Megan's Journey & Life Call

Megan’s Backstory

I write from a father’s heart concerning his daughter. I am very proud of Megan, as she has been faced with intense circumstances and challenges, but is alive today and doing her best to fulfill her calling.

Megan has been diagnosed with bipolar depression. This is a disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. Her symptoms began showing 5 years ago, around age 15. Since that time, it has been a real struggle for her to find a life balance. She has been thru bouts of self-harm, drug abuse, depressive lows, and hospitalizations.

In May of 2017, Megan’s mom passed away. As you can imagine, losing a parent as a teen is very difficult. After her mom passed, Megan stated that although her mom lost her battle with the illness, she fought a good fight. With that example, Megan is fighting too.

She knew she needed intensive therapy and medical attention. During the last 3-4 years, she has been admitted to various mental health facilities, mostly doing inpatient care. Although there were some relapses, each time she went back for help gained her a little more wisdom and guidance. She has always been self-aware and has been good about seeing her psychiatrist and taking her medications. Together, we all agreed most recently her next move was to complete 3 steps: a 10-day detox at Sunrise Detox Center in Alpharetta, GA; an intensive 40-day program (inpatient care) at Desert Hope Treatment Center in Nevada; and thirdly a sober living program.  

She completed both the detox and the 40-day program and is currently at the sober living program in Henderson, Nevada. She began the sober living program on Feb. 7, 2018. Sober living programs provide the structure, support and accountability patients need as the last phase before they go back to living completely on their own. They are called “recovery residences”. Some people are there for 3 months, 6 months or even years, it all depends on the severity and level of support the patient needs. With this program, she does have the freedom to work part-time, has mandatory group therapy sessions, random drug testing, and nightly check-ins. Her therapist recommends a minimum of a 6-month stay.    

This is where we need your help.

The Need

Unfortunately, sober living is not covered by insurance. The cost is $700 per month for the program itself, not including food, toiletries, etc. Here is the current need based on the therapists recommended stay of 6 months:

     · $700 rent / program cost @ 6 months to Blue Cove  Sober Living  = $4,200

     · $175 per week for groceries and toiletries for 6 months = $4,200

     · $4,330 medical bill from Desert Hope Treatment Center

     · $2,800 medical bill from Sunrise Detox Center

     · $4,000 for a good used vehicle to get to work and back

     · Total = $19,530

Providing these finances would alleviate stress and pressure, and help her give singular focus to necessary healing and coping skills.

Megan’s Vision

Megan has such a creative uniqueness to her. Everyone who meets her says she is beautiful on the inside and out. In her natural state, she is fun-loving, deeply caring and supportive person. She has a gift for speaking life into others.

She feels her calling is to be an Art Therapist. How amazing is that? What’s interesting is that she received this calling at a dark place. When she was in intensive care at Peachford Hospital in Atlanta, a therapist came by to see her. The therapist used art to help Megan process her feelings. That’s when she knew what she was to do for the rest of her life! What an incredible testimony she is going to have. And what better therapist to have than someone who has lived it?

Alongside her being an Art Therapist, she plans to be a patient advocate and create processes for mental health facility reform. Wow. At age 20, she has this exact vision.

By supporting her you are also raising awareness to this illness and providing a path to healing for others.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and help.
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