Fundraising for MJ Statue @ Shanghai, China

We Have A Dream
In the past two months, the biggest concern for Shanghai MJ fans who were locked at home, besides thinking about what to eat every day, was whether they could successfully land the Shanghai Michael Jackson Statue at the end of this coming August.
Our goal is to raise total $7,000 by the end of June (it's still $4,500 USD short), and then successfully unveil a new Michael Jackson "History" Statue landmark in Shanghai. It will be made of distinctive mechanical imitation material, with a modern fashion and artistic sense. Located in FOUND158, the most prosperous music and entertainment plaza in the center of Shanghai, where people from all over the world gather to appreciate the music and dance.
We hope that fans all over the world can help Shanghai fans to accomplish our dream. If you have the opportunity to come to Shanghai in the future, you can take a photo with this super cool Michael Jackson art statue, to which you will have contributed. Welcome to Shanghai :) Thanks!
Brief Introduction of the Fundraising
Shanghai Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJShanghai) and Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Club (MJJCN.COM) jointly initiated the plan to establish a Michael Jackson art statue in the "FOUND158" sunken plaza at No.158 Julu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai in 2022. This statue will be made by electroplating craftsmanship and modern mechanical style, with a real-life ratio of 1.8 meters in height and a neon light design in the background. The opening ceremony of the open-air performance will be held, and fans from all over the country are welcome to come and participate. This project needs everyone’s assistance to be implemented. This project will start only if 100% of the fundraising is completed by the end of June 2022, otherwise all the funds will be returned.
[MJ statues around China and the world]
To those artists who have made great contributions to human civilization, we will pay our respects in various ways. Making statues for them is a way to show respect and love.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009), considered one of the most important cultural figures in the 20th century, and officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the "most successful artist in history" and "most charitable entertainer". In more than 40 years of acting career, his contributions to music, dance, fashion and charity have made him a global icon in the field of popular culture, and he has influenced and inspired countless people to this day.
[Michael Jackson visiting mainland China in 1987]
Although Michael Jackson has never performed in mainland China, his works still influence generations of Chinese artists, actors, entrepreneurs. Even now, the log in page of Tencent e-mail often displays Jackson's lyrics "You said I was wrong, then you better prove that you are right." This is a design by Zhang Xiaolong, Tencent’s "Father of WeChat."
Although Michael Jackson has passed away for 12 years, you will still find MJ's music and dance in various popular film and television works and shows in recent years, such as "Detective Chinatown 3", "Global Battle MV: One Family", "This is Street Dance" "Singer", "The Talent Show" and Dragon TV New Year's Eve party, etc.
In addition to the legendary music and dance, his philanthropy and inspirational positive energy are more worthy of promotion and praise. Calling on world peace and great love, protecting the earth and animals, eliminating discrimination and prejudice, helping poor and disadvantaged groups, and paying attention to children's rights. The messages delivered by MJ broke the boundaries of language and race, allowing the world to see a true idol.
[Love and charities from Michael Jackson]
Shanghai, China, an international metropolis, as the "key to modern China", Shanghai has been closely following the world's leading fashion trends. In 1988, the first Western album introduced in mainland China-Michael Jackson's album "BAD" was introduced and released by China Record Shanghai Company.
[In 1988, big posters of the BAD album on the streets of Shanghai]
In addition, Shanghai fans are also one of the most active fan groups in the country. Since 2009, Shanghai has seen at least two public fan events every year, including large-scale concerts, MJ commemorative events, movie viewing parties, street flash mobs, charity dance classrooms, etc., attracting fans from all over the country to participate. These events have been reported by "Global Times", "Beijing News", Shanghai Foreign Language Channel and other media, enjoying a high reputation in the country and even the global fan communities.
[Photos of MJ Shanghai Fan Club activities in previous years]
Michael Jackson Shanghai Fan Club (MJShanghai) team is composed of a group of dedicated fans who love MJ. We use our spare time to organize activities with no remuneration and provide voluntary services to fans, and are committed to the artistic heritage and charity of our hero Michael Jackson.
FOUND158 Plaza
Shanghai's busiest downtown square at night.
In recent years, thanks to the efforts of Chinese fans, more than 8 cities have established MJ statues, but Shanghai is the only big city missing. The friends of MJ Shanghai Fan Club certainly hope that Shanghai can have an MJ statue, and the location of the statue is very important. After searching in many ways, we were determined to find a good place for the statue of Michael.
After a long period of site selection and comprehensive comparison, we finally decided to build an unprecedented Michael Jackson art statue in the FOUND158 sunken plaza located at 158 Julu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.
[Some pictures of FOUND158 Plaza]
FOUND158, as the "Fashionable Landmark of Magic City Nightlife", is located in a prime area in the center of Shanghai. Its plaza is designed in European style and is close to the Huaihai Middle Road Station of Metro Line 13. It has a huge daily flow of people. It is a nightlife gathering place for Shanghai's trendy people. Diversified music and dance are the main theme here. There are countless young people and international people. Friends like to come here to check in and get together, and feel the infinite vitality and vibrancy of the magic city at night.
It is arguable that there is no better place for the artistic statue of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson to be set up here.
[MJ Shanghai Fan Club representatives signed a contract with the FOUND158 venue]
The Shanghai Statue
The first mechanical style MJ art installation in China.
[The metal texture is for reference only]
The MJ statue to be built in Shanghai will be different from those in other cities. It will be a modern mechanical style art installation made with advanced electroplating technology, and it can be described as the first "Michael Jackson Mechanical Statue" in the country. The background wings of the statue are made of cyberpunk-style neon lights, and different background shapes will be changed in different seasons. This place is bound to become a new landmark in Shanghai.
To initiate and implement this Shanghai landmark MJ statue project, we need everyone's support and assistance.
This is a non-profit charity project, executed by the Michael Jackson Shanghai Fan Club and co-sponsored by Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Club. The entire funds will be used to prepare for the construction of the Michael Jackson statue in Shanghai and the unveiling ceremony. At that time, all support records and lists will be made public. The process will be open and transparent to accept public supervision, and the project progress will be updated regularly. This project will start only if 100% of the fundraising is completed by the end of June 2022, otherwise all the funds will be returned. Hope to get your support, thank you all. All For Love!
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