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Help Change Breast Cancer Treatment

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"I’m sorry to tell you, YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER…"

Have you experienced the shock and trauma of hearing these words?  Or do you imagine the fear and panic of hearing these words every time you schedule your annual mammogram?

Do you know that mammography can miss up to two-thirds of breast cancers, and is very poor at finding the most dangerous cancers early?  And that a “clear” mammogram does NOT mean that you are CANCER-FREE!  Too many are still dying from breast cancer—some 41,000 every year in the U.S.; and breast cancer remains the leading cause of death for women under 50.

Marvel Medtech is developing a new way to use MRI—Magnetic Resonance Imaging—that will profoundly change breast cancer healthcare by enabling MRI-guided cryotherapy (or freezing) to destroy breast tumors.  Please watch our introduction video:

MRI is BEST at finding the most dangerous cancers in their early stages, and cryotherapy has amazing, proven benefits for "unlocking" our immune system's ability to fight cancer recurrence and prevent it from spreading to other organs.

Enabling MRI-guided cryotherapy provides a new approach that will replace the ineffective mammogram for finding early-stage, dangerous breast cancers.  This will save more lives and will eliminate the need for many breast biopsies, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments—and profoundly improve the quality of life for many breast cancer survivors—while reducing overall breast healthcare costs!

Sounds too good to be true…?

Please watch our video presentation explaining how and why this new approach is not only possible, it is inevitable! And why we need your help to make it happen sooner rather than later.

As a crowdfunding contributor, what do you get out of this? In addition to the sense of satisfaction from helping to bring this compelling and important new life-saving treatment to breast cancer patients, you may be saving your own life—or the life of someone you love and depend upon—by helping transform how breast cancer is detected, treated, and “preempted” in the near future.

Our initial, urgent funding objective is quite aggressive for this non-typical crowdfunding campaign:

$300,000 will provide “bridge financing” that will extend our runway and fund completion of interim milestones while we continue to pursue professional investment financing.

This is your call to action. We need your grass-roots support and involvement to inform EVERYONE about the superior, and now affordable, breast cancer benefits of MRI, and the amazing new treatment benefits offered by MRI-guided cryotherapy. Please make a contribution to support our important mission! And please spread this message to EVERYONE you know who has concerns or fears about breast cancer and invite them to SUPPORT THIS IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN!


Legal Notice: By contributing to this crowdfunding campaign, you thereby acknowledge that your contribution is a good will donation for which you will receive NO goods or services or other reward, explicitly including NO equity stake or NO share in the ownership of Marvel Medtech now or at any future time as a result of your contribution.


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