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Michelle Yglecias Accident and Recovery Expenses

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9/29/23 update:
Michelle has been at home for a few weeks. She has had a few follow-up doctor appointments this past week that we were able to schedule and attend locally vs. having to drive back to Lubbock. Physical pain and emotional pain management are daily struggles for her. Family and friends filter in and out bringing food and helping care for her household needs and her step-daughter has been graciously providing daily wound care with her medical expertise as a nurse. Michelle will have another follow-up appointment next week specifically regarding her lower abdomen/groin wounds from the seat belt, which still to this day are very deep, painful and extensive. They will take months to heal. She still experiences daily pain throughout her body and is having to deal with new challenges seemingly every day – dishwasher going out, plumbing issues with a toilet, just to name two, on top of everything else she has to deal with coming directly as a result of the accident.

Please continue to pray for Michelle and support her recovery efforts by reaching out to her and asking her how you can help. She has a new phone, so please tell her your name when you send her a message. If you don't have her information, reach out to one of her family members and they would be happy to provide it to you. Thank you.

9/14/23 update:
Michelle was discharged from UMC Lubbock on Sunday, September 10, marking 5 weeks of her being in the hospital. Her daughter drove her to her home in Waco and Michelle has been resting as comfortably as she can, while having her loved ones stop in, bring food, visit, and help provide wound care, medication management and food. Today, Michelle was accepted as an in-patient rehab patient at a facility in Waco, who graciously offered 7 days of in-patient care for her. We are very appreciative of those who helped make this possible. She is all checked in she has had a great experience so far. She is so happy to be home, but still hasn't processed everything fully, including the loss of her loved ones from the accident. Michelle's goal is to become more independent and have less pain, and we are really hoping the in-patient rehabilitation will be a great help to her. Thank you all for your support, Michelle is overwhelmingly grateful for each and every one of you who are calling, texting, sending food, praying and keeping up with her progress as she continues to recover.

9/6/23 update:
Michelle was moved to the main floor of the same hospital a few days ago, where she is no longer in need of critical care. She had a very successful skin graft surgery in which the medical team was able to completely close up her abdominal area using various patches of skin from her thighs. She said the pain was excruciating, specifically the areas in which the skin was grafted. The doctor checked on her today and said that it was probably the most successful skin graft he has ever done and it is healing great. Michelle is able to sit, stand, and walk the halls (like she owns the joint). She will be released soon (we don't have a release day yet) and will be able to go straight home, only requiring routine wound care that can be done bedside, with one or two follow-up appointments with her skin graft doctor. Michelle's family and friends are working to finish planning the benefit happening this Sunday (details below) and help get her situated and comfortable at home.

Michelle has been told by several of the medical staff that they believe she is a true miracle, as many of them saw when she came in after the accident and considering the numerous life-threatening injuries she sustained. Adjusting to her life after the accident will be a difficult journey, but Michelle remains optimistic and very thankful for her family, friends and everyone that has shown her support during this time.

Please share the GoFundMe page update and thank you for your support!

9/1/23 update:
Today, Michelle was transferred to a less critical floor of the hospital in Lubbock due to her incredible progress. She has been able to eat solid foods for a few days and has started physical therapy. She had another abdominal wash procedure on Thursday. Although Michelle is making great progress with her medical recovery, she is struggling with being so far from her home in Waco, family and friends. Her family, friends and legal team are working diligently to get her transferred closer to home while she enters the next phase of her recovery. Michelle's situation is really costly and we are continuing to raise funds to help her financially recover from this irreversible trauma. You can donate to Michelle through GoFundMe as well as attend or support the benefit/fundraiser on Sept. 10 at Bo's Barn Dancehall from 2-6 PM in Temple, Texas. For donations or volunteer information regarding the benefit, please contact Deborah Slaughter.

Please continue to share the GoFundMe page and her amazing progress to keep her story alive. She will continue to need all the support she can get. Thank you all for making a difference in Michelle's life!

8/24/23 update:
Michelle had a successful spinal fusion this morning. She is so awake, aware and calm so soon after she came out of the surgery; the nurses are impressed with her resilience and strength! She is lined up for another abdominal washout tomorrow evening. We are working with the case manager to get her transferred to a rehab facility in Waco as soon as possible.

Yesterday, mom was able to speak to a witness to the accident who also stopped to help, called 911 through SOS since there was no cell service, and stayed with my mom to assist her at the scene until the first responders and careflight team arrived. We are incredibly grateful for you, Claudia! It was a pleasure to talk to you and I will never forget what you did to save my mom's life.

Michelle is incredibly strong. She is smiling, making jokes and of course, all of the nurses want to adopt her. I have passed along all of your words of encouragement to her. Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and donations through this trying time.

8/22/23 update:
Michelle has made some major improvements during her hospitalization. They were able to reattach her intestines together. Her team of doctors are doing regular washes and pumping her abdominal area so they eventually sew her up completely with a fully healed stomach and intestinal tract. Michelle is still waiting to be able to have her cervical fracture (C7) repaired as well. In order to safely perform the spinal fusion needed, they are continuing to monitor her white blood cell count, which has been fluctuating a bit, to get it back down to avoid infection in the new hardware being installed during the spinal fusion. She was relocated to the ICC, a step down from the ICU over the weekend, which allows for a more comfortable hospital stay for Michelle and her guests.

Thank you all for your continued support.


On Sunday, August 6, 2023 at 2:33 pm, Michelle Yglecias, her husband Albert Yglecias and her brother- and sister-in-law Armando and Joy Yglecias were involved in a terrible car accident which took the lives of Albert, Armando and Joy. Michelle sustained multiple life-threatening injuries to her abdomen, spine, heart and lungs along with multiple broken bones.

She was care-flighted to Lubbock and remains in ICU after multiple surgeries with many more to come. She has a long and difficult road to recovery ahead of her, but Michelle is a fighter and we are determined to get through this as a family. We are so grateful she is alive and are so heartbroken about the beloved family members we have lost. This is an incredibly difficult, complicated and confusing time for all of us.

We need help with Michelle’s ongoing accident and recovery expenses as we begin this difficult journey. We humbly ask for any help you can offer and of course your prayers for Michelle, Albert, Armando and Joy and their families.

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