VinceTheNJTurnpikeCat Medical Costs

Surgical Costs 
and Follow-Up Care For ME,  Vince !!!

Hi !!! My name is Vince. I was rescued by Jean and Mike, on February the 13th, 2015, from the fast lane shoulder on the NJ Turnpike Newark Bay Extension Bridge. I do not / cannot remember how I got into this predicament The only thing I remember is watching this man speed by me in a white van heading towards Newark NJ. When I turned to see him pass me by I realized I might never get out of this dire situation alive. I hunkered down where I was, hugging the concrete barrier that separates East and West bound traffic, hoping this man would back up, or someone with a heart, would stop and save me from imminent death. 
A good 20 minutes or more passed by before I heard a vehicle slow down and other vehicles blowing their horns. I looked to my right and there was the white van that went speeding past me almost an eternity ago. The drivers door opened and there was this man that sped past me  ... looking at me, making these funny sounds ( humans will NEVER  understand that we cats don't communicate with sounds like that ), calling for me to jump into the drivers seat. Not for nothing, but I was never really formally introduced to this fellow so I hesitated ... but I did see safety under the van ( plus it was warm from the heat of the muffler ). As I'm chillin', or shall I say warmin', under the van I hear the man say to someone else ... please God, don't let him run into traffic. No sooner had those words been said did I see a pair of human legs in the roadway. Moments later I see the face of the fellow that wanted me to jump into the van onto his lap. He is laying down on the highway ... reaching under the van. I figured, ... hey ... if this idiot is going through this much trouble to help me I might as well be helped. I felt him grab me by the scruff of the neck, begging me to not squirm, run, or rip his larynx out ( little did he know ... I had a broken leg. I couldn't defend myself or run, or save myself if my life depended on it. Hmmm ... interesting ... I couldn't save myself anyway ). After getting me from under the van, and listening to him yell at the cars and trucks that were honking their horns and calling him REAL BAD names, he placed me inside through the side sliding door where a lady, who was REALLY concerned, was asking me if I was alright. After closing the sliding door the fellow got into the van and started to pull away. The lady than started yelling at the cars, that were passing us by and waving with only one finger, saying "it's a living thing for God's sake". 
I sought refuge in the very back of the van. The man and lady were talking saying they needed to get the van fixed first before the owner yelled at him. The man said to the lady, text Dr. Lentis and find out if she is working today and where. He than said we need to get some sort of box for this little guy or gal ( he couldn't tell, but someone had my chiclets cut off a long time ago ) to hang out in while the van got fixed. He asked the lady to Google ( I must have been living under a rock ... what is this Google thingy ) a vets office near Clifton NJ to see if he could get a pet carrier box for me. 
A little while went by before the couple, I'm sorry, they had introduced themselves as Mike and Jean, found a vets office in Clifton near the repair shop. Mike got out of the van and came back 10 minutes later with a pretty snazzy looking carrier with a cool looking, and warm, blue towel inside. Mike got into the back of the van, again begging me to not rip his gullet out, and picked me up to place me into the box. I winced in pain and he told Jean their suspicions were right, ... my leg was busted. Mike told her it was probably up by the shoulder joint since my leg was just hanging there ( like a seagull around a garbage dump ) without any stability. Mike gently lay me in the carrier with my bad leg up so I didn't have any pain. I thought  WOW , comfort, warmth, safety : I fell right asleep. 
I was awakened by Mike and Jean taking me into this office in Hoboken ( I'm in HOBOKEN !!! The home of baseball, Frank Sinatra and tough parking ). I was brought into a little room to wait for somebody named Dr. Lentis ( probably the person they talked about before ). After a few minutes of hanging out on a cold stainless steel table, while Mike and Jean were petting me and stroking my head, this lady named Dr. Lentis came in. Mike and Jean told her the story of how we came to meet. Dr. Lentis then started to check me out to see if I was okay ( that thin cold thingy-mc-bob going up the heart of darkness is not cool. No pun intended ). She said I needed x-rays to see where my leg was broken ( these two, Mike and Jean, are pretty good at figuring out broken thingys ). Dr. Lentis took me away, gave me a shot of some REALLY good pain med, and took a few x-rays. The next thing I can remember is Dr. Lentis telling Mike and Jean that the break was clean, it was up close to the shoulder joint ( boy, that Mike is a smart guy ), and that I would need extensive surgery that should probably be done in New York City at the ASPCA Hospital because they do this type of thing everyday. When Dr. Lentis was asked how much it would cost she said it could run up to $ 5,000.00 or more because of follow-up care and stuff. She said it might be wise to see how much it would cost and then maybe see if the ASPCA could gauge to see if I was adoptable and take responsibility for the surgery. She said that would mean Mike and Jean would have to give me up to them. [*** SIDEBAR: I already had a chip inserted in me by my previous owner. Apparently I lived 65 miles north of where I was found. My previous owner, when contacted and told how much I could possibly cost to be fixed, was only concerned at how I got from where I lived, to NJ. They never asked how I was doing. Dr. Lentis asked them if they wanted to relinquish me to two good samaritans who rescued me, and she was told YES.  xxx NOTE: Previous owners name and location will NOT be divulged. ]. Dr. Lentis said you guys already do so much ... his cost is really going to tax you. Mike told the Doc that "there ain't no way in hell Vince ( apparently I am now named after the bridge I was rescued from ) is going anywhere but with us. I put my life on the line to save him. God put us there on the Turnpike at the particular time for a reason and God will make a way for us to get him fixed up". Jean said to Dr. Lentis, "yeah ... what Mike says". Dr. Lentis told Mike and Jean where to take me and to let her know what's going on ASAP. Mike and Jean took me home, set me up in a big metal animal crate ( so I couldn't go far and hurt myself any worse ), gave me some litter, some water, and some vittles ( I gotta talk to the chef when I get better ) and I soon fell asleep.

Saturday morning was going to be busy for us. Mike and Jean secured me in my carrier for my ride to NYC.
After signing in at the ASPCA Hospital, I was taken away to be seen by their Doctor. A little while later the Doctor spoke with all of us ( well I was chillin' in the carrier, but I could still hear everything ), explaining about the break and what would be done to get me healed. She said it would cost upwards of $ 4,000.00 , not including extensive follow-up care. Mike and Jean asked if they had a payment plan or something like that because they are both disabled, collecting social security, and they don't have that much money lying around. The Doctor asked if they wanted to relinquish me, thus freeing them from any financial burden of getting me repaired. Mike told her the story of how they rescued me and that because I was relinquished once I would NOT be relinquished again. He said God will make a way. Apparently the Doctor was happy to hear that because she said she will run some pre-op bloodwork, give me some testing and shots and schedule me for surgery on Tuesday morning, February 17th 2015.
Mike and Jean then took me back out to the waiting room where Mike had to fill out some financial forms, wait for me to get my bloodwork and shots, and get new pain meds.

After 4 hours at the ASPCA Hospital we finally got back in the car for our trip back home to Jersey CIty. When I got home I went back into my big, little, house where I was promptly informed I had some new brothers and sisters. I saw a few of them through the bars. I know Mike and Jean won't let me actually meet them until I am much better. I am looking forward to Mike and Jean hearing from the hospital Monday morning concerning my bloodwork. I am then looking forward to getting my busted wing ( that's Hudson County talk for leg I'm surmising ) repaired Tuesday morning. You just don't know how much of a pain it is to try and take a dump standing on three legs, AND throw litter on that stinky stuff.

I am hoping that you could / would help Me, Mike and Jean by generously blessing us financially with this medical emergency. I am also asking that you share my story with as many of your friends and groups as possible. What happened to me should not happen to another helpless animal. I don't remember if I was thrown from a moving vehicle, fell off a moving vehicle or was even driving a moving vehicle ( impossible since I don't have opposing thumbs ).  Everyone is saying something happened, to me, from a moving vehicle since there is NO WAY I could get to where I was without being run over. Mike, Jean and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We pray, that as you give to help me, God generously and richly rewards you with your hearts desire.


Vince The NJ Turnpike Cat ( you can call me Vince )

NOTE ...  NOTE  ...  NOTE ...
Our needed total has changed because I am finished with my medical care as far as my surgery is concerned. We thought there would be additional work that had to be done that was not covered by the donor / donors generous gift. Thank You !!! Vince.

Please Note: The amount I am asking for is to cover the expenses that were already incurred, the initial surgery, and ALL follow-up care from the surgery ( this includes tolls and any extra items needed for my care from this horrific injury
). Any monies left over from my total care will be donated to the People for Animals clinic in Hillside NJ, as well as the ASPCA in NYC,  for wellness care, abused animals, and to help others in this same financial situation. I am hoping the amount listed will cover ALL my care. Again, THANK YOU !!!

Also ... find ALL my updates on my FaceBook like page at the below address. Thank you !!!

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Twitter:  @vincedatrnpkcat

Vince, and his true story, are the sole property of Jean and Mike Cubberly.
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Vince Cubberly 
Jersey City, NJ
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