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Return of the Star Elders

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Dear Friends,
Just weeks after the worldwide release of my album 'Invisible Light' in May, I was back in the Recording Studio to work on another new album. The average time between albums is usually a minimum of two years because of what’s involved creatively and financially, so I thought to myself, “This is crazy!”  

But, I now understand why.

I believe there’s a link between this new album and ‘Invisible Light’ which was created as a gift to assist people with the many-layered challenges of Covid-19. In 2020 our global family faced the fragility of its very existence, causing many of us to go deep within to ask some of the biggest question.

Who are we?
Why are we here?
What are our true origins?
Which brings me to this 'The Return of the Elders' project.
Return of the Star Elders

When I entered the studio early in June, I had no idea I was embarking on what may  be my most ambitious assignment to date, or that it would take the rest of the year to complete.
The purpose of the project was clear to me from the outset. Those of you familiar with my previous ‘Sounds of Sirius’ albums will know that I am the conduit for otherworldly frequencies in the form of sacred song and Light Language. Over the past 20 years, I’ve become aware that these frequencies emanate from many and various parts of the Cosmos, but ultimately, they come from the Great Creative Source from which all and everything is born.
The Story Behind The Music 

“A world in crisis. Fear, confusion and deception reign. With eyes upturned to the stars, humanity calls out to the Universe. It is a desperate cry for help.
The Guardians of the Stargates of the inter-dimensional portal between worlds, immediately respond to their heartfelt plea. Gaia is a most precious jewel in the Cosmos. It is time to return for the ultimate Earth Mission. Their predestined task: activation of the Crystalline Codes of Light, and the Star Knowledge embedded eons ago in pivotal Earth locations.

As the Light Codes ignite, each human soul is released from bondage. Sovereign and Free, humanity returns to its original state; Unity, Peace and reconnection to Source anchored again in the deep recesses of their soul. This is the time our ancestors foretold…. the ‘Return to Lemuria’.

Fantasy or Fact

Sounds like an episode of ‘Star Trek’?
But …could it be true?
Many of the world’s indigenous nations speak of a time, long ago, when their ancestors descended from the stars. The Dogon tribe of Africa still pay homage to the ‘gods’ from Sirius who came to teach them many things. 
Egypt’s god kings, the Pharaohs, underwent elaborate mummification rituals to prepare for their return home to Sirius and Orion. The legends of Ireland state that the ‘The Shining Ones’, the Tuatha De Danann who descended from the sky, had extraordinary magical powers. Evidence suggests they too, were from the constellation of Sirius.

The Greeks, the Ancient Maya, the Polynesians peoples, the Native American Indians and the Aborigines of Australia, all look to the constellation of the Pleiades as the home of their ancestors..
All these cultures speak of sky gods who walked amongst humankind; divine beings who came with advanced technologies, and knowledge of the stars and the greater Cosmos. Their arrival on Earth was recorded in rock art, and on temple walls throughout  the globe.

Stone Circles and sacred temple sites were constructed to align precisely with the constellations of Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius, particularly at pivotal times such as the Solstices and Equinoxes. Our ancestors built these structures to honour their starry, god-like teachers and maintain their connection with them. As Above…So Below.

 Some of these skygods are said to have remained on Earth to live amongst humankind and mate with their women, thereby altering the genetic make-up of the human race forever. This could account for the inexplicably, rapid evolution from Stone Age man to sophisticated, advanced civilisations such as the Ancient Sumerian, Mayan and Egyptian cultures that appeared to spring out of nowhere.
Are we all descended from these star gods then?
Do they still walk amongst us?
Are we all in fact, by our very ancestry, star beings?
The Grand Shift of the Ages

The ancient prophecies speak of a time when our Star Ancestors will return to assist humanity, and awaken them from slumber. Some people believe the seismic change our world is experiencing right now could be that ‘Grand Shift of the Ages’, when we are catapulted out of 3D duality, pain and struggle, into 5D consciousness, to enter a New Golden Age.
The Uluru Prophecy

A couple of months after I started recording ‘Return of the Star Elders’, some startling information came my way, about an Aboriginal Prophecy said to come to fruition on December 21st, 2020 at the sacred site of Uluru in Australia.
The Prophecy speaks of a Pleiadean spaceship that came to Earth a long time ago, carrying a special device which they left behind, to be activated at a predestined time. The Aboriginal Elders refer to this device as a “Magic Box”. They say it is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.
It’s believed that the activation of the device will take place at Uluru, at the exact moment of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21 at at 9.02pm (Northern Territory time).
The women Elders at Uluru have been preparing for this ceremony for many years, if not lifetimes. A major caveat of this gift from the stars is that, even when the ‘switch’ is sung and turned on, it cannot be activated unless assisted by humans. This 'Magic Box' will feed off pure, positive human energy.

A critical mass of people totally focused on the positive - unaffected by pandemics, economic chaos, warfare and terrorism - is needed for the device to be activated. If that occurs, the box will absorb and amplify the powerful reservoir of pure human energy, and distribute it throughout all the ley lines and Dreaming tracks on this the planet. If an insufficient number of people are able to rise above the current climate of fear and negativity however, the box will remain idling.

Remarkable Synchronicity

The similarity between the Prophecy, and the story I was told to manifest through the music of ‘Return of the Star Elders’ is I think, extraordinary.

There have been two other notable synchronicities... 

Back in June, I asked my Guides about a suitable release date for the new album given that I had just released 'Invisible Light'. The immediate answer I got was, "December 21st - the Solstice.”

Then two days before I heard the news about the Prophecy in August, I was in the studio to record the 'Aboriginal' track for the album with world-renowned, didgeridoo player David Hudson. I shared with David the strong sense I had that the music we were about to create would be very important, in terms of how the frequencies would ripple out through the land that day, as well as every time it was played. I also told him about the deep personal connection I had formed with Uluru in 2012, and how that connection has since deepened exponentially.

Are these remarkable synchronicities between this new music, Uluru, and the Aboriginal Prophecy mere happenstance?


The release date of December 21st I received back in June, was I think, a forewarning of the Aboriginal Prophecy and the Uluru ceremony on that same day. I believe the ‘Return of the Star Elders’ album has been orchestrated by the Star Elders, and that, embedded within the music, are Light Coded messages designed to prepare us for the influx of new Cosmic frequencies to be downloaded, and to support us during the coming times of adjustment to the Great Shift. 

Time is of the Essence

This project has been a massive undertaking on every level. The last six months have been a dedicated labour of Love. I am really excited to share with you, the beautiful and complex soundscapes myself and my wonderful team of musicians have created, and am hopeful that you'll find the music to be a totally immersive and uplifting experience.
The urgent objective now is to get the album completed as soon as possible so that it's available in the lead up to December 21st, and for people to use on the day itself for their personal or group ceremonies or meditations.

I Need Your Help!

As we near completion however, the enormous Recording Studio bill looms large!
This is a project of service. It was never a money-making venture. My time, energy and creative process, I gladly gift to the Star Elders. I am however, in some trepidation at the looming reality of an enormous credit card debt.
Recouping the production costs through sales of the album is simply impossible. CDs sales are down by 80-90%. Digital downloads are going the same way with people now largely expecting to listen to their music for free through streaming services. Most listeners are unaware that royalties for artists on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc are basically non-existent. I get a royalty of between 0.01 to 0.06 cents per track played.

Heartfelt Gratitude from the Star Elders

If what you've read here resonates with you, and you feel this project is worthy of your support,  any donation you can make will be deeply appreciated
Funds Needed
Studio Fees & Musician’s Fees         -        $15,145 (to date)
Manufacturing                                          -        $2,500 
Artwork & Photography                     -        $1500 (approx.)
Consultancy Fees                                    -        $1200
Total                                                                 -        $20,345

Campaign Credit Card fees                -         2%

Grand Total                                                 -        $20,752
 Benefits for You!

 - Big Love from The Star Elders, and from me!

- You'll get a sneak preview of the Recording Process

- You'll be the first to see the Cover Art

- You'll  be the first to hear sounds samples of the music

- You'll be the first to have access the completed album
(Worldwide distribution of the album will not take place until 2021)

 - You'll have my Eternal Gratitude!

A Gift For You

Please enjoy this FREE MP3 Download of my latest album 'Invisible Light'.

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