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#WeAreTheMediaNow! Continue to #DodgeTheRads! #OccupyVirtually! You know how and why!!

THEY ALSO TRIED TO VIOLATE MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?   Oh, nooooooooo...  we can't have that! 



#GotMold?  #GotStateFarm?  Connect those dots yet?  #SSA Corruption,  too?  YEP! 

They destroyed my home and health... and on 9/3/2021 SSA unlawfully interrupted my benefits. I can't even refinance my home to get the $9,000 in extortion money they are demanding.   

Long story, more at another time; seems related to the EDD $30 billion California fraud... you know, where they don't know where all that money went? There is evidence, in my case, that  EDD gave $19,600 of it to an insurance company, now they're trying to say they gave it to me, and trying to have SSA collect it.  Classic RICO scam or just incompetent civil servants?   

Draw your own conclusions. Remember, what happens in California will ultimately be exposed. Malfeasance or something else? 


"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." - Romans 12:19

A recent Ex Parte 10/29/21 hearing in the Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al litigation went well!    A HUGE WIN FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT; defense counsel attempted to violate my First Amendment rights..   pffft!   The Judge denied the motion  :D

A second Ex Parte hearing, 11/2/21,  mine against defense, didn't fare so well. 

I'm not even "almost a lawyer" and I have a brain injury... so after 3 trips to Court house in 5 days (90 miles each way)....  when it came time to speak to the Judge, my brain froze and I could hardly talk, couldn't spit out the words of all the requests/motions.  I think I may need an editor if I can't find paralegal help!  It was a huge lesson also in taking care not to move into cognitive fatigue!  I also learned about "DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE"  - defense counsels wasted more of my time playing with those concepts...   

Tribulations?  Ain't no picnic! 

INSURER FRAUD - Yes, they destroyed my home and health! Now we litigate. 
Google it: LINDA AYRES VS STATE FARM et al   tinyurl.com/LindaAyresVsStateFarm 
Blog: lindaayres.com     GoFundMe:  lindaayres.me   ;D

SOCIAL SECURITY BOOMER ABUSE AND MAGIC MATH - Yes, in collusion with CA EDD, SSA has cut off my income to cover up their mistakes, malfeasance and/or fraud in retro-pay calculations since 2015.  I asked my Congressman for help and the result?  RETALIATION FROM SSA by unlawful interruption of my income until March 2022 (last check was 9/3/201 - Dirty Rats!)  Then, Congress Guy's office GHOSTS ME! 

LINKEDIN KILLED MY ACCOUNT OF OVER NINE YEARS a few weeks ago;  My network was over 7,000 connections.  Who do they take their orders from?  Insurance Lobby or Nuclear Lobby?  DO NOT TRUST YOUR NETWORKS TO LINKEDIN...  They eliminate most conservatives, eventually.  They have been censoring Americans since at least 2016.  

HERE'S SOME OF MY STORY ...    See more on my video channel - InsurerWars.com 

They say"WE HANDLED THE CLAIM CORRECTLY."... draw your own conclusions...
Hi - thanks for stopping by.
I like to think of myself as a Freedom Fighter, Corruption Fighter  and Thought Provoker.
Ol' David DePaulo used to write nice WorkComp articles about me, then turned into an attack-dog sort of guy, too. He even called me a "Vociferous Militant" [I had to look it up, then laugh out loud ;D ]
WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW ---- #NeverForget!
My name is Linda Ayres -- I live near Joshua Tree National Park and the Marine Corps AirGround Combat Center Twenty Palms
Some of you may know me for my Fukushima posts over the years, starting in 2011;
Some of you may know me for my WorkComp posts since 2012, when I fell at work, slipped backwards on ice, and have been recovering from brain injury ever since. Got another head conk on March 8, 2019 - fighting StateFarm corruption. They destroyed my home and caused extreme toxic exposure, now they have teams of lawyers attempting to terrorize and terrify me. Feels a little like David and Goliath, and I carry a rock in my pocket!
  • Any and all gifts of support to carry on would be much appreciated and will be applied toward carrying on with:
  • Assistance in making mortgage payment - $1,246.25
  • Last SSA direct deposit was $1,802 on September 8, 2021. Interruption threatened till March 2022; SSA Hearing December 30, 2021 -- The Judge is supposed to be subpoenaing records, but she's mad because I complained about her 'decision' a couple years ago, that seemed to support the alleged corruption. Congressman cannot/will not help after his office triggered the unlawful income interruption. Senator did obtain a copy of alleged EDD payments for further submissions.
  • GOOGLE IT: LINDA AYRES VS STATE FARM - Answers to First Amended Complaint, CIV SB 2106284 - postponed till November 8, 2021; then there is a swath of matters to discuss at a hearing with one of the major defendants on November 22, 2021 (without benefit of legit Meet and Confer, and just real scary violations of ABA Professional Code of Conduct); then December 16, 2021, all 10 defendants and I meet with the Judge again at a Trial Setting Conference. One 998 offer is what Erin Brockovich/Julia Roberts would call "A Lame-Ass Offer"
  • Keeping social media machines running, and efforting to Transcend Censorship includes expenses for internet, blogs, tools, and due to brain injury, compensatory strategies include printer toner and paper and 3 x5 index cards;
  • I need some paralegal & admin help - it would be a shame to lose the fight with State Farm et al because of technicalities... they are heinous crimes.... I wanted to include a cause of action as 'ATTEMPTED MURDER BY INTENTIONAL POISONING' but maybe the attorney general will see what's happening nationally in that arena and take action. We have a #NationalMOLDcrisis... caused by corruption. [SEE MOLD SUPPORT GROUPS ON FACEBOOK for help and info]
  • iPhone 7 just got broken... replacement on the way....
  • Have credit card bills used on partial HOUSE build back... paying them down
  • Had to buy a little trailer in 2020 that I thought would be temporary - for 5 or 6 weeks - during second house demolition, but those guys were almost as bad as the ones assigned by State Farm...also with dire consequences. I still owe $23,000 on it... $300/month payment.
  • I drive a 2008 SUV -- and it has just over 60,000 miles -- it's ok; I seldom leave home except for mail and supplies -- in rural America.
  • For Christmas, I would like some fire arms safety classes and time at the range with some pals [It was brought to my attention that comments on self-defense could be misconstrued... I can explain it to you but I cannot understand it for you.... SELF DEFENSE - DEFENDING ONE'S SELF FROM THREATS AND AGGRESSION]  PER GOOGLE:  "Self-defense (self-defence primarily in British English) is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm."
  • Food, Water, Propane and Electricity are also nice-to-haves.
Pffffft! I'm a WorkComp survivor and a Social Security corruption survivor. I know their playbook.
Pure racketeering... while Congress looks the other way? Bummer!
[ #TermLimits and #DueProcess for that crowd! Shudda kept Bagram Airport for a GITMO2, imho]
If you can help me out, it would be much appreciated. I can promise that I will continue to Fight the Good Fight, to the best of my abilities. WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL. #NeverForget ! WE'RE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER, TOO! #WGTBBT
When the Linda Ayres Vs State Farm jury trial happens, maybe 2023, we're expecting a #NuclearVerdict... that's lawyer lingo for outraged jurors attempting to teach bad companies big lessons.
That money will be put to good use in efforts for FREEDOM, LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY. Boomers can take some risks that young-ins cannot or will not.
I will even get back to work on helping get some of the Bob Nichols on Nuclear ebooks assembled and published. (Remember when we collectively found Bob Nichols via a post in a Facebook group in 2011 -- I think the group was called FUKUSHIMA WATCH DOGS... they threw me out after finding out the real deal about nuclear matters... I had and continue to have my suspicions there!)
Some of you may know me from LinkedIn for my political activism including but not limited to Nuclear Annihilation, Radiation Poisoning, WorkComp, Social Security, EDD and Property Insurance Corruption and racketeering, LinkedIn killed my account a couple weeks ago... more than 7,000 really nice and important and powerful connections. They said it was for posting EPA stats on national radiation levels; I suspect the Insurance Lobby. What difference does it make, now?
Some of you may remember my ol' side-kick, #LucyOccupy. She might be making a comeback. She despises psychopaths.
I have been heavily censored since 2011, and with the tyranny we are all experiencing now, well, WHEN ONE PLATFORM DOESN'T WORK, WE DO OTHER STUFF, because REMEMBER REMEMBER... WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW
Back in the olden days, they used to say, "You gotta be crazy to use your real name on Facebook!"
SSA cut off my income till March 2022; Congress knows and does not care. It's happening nationally; nothing more to say there, let's move along.
State Farm destroyed my house and I lived through the lockdown in a house without walls, insulation or furniture after toxic mold contamination. Got real sick, too. There are real ugly pictures and medical reports in my blog, GotInsuranceComplaints
If you're in the remediation, restoration or environmental inspections world, you might find the blogs educational. Lots of downloadable stuff - AND YOU MUST INVOLVE HOMEOWNERS / POLICY HOLDERS IN YOUR OWN FIGHTS AGAINST INSURER CORRUPTION AND THEIR TEAMS OF LAWYERS.
I got some walls and insulation for my home this year, painted the slab floors, got a couple pieces of furniture, and called it good. Looked for legal representation since February 2019. Filed a $10 million lawsuit in February 2021. TRY DOING THAT WITH A BRAIN INJURY! Whew! Try protecting yourself from lawyers who act like ATTACK DOGS! Whew!
A doctor pal recently said, "With all due respect, you are one battled hardened Bitch" We high-fived!
There's a big Social Security Scam happening across America to injured, disabled and old people. Real Elder Financial abuse.Abuse - Regional Office make up false allegations of "overpayments" then, without notice or due process, CUT OFF INCOME.
I've been fighting these clowns since 2015... fake overpayments have been falsely calculated at wildly fluctuating number ranging from $5,000 to $44,000.
They stopped the shell game most recently at approximately $9,000, after I asked Congressman Jay Obernolte's office for help in getting actual numbers of income SSA is using for their made up calculations.
It's pretty simple.. EDD discounted a $50,000 payback from Insurance carrier down to $31,400 back in 2014 -- now they are trying to say I got the money that EDD GAVE TO THE ILLINOISEINSURANCE CARRIER - AND WHO KNOWS WHO AUTHORIZED THAT DISCOUNT AND WHY? Who knows why EDD paid the first year of benefits when I hit my head, when it was the responsibility of WorkComp to pay first 104 weeks? Our elected representatives know, but do nothing?
They cheated me out of $40,000 to $60,000 in retro pay; the first calculated retro pay, in 2015 at $25,000, then the games began. Simple math -- if I was entitled to 2 years WorkComp pay, and got 52 weeks, how on earth could any OVERPAYMENT have been alleged. They don't do literacy or drug testing at SSA, Richmond, California? 
These are two #RovingURLs that will point here and there from time to time...
They used to point to LinkedIn, but, as mentioned, the sonderkommando there killed my account for posting free government information on radiation levels across America.
My blogs and video channel are being stalked by one of the attack lawyers, and he wants all subscriber info.... I suspect the first amendment may protect that information... but you can still read them here...

If you can share a gift, many thanks. Even gifts of prayer are most Welcome.
Continue to #DodgeTheRads! YOU KNOW WHY!
Continue to #TranscendCensorship! YOU KNOW HOW!
Love, Hugs and Solidarity in the American Way!


Linda Ayres
Yucca Valley, CA

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