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Mental Health and Home For Our Family

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MILLIONS of people (approximately 1 in 4) have experienced mental illness & are not aware of some of the causes. I have compiled detailed information about some of the physical causes of Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and Other Mood, Brain and Physical Diseases as well as testing levels for specific deficiencies. I need your help sharing this priceless information! (FREE PDF's on my website) I began doing extensive research on mental illness, the brain, nutrients, neurotransmitters etc. because my daughter has suffered the horrific consequences of the current way we “treat” people with mental health challenges. I did this research to save my daughter’s life. (July 4th 2019 And YOURS, your friends, family, neighbors, daughters, sons. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION.)

(This crowdfunding page was created & the information was written November 2017.) As of now, July 4th 2019 my daughter is currently in the mental hospital again - since March 31st – (over three months!) after being out only briefly after another four month lock up session. During that time she spent another Christmas and another birthday (her 24th) in the hospital. Just counting the last three times she has been locked up – it is a YEAR of her life. Please note: She is NOT a harm to herself or others. I do not have a home of my own, I've been bouncing around AirBNB’s, “couch” surfing etc. & am out of money. My daughter’s name is ALEXIS and I ask you to say her name in your loving prayers, peaceful meditations & visions of well-being. Yesterday I received her permission to use her photo & her deep desire to move out of her father’s home (when she is released – she does not want to live with him – obviously she is not cared for in that environment), she also needs money for a lawyer. Alexis has spent countless holidays in the hospital – and she deserves not only her FREEDOM and the opportunity to HEAL, she deserves a loving home, a vacation, GIFTS for the birthday’s & Christmas’s she missed & so much more.

ALEXIS CAN HEAL AND COMPLETELY RECOVER! (From the trauma of being repeatedly institutionalized & given over 25 different drugs) YOU CAN HELP!!!

Her story can have a very happy “ending” (new beginning)! Through her healing – she can be a testament to overcoming our broken “health” care system & the POWER of the human Spirit and LOVE.



Thank you. And may you who donate – Be BLESSED in innumerable ways – EVERY day of your life!

#LovePEACE on Earth & Blessings for ALL! #WWLD #WhatWouldLoveDo
With ALL of my Heart, Mind, Soul & Strength - I am here for you. Melissa Joyfully 

(Nov. 2017): My daughter was involuntarily committed to the mental hospital, this most recent time it was for five months. FIVE MONTHS! It is incomprehensible how they could keep her locked up for such a long time as she was not a threat to herself or others. During that time she was not given the medical attention or treatment of her PHYSICAL conditions (Anemia – Iron & B12 deficiency, pyrrole disorder (B6 & Zinc deficiency), vitamin D deficiency, under methylation etc.) which have a direct impact on her BRAIN. She also missed family holidays including her only brother’s high school graduation. (See more details about her below)

Our family - my daughter, son and I - need a home for Love, Peace and Healing! Donations will help provide that as well as taking care of my daughter & her medical expenses.

My website offers the FREE information mentioned above as well as FREE JPEGs of my original paintings & poems, FREE grounding and replenishing meditation, & FREE inspirational quotes (#WWLD #WhatWouldLoveDo) with my original paintings as the background & MORE! (See SHARE The Gifts, Share LOVE) Also, many of my original paintings are 50% off.

Many years ago I put this on my website: “May every step on my personal journey bring greater awareness and healing within myself and every soul that I encounter.”
This statement is still true today and I feel it with ALL OF MY HEART.

Please help me share LOVE. #LovePEACE on Earth & #MentalHealth for ALL! #WWLD #WhatWouldLoveDo
Thank you.
Peace, Love & Blessings to YOU.
Melissa Joyfully 
Some facts about my daughter:
·         Currently 22 years old, first psychotic episode at 19 years old in Oct. 2014.
·         Skipped 5th grade AND her senior year of high school graduating at 4.2 GPA.
·         Had never done any drugs, or used alcohol or cigarettes (No prescription drugs other than antibiotics once or twice in her childhood).
·         Healthy & active teenager (excelled in soccer), chose to be a vegetarian (even though her father & I were meat eaters) when she was a pre-teen. I (her mother) provided her with nutritious home cooked vegetarian meals after researching the nutrient requirements of a vegetarian diet. (I shared nutritional information with her father because she was with him almost three days a week, however he rarely cooked for her. After I lost our apartment for inability to pay rent, she began living full time with her father in 2012).
·         Taught herself Hindi before backpacking for 3 months in India with a gap year travel group.
·         Went to college taking Arabic, Physics etc.
·         After her psychotic episode, because she was a legal adult – over 18 (still living with her father) she was involuntarily committed, and then put on an outpatient commitment which involved following the orders of the Health and Welfare department.
·         She had NEVER experienced depression or suicidal thoughts until after she was drugged with anti-psychotics. During her outpatient commitment she repeatedly requested (begged) for her psychiatric medication dose to be lowered, (verbally and in writing) after telling the person that was in charge of her drugs that she was depressed and suicidal. She was also experiencing severe physical side effects. Her requests were repeatedly denied and she was told that if she didn’t receive the injections she would be locked up again at the state hospital. We had been told by the Health and Welfare department that she could not seek any psychiatrist or other practitioner of her choosing and she was committed to following only their orders. I did not have money for a lawyer but I still met with an attorney to inquire about her legal rights. I also took her (my daughter) to a different psychiatrist to seek his help in her treatment, however the Health and Welfare department wouldn’t release her medical information or allow him to treat her, even after her suicide attempt.
·         Over the course of her “treatment” (and drugged against her will) she has been prescribed over 19 different drugs (or more) and has had over 40 extreme side effects, some of which include Hypotension, Tachycardia, Rapid and Extreme Weight Gain, Akathisia (movement disorder), Severe Allergic Reactions Including Skin Rashes & Difficulty Breathing (face/throat swelling), Anemia, Insomnia, Nausea & Vomiting, Fainting, Uncontrollable Eye Movement, Memory Loss, Severe Depression, Attempted Suicide and the list goes on.

If it was YOU or your son/daughter/brother/sister/mother/father wouldn't you do everything you could to save their life? I would. This information is for you and your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors etc. Please share it. Thank you! 


Melissa Joyfully
Boise, ID

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