The underrepresentation of women in government, especially women of color, is a national disgrace.  Currently, of the 127 women serving in the 116th U.S. Congress, 47, or 37.0%, are women of color.  In addition, a Black woman, a Latina, an Asian Pacific Islander and a Caribbean American woman serve as Delegates to the House from Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands, respectively.  Women of color constitute 8.8% of the total 535 members of Congress.  This is preposterous! 


In addition, many of the people representing the nation in the U.S. Congress are out of touch with the American people.  Times have changed and people have changed. The United States has become more diverse than ever before.  How could a group of mostly very aged people in the U.S. Congress, with the same old traditional ways of thinking, accurately reflect our nation today?  

While issues such as adequate housing, healthcare, amendments to child support, inflation, disparities in education and community policing are still dangling, the biggest problem that has remained since the inception of this country is racism.  It seems that not much has been done lately to really hammer in on this serious issue in which responsibility should be taken at the higher levels of government. 

Therefore, Michelle L. Smith, is running for the U.S. Senate in November 2022 - Democrat for Maryland.  She will help eradicate many of the problems that have plagued us for far too long. Also, she knows the struggles of life very well here in America. She has been homeless, lived in poverty and have had to rob Peter to pay Paul on many occasions. Furthermore, she is not wealthy and is no stranger to hard work. She has several legislative bills that she would like to propose in an effort to help with adequate housing for our homeless communities and our military vets, robust mental healthcare and plastic surgery coverage under the insurance plans,  much needed amendments to the child support laws, community policing and so much more.  It is time to start making things right in our country and it is long overdue.  No one should be able to continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering that has inundated and strained local resources because of the almighty dollar to be made. 

We are asking for donations for this campaign.  Your support will help with travel throughout the state of Maryland to attend town hall meetings and other relevant democratic functions, keep the campaign website and other communications operational, pay for food and lodging only when necessary, purchase campaign and office supplies when needed, conduct voter drives and production of campaign ads - both digital and print formats for online streaming.  It is with your support that she will be able to get into the U.S. Senate and help with making our lives better in the State of Maryland.

Contact Information

Michelle L Smith for Senate
P.O. Box 437
Suitland, MD  20752

Twitter: @MichelleSenate
Instagram: michellesmith4senate

Media Inquiries: DeonaReidPublicist at gmail

Website: www.michellesmithforsenate.org
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