2015 I do not feel very good.
I saw my Dr Liana on December 18th 2015. I am going on for a recheck because I am still struggling to recover. More rx was ordered and Dr says I will need more time to recover than the other rescues.

12/18/2015 My 4th bill is $25.00
(total medical cost to date is $360.00)
12/18/2015 Running around checking out the forest.
I saw my Dr Liana on December 26th 2015. I am going on for a recheck and I have a limp now. I am slowly getting better and Dr sees my skin is healing a bit. I more than likely got my limp from playing with one of the larger rescues. We play rough.

12/26/2015 My 5th bill is $15.00
(total medical cost to date is $375.00)
12/26/2015 Cold outside enough to hurt my feet.
On January 8th 2016, I saw Dr Matt. I need my skin rechecked on progress. I still have itchy painful skin. Drs will review my treatment next visit if I still am slow to heal. More prescriptions were ordered.

01/08/2016 My 6th bill is $45.00
(total medical cost to date is $420.00)
01/08/2016 Waiting outside for my Dr.
Picked up some prescriptions we forgot to pick up at yesterday's appointment.

01/09/2016 My 7th bill is $24.00
(total medical cost to date is $444.00)
01/09/2016 Miss Coral is being rude.
On January 20th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. Dr said I had a setback in my skin but we are continuing on course. We discussed possible food allergies. I was given a different antibiotic to treat a URI.

01/20/2016 My 8th bill is $36.00
(total medical cost to date is $480.00)
01/20/2016 Here to see my Dr.
Picked up a prescriptions I needed refilled.
Got the rest of my 1 year license.

02/04/2016 My 9th bill is $50.00
02/04/2016 My 10th bill is $25.20

(total medical cost to date is $555.20)
02/04/2016 Soaking up the sun.
On February 5th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. My skin is looking great but I have crystals in my urine. No WBC or RBC detected in the urine at the lab. No kidney or bladder stones found in the x-ray. I was given a vaccination and picked up more antibiotics. I can have pain medication to ease my discomfort. I am to start a chicken rx diet for urinary tract health even though I am allergic to chicken to treat my crystals.

02/05/2016 My 11th bill is $92.00
(total medical cost to date is $647.20)
02/04/2016 Waiting for my Dr.
Picked up a prescription I needed for pain.

02/15/2016 My 12th bill is $5.59
(total medical cost to date is $652.79)
02/15/2016 Cuddling with my friend Sam.
Picked up more antibiotics.

02/19/2016 My 13th bill is $9.00
(total medical cost to date is $661.79)
02/19/2016 Cramping up Foster Dad's legs.
On February 26th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. Getting my urine looked at again. I still have some crystals in my urine. Dr wants me to drink more fluids and see if this helps. I was given a vaccination and I picked up a prescription.

02/26/2016 My 14th bill is $55.00
(total medical cost to date is $716.20)
02/26/2016 Back up my Dr's.
On March 4th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. Getting my skin re checked. My skin is looking really good. Dr wants me to try Duck and Potato diet. I had a lump in my neck filled with serum. Dr syringed some of it out. Told me to stay on anti-inflammatory for my limp and my lump. I picked up more medication.

03/04/2016 My 15th bill is $34.00
(total medical cost to date is $750.20)
03/04/2016 Still needing medicated baths.
Picked up more antibiotics.

03/11/2016 My 16th bill is $9.00
(total medical cost to date is $759.79)
03/11/2016 I want a kiss!
On April 8th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. Going in to check on my skin progress and check on my swollen teats. My skin is looking really good. Duck and Potato diet is working well for me. Dr says I am off all medication for now (except benadryl) as I am finishing my treatment up soon. I am on for the spay on the 18th. I am in a false pregnancy is why my teats are swollen. Dr even got milk out of them. This makes the spay site a possible problem from infection due to my teat folds. They incision is to be kept super dry and clean.

04/08/2016 My 17th bill is $15.00
(total medical cost to date is $774.20)
04/08/2016 Out in the sun.
On April 19th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. Going in for my spay. Confirmed a false pregnancy. My teeth were cleaned, I was micro chipped. I am looking pretty good.

04/19/2016 My 18th bill is $135.00
04/19/2016 My 19th bill is $7.00
(total medical cost to date is $916.20)
04/19/2016 Cone of shame!

Picked up more antibiotics.

04/21/2016 My 20th bill is $4.00
(total medical cost to date is $920.79)
04/21/2016 Hello there.

On April 29th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. I have a limp in my left paw. I jumped out of a second story window, slid down the metal roof and plopped down on a pile of pea gravel (about 10" or less). I hyper extended my wrist. I was given pain and anti-swelling medication and told to bed rest for a week.

04/29/2016 My 21st bill is $35.00
(total medical cost to date is $955.20)
04/29/2016 Investigating the hills.

Picked up more antibiotics.

05/02/2016 My 22nd bill is $50.00
(total medical cost to date is $1005.79)
On May 27th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. My spay site is causing me trouble. My spay site is infected. I was tested for MRSA to see if I caught what Mr Jake and Miss Gabriel Howell had. I do not have MRSA so Dr says my stitches are fragmenting and trying to push out of my spay site. I am to take antibiotics and monitor the healing process.

05/27/2016 My 23rd bill is $99.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,104.20)
On August 4th 2016, I saw Dr Liana as it was time to check in with my Dr. I needed to restart all medications over again and get tested for things as well

08/04/2016 My 24th bill is $200.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,304.20)
08/04/2016 Waiting for my Dr in style.
On September 1st 2016, I saw Dr Liana because my allergies are causing me trouble with all the smoke in the air. Making sure my lungs are good. My lungs and chest is clear but I am reacting to something burning in these forest fires so I will need to be on Apoquel another couple of weeks than back to Benadryl. My skin is looking good again. I got more medication as well.

09/01/2016 My 25th bill is $55.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,359.20)
09/01/2016 Helping Dr Liana.
On October 6th 2016, I saw Dr Liana because my skin is having a hard time catching up and I started a growth on my arm. Dr wants me to try out a new cheap allergy medication OTC. I am also to start a fish oil supplement special for a dog's health. The growth on my skin is a skin tag. The Dr said my skin is not my friend. I will have to have it removed if it gets any bigger or I keep licking it.

10/06/2016 My 26th bill is $33.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,392.20)
10/06/2016 Watching my pack while bathing in the sun.
Found a lost bill (12.9.16)
On March 13th 2016 I needed pain medication.

03/13/16 My 27th bill is $5.59
(total medical cost to date is $1,397.79)

03/13/2016 I love you!
On October 12th 2016, I saw Dr Liana because I needed surgery to remove my skin tag. It did bleed a lot and did have to be removed because it caught on tree branches and tore. It is all gone now.

10/12/2016 My 28th bill is $50.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,447.79)
10/09/2016 Ouch!
On November 10th 2016, I saw Dr Liana because my 1 year vaccinations are expiring. Dr says my skin looks good and I got a whole bunch of vaccines today. I was able to get my 3 year ones now.

My 1 year license is expiring so I needed to get another year license.

11/10/2016 My 29th bill is $48.00
11/10/2016 My 30th bill is $33.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,528.79)
11/10/2016 At my Drs getting checked out.
On November 12th 2016 we had to pay more as the previous vet bill was miscalculated.  

11/12/16 My 31st bill is $4.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,532.79)
Dr Liana wants to see me often to check on my progress for healing.
I will get better but only under medical treatments. My Dr visits may be frequent, at first, due to my severe condition. Diagnosing can also be costly. I hope you can find it in your hearts and pocket books to please donate to my rehabilitation and recovery. 100% of these donations go into my care.

Donations are welcomed and are always needed for the veterinary/daily care of sick dogs like me. By your donations, the neglected cases get to come here into MGF for a second chance.

I did not want to get this sick. I wanted to be loved and cared for. My previous owners let me get this way. My medical bills will be ongoing during my treatments to get better. The hope is to not need a medical plan after I heal and repair. I want to live and I want to find my fur-ever family. It will take a village to help me. I need your help please.
11/26/2015 I am so very cold. Why is this happening?
12/04/2015 I got some energy.
12/10/2015 Trying to play before the storm.
12/13/2015 Snow!
12/26/2015 Time to romp.
01/01/2016 What is this?
01/06/2016 Exercise time.
01/10/2016 Who is there?
01/18/2016 Foraging for food.
01/25/2016 Playing with my friends.
01/31/2016 I found Mr Jake's stick.
02/11/2016 The sun is out.
02/16/2016 Enjoying my time outside.
02/24/2016 What is this thing?
02/29/2016 A whole new world.
03/08/2016 A steep sandy hill.
03/15/2016 Hiking a new spot.
03/21/2016 Getting in the zone.
03/29/2016 Finding things to get into.
04/07/2016 Following or leading the pack?
04/13/2016 My hiding spot.
04/22/2016 A nice time of year.
04/30/2016 At the Highland Festival.
08/07/2016 Everything taste good.
08/14/2016 Testing limits.
08/21/2016 Double trouble.
08/28/2016 My BFF is too fast.
09/04/2016 Finding snacks.
09/11/2016 Finding treasures.
09/18/2016 What has been here?
09/25/2016 Elsa is no fair.
10/02/2016 Mmm turkey poop.
10/11/2016 He is home!
10/16/2016 I like chicken but am allergic to it.
10/23/2016 What can I find?
10/30/2016 Fun with my pack.
You can get detailed information on me at Miss Violet's Facebook. You can follow me on many of my social medias to see how your generous donations are helping me.

You can also follow me and cheer me on. Anything helps, even my cheerleaders and that is you.

Miss Violet's Youtube 
If you want to donate in another way you can send funds to my Dr at:

All Creatures Animal Hospital
14790 OR-62
Eagle Point, OR 97524
Memo credit account of Kimberly Howell for Violet

Send funds or donated items to:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR 97537
12/28/2015 Jacket donated by Made by De. I can go outside to play in the cold now.

You can also go to this webpage for other ways to donate.
How To Help Miss Violet

Please consider making a small tax deductible donation for my medical care. Also help get the word out and share my plea. Without your help, MGF cannot rescue more like me. Community donations are their only source of funding.

100% of these donations will go to my medical cost. Should my medical bills get paid off, it will go towards my care and feeding that the Howell's are currently paying for out of their personal funds. They are unpaid volunteers. This foundation is their way to help dogs like Miss Gabriel Howell.

Please consider signing up for a $1 or more, monthly reoccurring donation.

Thank you!

Miss Violet of Miss Gabriel Foundation
Rogue River, Oregon, 97537

Donate by Mail to:

Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR, 97537

All donations are tax deductible:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
Non Profit Corporation 501(c)(3)
Tax ID# 47-4966288


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