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Meditations for Mindful Writers II

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“Madhu Wangu is a patient, clear and creative teacher. She simplified meditation for me she said, ‘To meditate is to breathe. Just pay attention to your breath and feel your inner body.’ Too simple, surely; but not too easy.”  –Maryalice Meli

This campaign is for my second meditation CD, Meditations for Mindful Writers II: Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts. Please see the testimonials of the people whose creative life has been transformed by using my first CD, Meditations for Mindful Writers: Body, Heart, Mind.   

Not only have my meditations and mindful writing practice changed my own craft and enriched my work, they’ve influenced many writers across the world. Here’s one glimpse into the meditations I’ve created and want to bring to market through this campaign:

On the hill you see a temple, nestled and partly hidden, against the treetops. Visualize your self getting down from the raft and sauntering in the direction of the temple. Walk on the stone path strewn with fallen leaves… The path leads you to its inner sanctum…. Fearlessly but gently open its bamboo gate. Inside this safe and secure place you join a wise companion who offers you a cup of tea…. An unfamiliar flavor delights you! As you savor the sips, listen to the soundless voice that nudges you toward the things of the heart and the mind…. As you breathe in and breathe out…


Maryalice Meli

Before I met Madhu B. Wangu, meditation was a dim memory from the late sixties and came with headbands, patchouli oil, aummmmmm and fragrant smoke… Now I follow Madhu's quiet instructions on her CD and, after several minutes of clearing my mind of past problems and future thoughts I feel an internal letting go. Her gentle voice leading the meditation opens a portal to the inner world. I imagine my inner place as a labyrinth where I can't get lost. This interior place is where I must go to write. It's difficult to describe the thrill I feel when meditation leads me to surprising dialogue or unexpected plot twists. Where did that come from I ask myself? The idea bubbles up to consciousness from that murky deep. The habit of breathing deeply, becoming aware and living in the present, may be used in other day-to-day experiences. It works!

Julie Long

Practicing Writing Meditation Method has taught me to courageously sit with my thoughts and emotions instead of running away from them. That was the first lesson I learned: Acknowledge your thoughts and emotions!

Madhu Bazaz Wangu, the facilitator of the Mindful Writers Group, says judging your emotions or your self for having the emotion is not the wise thing to do. The key to reach the creative font is to become silent witness of your negative emotions. Then see them dissolve or pass.

Writing Meditation Method is like a railing on a footbridge. As I cross, the practice is there for me to steady myself. My hope is that I will cross over to a place of more authenticity, passion and dedication. The CD has helped me strip away unrealistic expectation, dissolved my doubts and judgments. It has helped me to simply be as a better writer and a person.

Kathleen Shoop

As my children's needs changed, I was required to spend all my energy on their needs. My life as a prolific writer began to splinter and wither. Then I stared practicing Writing Meditation Method with Madhu Bazaz Wangu using her CD.

Working with Madhu has turned my creative faucet back on, allowing me to experience the gushing flow of writing that I was blessed with but found "accidentally" through swimming and walking. I find my writing focused and plentiful. With the Writing Meditation practice I can stimulate my dormant creative flow that is always waiting to be released. Simply thinking about Writing Meditation puts me half way there, without even doing anything-that's powerful. It's transformative.

WM Method is the tool to access the source of my creativity whenever I need to. The practice integrates my body, mind and heart. I can make use of it anywhere, anytime. The practice has injected my writing with the soul it was missing. When practiced daily, the Method is a gift that keeps on giving. Yes, it helps me find my creative flow amidst all of life's chaos that will never go away. I am now able to carve out a state of mind that nurtures my writing.

Audrey Snyder

It took me ten years to complete my first non-fiction book. And when I decided to write a fiction and in less time, I was unable to even begin writing. I frantically researched and discovered the Mindful Writers Group. I wish I had learned the Writing Meditation Method sooner.

Using Madhu Wangu’s Meditation CD I wrote with such passion that I didn’t even know I had. Her Method allowed me to clear away any negative energy that had a deeper effect on me than I had realized. Fifteen minutes of Body, Heart or Mind Meditation followed by journaling helped me to reflect and write freely for hours.

I was amazed at the sincerity of my emotions and the depth of my writing, and the flow… I kept writing until my fingers felt cramped. This Method of writing has given me freedom to explore my innermost feelings and thoughts. It is a remarkable writer’s tool that is helping me understand myself.

This awareness is leading me closer to my real self. The Method has shown me that there is a relationship between writing and meditation. I can fearlessly express my passion. It has made me aware who I truly am. And most importantly, it has empowered me so that I can overcome obstacles placed on my writing path.

Here is another part of the CD, Meditations for Mindful Writers: Body, Heart Mind that the above writers are talking about.

Breathe in the natural energy that surrounds you… Feel yourself become one with the trees and the mountains and the mist… The sap that courses through the trees, is of the same essence as the blood that courses through your veins. You are as much part of the earth as the earth is part of you. Nothing is obscure here, nothing unessential…. Everything you sense, feel and think has significance… Your life is in harmony with the universe…. Feel everything nourishing you as you nourish everything in return…. Glimpse into eternity…. Feel your eyes well up…. Stay with this feeling for a few moments…. quietly breathing in and breathing out….

This GoFundMe campaign is for the cost of recording the second CD, "Meditations for Mindful Writers II: Sensations, Feelings and Thoughts. The CD and its MP3 version would contain four meditations namely:

Walking Through Forest

Awakening the Senses

Blossoming Lotus Energy

Animating Seven Energy Centers

 I feel very confident that my second CD, like the first one, will help novice as well as professional writers to overcome their blocks and increase focus. Becasue I have experienced its results.

Everything else is ready. I will get the CD disk and its MP3 version made as soon as I am able to raise the funds.  

Thank you so much for helping me bring these meditations to the people who want focus, inner-depth, productivity and connectedness in their creative life.


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Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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