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Minority Education Fund

The 2020-2021 school year presents unprecedented challenges for low-income communities. Schools across the county are implementing virtual learning, which requires access to resources that many disadvantaged students lack. These children, many of whom are minorities, are at high risk of missing out on learning opportunities and failing to meet educational objectives.

In partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America , VOYCENOW will use 100% of funds raised through this campaign to provide laptops, scholarships, and mentorship to Boys & Girls Clubs across the country who serve mostly minority youth. This campaign, which we are calling the Minority Education Fund, aims to help level the playing field for children of color by increasing their access to education. We are committed to supporting these students to ensure they stay in school, stay healthy, and stay on track to achieve their goals in life.

We are so grateful for your contribution to the cause—people like you make this possible.

VOYCENOW  is a global community of professional athletes and fans fighting for equality and justice, with a focus on Black youth from disadvantaged communities. The time to use our voices for change is NOW.


VOYCENOW Foundation
Blacklick, OH

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