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Mario's Medical Treatment

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Mario Arana (AKA Mario Nalini) was diagnosed with a tumor, lupus, and multiple seizes in his stomach. Tests are still being performed, and treatment is only a step away. Due to unfortunate events, our family has no health insurance, and no options on how to afford Mario's treatment. It's been a struggle just to keep him in the hospital. It has come mdown to downsizing, selling the house, and personal items in order to keep his name in the running. 

Mario Arana has cared for his family his entire life, working multiple jobs to keep a roof over our heads. He has been a loving father, husband, and son; giving anything to see them succeed. He has inspired & motivated all of us to do what we love, at all costs.

Mario has worked hard to earn a receptacle standing within the local acting community. He been a working actor for almost 10 years. Upon receiving his SAG card he has been in multiple productions, and loving every minute of it. Our loved ones want to see his hard work pay off, while he walks the red carpet. 

Our family would appreciate ANY contribution towards Mario's treatment. Whether it be a penny or a single dollar. Anything helps us in his time of need. 

Thank you!

Please visit Mario's acting pages to see his work. 





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Arana Family
Lake Worth, FL

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