Marcus Mixx Home And Work Fund


I'm asking for financial help so that I can get an apartment by the end of February 2022 (if not sooner) that's registered in my name instead of another persons.
This way there aren't any strings attached and I'll be able to produce, shoot and edit multiple video and audio productions on very a large
scale, both financially and creatively.
 I've been saving the majority of the money that I'm making solely for a place to live and work out of 24/7.
There are lots of very affordable apartments in really nice areas in Chicago, as well as the suburbs ranging between $600 to $800.
Even though I'm currently living in homeless shelters and riding the CTA trains at night until morning daylight, I'm able to produce my new commercial television show "EXTREME HOUSE" WITH MARCUS MIXX, as well as shoot and edit other projects only when I have a decent location to work out of, i.e. a public library, a Starbucks, a McDonalds or even a park or area where I can pick up free  Wi-Fi internet signals.  I'll receive more consistent money when "EXTREME HOUSE" WITH MARCUS MIXX starts airing on a weekly basis starting in February


I've also been asked to host a radio show and lots of House DJ work as well that'll pay good money at a steady pace.
Unfortunately, I can't take lots of the jobs/gigs that I'm offered, simply because I can't guarantee that I'll meet the deadlines due to my homeless situation. 
Right now I don't accept offers or make commitments that I can't keep my word on. 
But, once I have a spot to live and work out of things will be much better and back on track. 
Please check out some of my official House music and if you like any of the songs, please purchase them. 

Tap link to listen and/or purchase Official Marcus Mixx House Music   

Lastly, I suffer from various forms of Epilepsy and I can't perform the majority of jobs that are available these days. 
I don't risk doing work that requires heavy lifting and/or being on my feet for long periods of time.  
I've tried fast-food employment recently and I continued to sweat, see stars, get dizzy and have shortness of breath. 

I hate asking for help, but I feel as if GOD has given me the strength to be self sufficient if and when I can get a place to work and live out of.

I really appreciate anything that you can give to help me out, even if it's just your prayers and good thoughts.
Thank you very much, 
Marcus "Mixx" Shannon  
[email redacted]

  • Krzysztof Honowski 
    • $50 
    • 8 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $40 
    • 8 mos
  • loren steele 
    • $20 
    • 12 mos
  • Benjamin Boguet 
    • $20 
    • 12 mos
  • George Chavez 
    • $20 
    • 12 mos
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Marcus Shannon 
Chicago, IL