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Aaron moved to San Diego 16 years ago after an overwhelming event that took place in his life. He quit Law School in Mexico and wanted a new beginning. He figured that moving to San Diego would give him the opportunities he thrived for, so he took his chances. After some years of settling in and working in a restaurant in Old Town he met my aunt Yesenia. They first began as friends and would meet each other after work for a beer and to talk story, laugh and enjoy one another’s company. After many attempts and kindhearted gestures my uncle had finally convinced her that they would be better off as boyfriend and girlfriend, rather than just friends.  They dated for four years and realized that being in love with your best friend was a perfect reason to get married. November 14th 2009, my aunt walked down the isle in a picturesque church in Point Loma. Knowing how much my aunt had struggled in the past with relationships and Aaron’s past, our family and friends couldn’t have been happier for the both of them. Hopes and dreams of having a family and starting a business was part of their goals together as a couple. Soon the news of my aunt becoming pregnant spread throughout the entire family. Everyone was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to have an addition to our large family. Three months into the pregnancy my aunt found out that they had miscarried. Since she was older than 35 the doctor’s made it seem as if it would be terribly difficult to get pregnant again and carry the baby to term, which devastated them. They would continue trying but, unfortunately one day Aaron began having minor pains in his abdomen. He thought it could’ve been something he ate and didn’t think much of it. Numerous days went by and the pain engrossed to the point of not being able to handle it. He was rushed to the emergency room and they concluded he had a hernia and needed to have surgery. After a week and recovering from the surgery Aaron still felt the same, if not worse pains. He was again rushed to the emergency room and after many test the doctor told him he had stage 3 colon cancer. They wanted to perform surgery as soon as possible to remove the colon as the cancer was only detected there. They also recommended that he would need to start chemotherapy to ensure that the cells would be killed and not spread.

He was only 37 years old and their dreams to have a child would be placed on hold since he had to begin treatment immediately. When our family found out, it seemed as if we were more anxious than him. His demeanor was to stay confident and believe that he would overcome the cancer. During the entire time of his chemotherapy he continued to work despite all the side affects he had. He was not able to touch cold objects, shouldn’t be lifting heavy items, but that didn’t stop him. Aaron put on a good face and attitude and continued life as usual.

Not once did any of us hear my uncle complain or have a poor outlook. At every family function his positive energy embraced everyone. His sarcastic humor and lively manner remained the same. His smile and laugh never changed and sometimes it would have you forget that he was even sick. My aunt dwelled and tried to make sense of how this disease decided to target him. They had finally found their missing halves and she couldn’t imagine not growing old with him. As much as she tried to be strong for him, she would breakdown and Aaron would assure her that everything would be fine. He told her to not be afraid because he was willing to do whatever it takes to fight away the bad cells. He continued to remain optimistic and through his strong will and desire to live he began his reemission in 2014. His family and friends were overjoyed and knew that he would fight it because there was no other way. He was too young and still had so much life to experience.

After a few months of relief and feeling like life was good again, they began to desire a family.  Aaron has always wanted to be a dad and wanted that more than anything with my Aunt.  His doctors did not think there would be any possibility of them being able to get pregnant. Since he had undergone 6 months of chemotherapy and my aunts older age, they really started to believe that having their own child would not be in their plans. However, a few months later they couldn’t believe their blessings and that they were pregnant. They still couldn’t fully embrace the pregnancy until after a few months since having a miscarriage was likely. Doctor’s finally confirmed that the unborn baby was developing perfectly and healthy. Enya was born December 23rd  2015, and was the greatest Christmas present they could have ever asked for. My aunt leaned close to god during Aaron’s cancer scare and during her pregnancy, so she dedicated her time to church. Enya went to every mass and church activity and was the most well behaved infant she could have ever asked for. Aaron being the most unselfish person, just wanted my Aunt to focus on being a mother and enjoying every moment with Enya. He continued to work and it seemed like they were back on a path that brought them bliss and thankfulness for each day they were able to spend together.

 When Enya turned 3 months my uncle Aaron had an appointment with his doctors to see how his reemission was going. The unsettling news that he had redeveloped cancer not only in his colon, but now the cancer cells had spread to his lungs at a rapid pace. That day my aunt’s world felt like it was coming to an end. The dreadful results were flustering to digest. They had learned that he now was being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and cancerous cells where now detected in his lungs and lymph nodes. That same day that he found out this devastating news, he went along with his day. He still went to work and when he came back he brought his baby a cake to celebrate her 3-month mark. My aunt was in tears, but he told her that everything was going to be good, soon. They needed to live life as normally as possible and to enjoy their time together. With a new baby and my aunt that couldn’t imagine her life without him, brought us to start questioning why? This person that has never hurt a soul, most giving individual, happy, loving man had to begin the process of chemotherapy again. A people person that always has something funny to say, that just wants to see you crack up and smile. But cancer doesn’t care what you look like, how good of a person you are, so the chemo process began again. There were days when his hands were so limp and burnt from the chemo that he could not move them, yet allowed to be around the baby. He had to stay at a distance to not harm her of any chemicals that lingered in his body. As much as he wanted to kiss her forehead, lean in to her crib and watch her sleep, he had to stay away. That hurt him the most. However, my uncle’s attitude still was genuinely happy and full of hope. Never once did he question why or be upset about his circumstance. For two years that they had the cancer under control, he continued to work every day. He’d still go about his life and daily routines, regardless of the symptoms, or how terribly sick he would feel. He wanted my aunt to be with the baby and didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him or for him to have to quit work. My aunt went along with his wishes and took care of the baby and him when his symptoms would be at their worst.


Recently in December he had a doctor’s appointment to see how controlled the cancer was. Doctor’s discovered that the cancer cells now spread to multiple parts of his body including his liver and pancreas. The cancer cells in his lungs had grown and they wanted to begin a new type of chemotherapy. Soon after the new chemotherapy began he was in a screaming pain and had to be rushed to the emergency room. He felt like his neck was dislocated and unable to even stand up. Once he arrived to the hospital and test had been done, they concluded that he did not have a good reaction to the new chemotherapy. His vertebrae in his spine had developed cancer cells as well and for that reason he wasn’t able to stand up.

As of now he has been in the hospital doing radiation because his nerves in his spine and neck are weak and burn with pain. As much as he tries to be strong and put on his best face, we are beginning to feel like this is possibly the end. He continues to remain happy and positive, with a smile on his face. He is so strong and brave and for that we all admire him. Not once has he lost hope, even to this day he says everything is going to be just fine. As a family we lean close to prays, God, or whatever miracle that has to occur to have him be here long enough to experience some of the most beautiful memories with Enya. To see his daughter experience her first day of kindergarten. To be able to see her first game of soccer or dance recital. To have those moments that we often take for granted be Enya’s and his best memories. Being two years old now, Enya senses and knows that her dad is not well. She tells herself, “Todo esta bien, verdad.” Meaning everything is alright, right? For the past month she has been in and out of the hospital, or being watched by a different aunt and most likely feeling confused and anxious. Imagining placing our self in her little shoes and not knowing if today, tomorrow will be the last time she spends with her dad is devastating. If my uncle could be here long enough, on this earth to make a few more memories with her, we as a family would be forever grateful. Memories that she can one day look back on and remember the wonderful person he is and how his love for his family is an example of how we should all be with our loved ones.

His current doctors have left him with a few options that they would like to try. However, he has come to a conclusion that he would like to try a different approach to getting rid of the cancer.  He would like to seek a holistic approach at Oasis of Hope in Tijuana, Mexico. This facility focuses on curing one from the inside using methods and treatments that are completely natural and have truly made miracles happen. This is one of his last resorts and options and with the help of everyone we can make it happen. We can give him the possibility to be well and have more time in this world. Here is the link of the facility and what we are asking from our friends and families to help reach this goal, so we can make this possible.
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