Help Our Mum Fight Lyme Disease



Please save our Mum's life and Ours.

Collage of Josh, Daisy & Cody:


Collage of Mum (Joanne) & Awareness:



She is scared that we will grow up without our mum.

She is our only and main Carer and we only have her.

Life is precious.

We have tried to raise funds for our Mum's desperately needed treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease & Co-infections as well as Cancerous HPV SCC Tumours/Lesions (untreated Lyme causing severe immune suppression and HPV Tumours/Lesions to keep growing and needing constant surgeries), since her private POSITIVE testing and diagnoses for Chronic Lyme Disease & Co-infections in 2016, we have only managed to raise £20 thus far.

Written by Mum brief intro:

We are all desperate for your help, I simply have nowhere else to turn, you are my last hope I’m slowly dying and I’m not being dramatic, no one, I mean no one will help me.

I’m only in my 40’s and been chronically ill since I was in my mid/late 20’s. Totally permanently bedbound last 8-10 years, only leave my bed to be picked up by ambulance to take me to hospital.

I have untreated Chronic Lyme Disease & several Co-infections, Cancerous HPV SCC Lesions, MY ORGANS ARE FAILING & many other conditions see below.

I'm a single parent to three children and have no family help or anyone around I am on state benefits since I became too sick to work in 2010 and being operated on frequently my 34th surgery was 10th May 2018.

I'm slowly wasting away and if this carries on without treatment or help eventually I will die, leaving my children alone. The disease is spreading and systemic more organs are being affected and shutting down/stopping working and without treatment I will die a slow painful death once it reaches my heart or brain I'm gone.

I have written and explained a lot of information much of it very personal to the best of my ability in way of explanations because I feel that I owe the reader/s and potential donator/s that due to having a big ask, THIS IS SAVING MY LIFE!


How can this be right, how can this be fair? I’ve always worked and contributed into the system often at higher rate/s of tax and deductions, until I was far too sick to do so in 2010... I am on benefit now and can’t afford to pay for private treatment abroad either and there are no LYME DISEASE specialists in the UK.

How is it right I can’t get the treatment I need in south west UK I’m ignored, constantly gaslit by GP’s & numerous Consultants more than I can count.

I find it hard to cope every day, most days I don’t want to wake up living in constant pain and in my bed, I have no family and I’m a single parent with no support. I have tons of issues and severe symptoms, and I don’t know where to turn anymore.

I’m merely existing, I have no life, my kids have had no mum in 10 years and I lost my career. Prior to getting so sick I was exceptionally active dancing classes many genres, swimming, cycling and playing badminton & hockey at county level and working full time.

Collage some before & after pictures of Mum (Joanne):



(HPV SCC Induced Cancer, Chronic Lyme Disease, Co-infecions & Lack Of Immune System)


Stem Cell Therapy - not available in the UK only in USA & EU

To rebuild my non-existent immune system and give me a fair chance to win the fight with the recurring HPV tumour / lesion growth and to fight the Chronic Lyme Disease & Co-infections and tackle nerve damage.

Stem Cell Treatment via: INFUSIO

Infusio Site: 

The INFUSIO Lyme Disease Stem Cell Therapy Program Details Here: 

The INFUSIO Cancer Treatment Stem Cell Therapy Program Details Here: 

Each INFUSIO programme is approx £24-26K or approx 26-28,000 Euros I'm hoping that I could rase the funds to have the LYME DISEASE PROGRAM with ADDED ELEMENTS OF THE CANCER CARE PROGRAM, if they feel I need this rather than having to have both programs and being able to raise funds for both which I feel is unachievable, however the INFUSIO programs are much cheaper than the Long Term IV Antibiotic Therapy as below.

The INFUSIO programs are all integrative and include:

1. IMMUNE MODULATION - Restoring a healthy ratio of the various immune cells to enable the immune system to function in a coordinated fashion.

2. DETOXIFICATION - Optimizing the cellular detox pathways of the body to help it rid itself of toxins and improve metabolic function.

3. SUBSTITUTION - Infusing intravenous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements to promote healthy cell function and healing in the body.

4. DISEASE SPECIFIC TREATMENT - Utilizing conventional and non-conventional methods, to directly address a disease.

5. MIND BODY MEDICINE - Through forms of bodywork, the body’s own perception and inner balance is increased, internal stress is released and the self-healing powers of the body are stimulated.


1. Re-establish healthy immune response.

2. Optimize the cellular terrain.

3. Lower the over all microbial load.

4. Repair cell-to-cell signaling.

5. Repair damage to organs,nerves and other cell structures.

6. Reverse cumulative damage caused by genetic mutations.


The main successful route to treat Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-infections in conjunction with immunotherapy is long term IV antibiotics and antivirals, cannabis oils - again these are ALL NOT available in the UK only parts of Europe and the USA.

IV LLMD Guided Antibiotic Therapy, this treatment costs approximately £10k a round and the average chronic Lyme patient needs 5-8 rounds of this therapy, sometimes more.

Therefore I feel the best, cheapest and safest option for me is:

INFUSIO Lyme Disease Program (Stem Cell Therapy) and Cannabis Oils.

ALL THE ABOVE COSTS ARE without accommodation and travel costs.


Mum Raising Awareness at EVERY Hospital Visit Co-ordinated Clothes & shoes :)


My Link To My Facebook Page Lyme Actually; 

twitter: @baskett_case


Fight Lyme Now Campaign - (MP For Swindon Robert Buckland MP QC Hosting Critical UK Lyme Disease Patient Survey):


My Press/Radio & TV Articles:

Please Find Below Details of All Press/Radio & TV Articles that I have tried to gain attention to our plight here in the UK my story & many others suffering:

My News Paper Articles So Far:
Local Press - Swindon Advertiser:

My newest local press story insisting on better testing & better treatment for UK wide Lyme patients 11.5.16: 

May 2016 

Local Press - Swindon Advertiser: 

(Failed to raise any funds from local press stories as they omitted the fund raising site links)

ME Association: 


Local Radio - Sam.FM: 

You Tube: 

May 2016 - (My Friend & Lyme Activist Huib’s International Blog - My Story Needs Updating As so much has happened since its publishing so I will be speaking to Huib over the next few months) 

Any help at all will be so much appreciated and will give me a chance at life, a lifeline, something I've been denied the last 8 years as currently I'm just left to waste away, in my bed and bedroom. I would love to see the world and interact with it.

Long term goals are, I would like to return to work, learn to drive and possibly study, with the drive to help others.

Most importantly as a family, I would Love to take my children on a holiday one day as we have never ever had a holiday together EVER as I have been too ill.

They deserve better, they deserve a proper mum and have all had it really hard.

Collage of Mum (Joanne) this month June 2018 a few weeks post surgery No. 34, bedridden:



There isn't enough research conducted for HPV and why certain people develop cancerous lesions/tumours (main gold standard treatment is radical surgery).

There also isn't enough research conducted into long term Chronic Lyme Disease & Co-infections and treatments as well as reliable testing for Lyme Disease and co-infections here in the UK, as well as other under researched, under treated conditions here in the UK such as Chronic ME/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (incorrectly labelled as CFS), this patient group has seen no real progress in almost 30 years a mirror image of that for Lyme Disease patients!

More investment needed and more clinical trials needed to find the answers to stopping these horrible disabling and degenerative diseases, which means the only thing standing between ME and MY BABIES and health & life, is money.

Development of medicines and natural therapies to save lives of this growing unrecognised epidemic.

This could be your partner, parent, bother, sister, child suffering a slow painful demise and increasing disability.

Every moment counts as with no immunity the diseases I have can take an irreversible turn for the worse.

Please share OUR story to raise awareness and the plight of so many others. The clock is ticking.

Please be the change!

Our Goal For Our Mum:

ASAP! - As soon as possible would love Mum to be able to start some treatment NOW! But we will continue to try to raise funds, we are reaching out to incredible people like you to help us raise AS MUCH as possible through GoFundMe

Please Act Today!

What would you do if you knew that money was the only thing standing between your MUM and her chance at a full and happy life? What would any Child do? Ask for help!

We can't let this happen. We can't stand by and see her lose everything, she is already a shadow of her former self.

No more to suffering unimaginable pain and frustration and ultimately untimely premature death, should the deterioration continue.

As her Children and only main family we ask you to stop, read, listen, spread this story and help us, save our family.

Please help support our urgent, lifesaving mission. Every penny counts, but even if all you can do is forward this link to as many people you know, you will have our eternal gratitude.

This is a big ask! Please Help Us. Join us in our quest and then check back often to see how your contribution helped spark this miracle. With your help, she has a chance at life and so do we.

Thank you so much. From the bottom our hearts, with all of the gratitude, peace, love and affection we could possibly offer: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Determined, hopeful and eternally grateful,

Joanne Aka Mum, Daisy, Cody & Josh.

PS. 'The Medical Blurb' Full Information See Below:



The numerous issues are:

I have NHS undiagnosed & untreated - Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease and several co-infections causing severe immune suppression and then Cancerous HPV SCC Lesions & Tumours to keep recurring.

I am certain a couple of strains of Lyme Disease and some co-infections caught in the USA, then other strains of Lyme Disease Lyme Disease and co-infections caught from Spain/Greece (EU) & UK my own garden south west UK.

I have:

1. Borrelia Burgdorferi (AL): Sensu Stricto Afzelii

2. ChlamydiaPneumonae(AL)

3. EBV-EpsteinBarrVirus(AL)

4. CoxsackieVirus(AL)

5. HPV16&18(NHS)

6. Babesia(IGX)-Divergens,Henselae,Vinsonii

7. Bartonella(IGX)-Microti,Duncani,Divergens

8. Mycoplasma(IGX)-

9. Elrichia(IGX)

10. Borderline: Yersinia, Rickettsia

AL = Armin Labs, NHS = National Health Service UK, IGX = Igenex Labs

I have been privately diagnosed by two LLMD's (Lyme Literate Medical Doctors) after positive private testing of all the above and clinical diagnoses.

The History - (there’s much more but tried to keep brief as possible)

I was bitten by ticks in 1990’s in the USA with bullseye rashes and again in 2008 with small bullseye rash in my garden in the UK.

Each time misdiagnosed with ringworm given antibiotics (wrong ones for Lyme Disease) early on back in 1990’s to treat swollen lymph nodes, glands, joint pain/swellings, fevers, severe disabling fatigue, tonsils, small blood clot DVT in calf, and steroids prednisone for recurrent chest infections, then in 2006 onwards I received depomedrone steroid injections into my shoulder and foot joints, all abrogating the immune response to Lyme Disease & co-infections - giving me negative NHS Elisa serology test in 2014.

The NHS refuses to do any further testing i.e. additional Elisa or to give me a WB Western Blot test despite my request/s after herxing badly whilst on antibiotics at various times for cellulitis etc.

Still I remain undiagnosed by the NHS and untreated by the NHS (got positive German tests and USA tests paid for privately and private diagnoses by expert MD & Scientist Dr Armin Schwarzbach & LLMD and USA Naturopath Doctor Jess Armine (saw Spirocheates, blebs & babesia etc in live blood analysis to quote ‘you have exceptionally high microbial loads one of the highest I’ve ever seen’ the UK won’t accept either in 2016).

I have recording of the consultation as well as the live blood analysis slides. Even Dr Richard Horowitz World Famous LLMD says I have Lyme etc from a brief discussion we had online see picture just below:

Dr Richard Horowitz Online Conversation Back in 2015:


The History Continued -

Two years after the first bites (1993) whist pregnant with firstborn son Joshua 5th-6th week of pregnancy, my son was born very unwell with VSD we think he and my other two kids born later have Lyme et al too, I believe it's possible maternal transmission x3, my oldest son Joshua is symptomatic and NHS seronegative! I got the 'wastebin' diagnoses (they’re symptoms I believe) of Fibromyalgia & ME and much more after two years (1995/6) of the first bites.

I was basically told that I needed to do CBT & GET these both didn’t help my very real physical issues at all in fact it worsened me and in 1999/2000 I crashed hard never ever recovered.

My Health crashed big time the worst up to that point in 2008/9 after the next lot of bites (EU and UK) I never improved function and have continued to deteriorate;

After copious amounts of UTI's never investigated for years finally I kept on and on to see a Urologist and they diagnosed from many scans and UVI's that I had duplex kidney system with 3 ureters.

Since the first bites (1993) I was pushed many vaccines from NHS mainly flu ones but a few others I don’t recall, after coming to my senses and doing some research I wrote to them saying I won’t accept any more vaccinations as they don’t help me and seem to have made me even sicker that was in 2010.

Since then it's been relentless, organs failing; Neurogenic Bowel, Bladder & Stomach – No explanation given other than it's the fibromyalgia.

My bowel doesn’t work without tablets prucalopride, buscopan, metoclopramide, & liquid laxatives and other meds, bladder won't empty needing catheters, stomach undiagnosed gastroparesis as a result can barely eat can’t keep food down, bad cramps bloating and struggle to absorb medications liquid meds work best same with supplements no one in NHS will listen or help with this.

Since this got bad the last 5 years I feel very nutrition deficient in vitamins & minerals, I also have Gallbladder Disease, terrible brain symptoms no one will do another scan last one was 2011, severe peripheral neuropathy & small fibre neuropathy diagnosed as somatising at first until I went on for a few years and got nerve tests and biopsies, I don’t make tears or saliva anymore.

Hypermobility several consultants have mentioned this but no one diagnosed will discuss further as a child hips would click out of thighs at times, severely compromised immune system (undiagnosed overwhelmed with untreated chronic infections) causing HPV cancerous lesions/ tumours 5 areas (bowel, anus, perineum, cervix, vulva) many wide local excisions and partial vulvectomy left side all since 2006 of GU area (I feel this is as a result of severe immune suppression as most people with HPV can fight it).

I just had my 34th surgery on 10th May 2018, as the HPV Lesions keep coming back... I also suffer from palpitations, low BP, Low B12, low blood sugar, low temperature, low grade fevers, thyroid hopping about sub clinical hypothyroid then hyperthyroid, high white blood cell counts and neutrophils (no one will investigate or treat any of these), intermittent POTS symptoms (no one will test), x2 lesions on left retina (caused by infection NHS says can’t find what it is) mm away from sight loss, unilateral hearing loss left ear, spasms, spasticity & seizure like episodes, TMJ, trouble chewing & swallowing at times numb right side of scalp and what I think was bell's palsy at times, swollen face puffiness and swollen hands and feet, reactive arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, chronic pain syndrome, severely painful hips & legs.

I feel crazy just typing out that ridiculous list of issues and sadly this isn't exhaustive.

I am offered no treatments or help apart from Repeatedly offered CBT & GET the last time again was on April 25th after seeing local Neurologist who said all he could do was offer CBT & GET again!

There is nothing wrong with me psychologically my problems are physical.
There’s much more too...

I’ve been told that all the above is:

a) In My Head! (Somatising/Psychosomatic)

b) it’s my Fibromyalgia/ME causing it all

** It's madness NO ONE on the UK NHS will listen, NO ONE will review me properly, NO ONE understands the research and what this disease and its co-infections are we have no specialists here in the UK (LLMD's), meanwhile I get sicker and sicker and weaker and weaker with more things failing and going wrong I’m slowly dying.**

Surely My Life Is Worth Something? I Digress.

I beg of YOU to HELP anything at all you could possibly contribute no matter how BIG or SMALL will make the WORLD of difference to ME, this is truly MY LAST HOPE.

With Kindest Regards & Gratitude.

& of Course MUCH LOVE & GOOD HEALTH TO ALL <3 <3 


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Joanne Baskett 
Swindon, South West England, United Kingdom
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