A Dream Needing Wings!

My name is Mike!  I live near Portland, Oregon with my family.  I am proud to say I am a teacher!  I have worked as an educator, speaker and even a trainer of teachers for over 15 years.  (Learn more about me here .)  After a lifetime of passion and preparation around a treasured topic, I feel blessed to have recognized a way to beautifully, simply and uniquely encapsulate an idea into a  message of hope and healing to any that are struggling in relationships, personally, professionally, or even troubled by a negative view of themselves.  This concept can transform any interaction we EVER have!

 My Moment is NOW!

This is a message that truly changes lives and can change the world.  It has changed mine!  As an acclaimed educator and professional trainer, I have the experience and talent to share it with you and the world!  But I need your help!

Essentially, my little start-up company, Mike Forsyth LLC, in which I plan to teach, blog, present, and offer webcasts, workshops and trainings needs a kickstart!  To get it off the ground, two things are critical:

First - a keyword searchable and relevant website that lets everyone know about my message.

Second - It needs an avenue to financially support individuals who otherwise could not hear it.

We Can Do This Together:

     1.   By giving my message - Quintessentialism - a proper platform with an awesome web build!  I've done the research.  It's what it needs. 

With high hopes, I have a one-of-a-kind, customized website currently under construction through a trusted company, in anticipation of our worldwide-welcome and ribbon cutting on March 22nd(!) - on the final day of my campaign and exactly one month from its launching!  At my site, visitors will have access to my blog, social media updatespublications, learning tools, webcast opportunities and information about speaking and training workshops. 

This website is being built from the ground up, and will be unlike any website today. You wait!  It will be optimized for peak effectiveness in searches and include the tools needed to ensure that quintessentialism makes a splash on the world!

     2.  Adding an Artist's Touch!  This site will fullfill a career-long dream of mine , to have been designed by a personal friend and nationaly renowned artist!  He's a former university chair in the department of arts and design, and is a speaker at art conferences everywhere!  I've been working closely with him to give this site a look and feel that I can't wait for you to see!  It'll match the message and have a compelling and unique quality that will draw people in!  Although he is offering his services generously to me, I need help to commision him respectfully!

     3.  Unleashing A marketing FORCE! I have a search engine optimization (SEO)and social media GENIUS on board!  We talk regularly and she is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce the day her gate is open on March 23rd!  She'll help me rock awareness to the site and begin the journey of getting this message digitally present, relevant and optimized!  She's already been coaching me on how to position and tag the blog posts I've been writing, even explaining why we need to keep the site on the down low for now, until we're ready to officially "open its doors!"  

     4.  Giving others a chance to learn!  Having been a trainer in the business world for many years, I have found that training opportunities are often missed by people not associated with fulltime work, or that are not connected otherwise to companies that provide incredible life-skills development.  Additionally, those who would appreciate these trainings most, often have financial circumstances that make it difficult.

With your help, I would like to start The Quintessential Scholarship Fund  through Mike Forsyth, LLC as a way to offer life training to those who are not found on  office attendence sheets, and with limited financial means to attend training events!

These scholarships  would be provided to people wanting to attend events set up in their area, or even participate in webcasts and other digital offerings.

A Reachable Dream!
The total cost for the dream I have of sharing a message with the world breaks down like so:

Custom Web Build: $1,350!  (discounted heavily)
Custom Artistic Design: $2,250! (So grateful!)
50 hrs Adv. So. Media  Marketing & SEO:  $1,950!
Quintessential Scholarship Fund Goal: $2,500!

Total:  $8,050
Together we CAN wake up the world to a powerful message that blesses lives and relationships.  Let's do something amazing.  Let's start the movement that gets #quinty and #liveintheQ not only trending, but truly and deeply relevant in our freer and happier lives! Please help my dream take wings!  I would be forever grateful for your help.

Want to Know More About Quintessentialism?

It starts with a question:  When are you your very best self?  The quintessence of a thing, is that thing in its purest form.  So what is the quintessence of YOU!?

I have the answer - and it will suprise you!

Knowing what makes you your very best, purest, most quintessential you, AND knowing that it IS attainable TODAY is inspiring and motivating!  It naturally leads one to being more of their best more often!  And more of our best more often leads to a more satisfying and fulfilled life right now!

Quintessentialism helps us find greater meaning, purposecontentment and peace in our lives, which can so often get lost in this blisteringly fast-paced world of unrelenting demands, negative interactions, and continual comparisons, as we stare at our screens all day.  This reality of ours is completely uncharted!  Yes, the time for quintessentialism has come!

This message also positively impacts work culture, organizational decision-making,  job satisfaction and productivity!

Everyone - I'm so very grateful for your support!  The world will never be the same because of your help, and we'll all be more amazingly quintessential each and every day!

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