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My Book Publication "Lyme Light"

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"In the Lyme Light" is a tragic but ultimately optimistic story about Yvette's spiritual journey with Lyme and Morgellons disease.  For more than two years, she brought this roller-coaster ride to paper, and through the struggle she obtained a new perception on dis-ease in general and its imputable cause,  leading to this narration.
She is closer to the finishing line, yet still tweaking and refining the structure of the book while designing the book cover at the same time. This book will also contain an extensive self-help guide, introducing natural cures and unthinkable approaches that helped Yvette battle the horrendous affliction.
In order to print and release her book
She will need to raise funds to pay for:

- a revisor
- an editor
- a proofreader
- publication 

"Every scar tells a story. The story of survival, which wants to be turned into wisdom"

It has been Yvette's goal and exigency to complete and publish this book in 2018. Her biggest hope is that this account will be an inspiration and support for many sufferers of this dreadful ordeal with Lyme Borreliosis and Morgellons disease. Since there is only little awareness and almost no fundamental help in our medical community, with the disease evolving and rising to an epidemic level, Yvette feels obligated to share her success in conquering the disease and winning back her life.

About the Book:.......You might not want to read this book if you don’t have a thick skin.  And it might even get under yours too. This book is not a horror fiction, neither a personal pity party. This book is about a journey. A journey thru heaven and hell and the healing found in between. This book is a record of incredible deeds and dealings intermittently adjourned by miraculous happenstances. Its impetus was born out of despair and its incentive out of a response. A response to a stroke of fate that she was happen to be experiencing for quite some time.

A thunderous journey filled with struggle and hope, with pain and epiphany, with iniquity and responsibility.

This story is a glimpse into her recovery from a multi-symptomatic illness which has yet to be accepted in our medical community. This is a book especially for those who experience this shattering spiritual seizure, to allow themselves to gain new insight and open up to a visual range in which "dis-ease" becomes a great teacher and not a cursed menace, in which we let ourselves be beaten by the natural difficulties that attend every kind of effort.

Yes, miracles do happen, and Lyme is nothing short of it, and as long as we allow to change the way we look at things, then  the things we look at will change.......

Y. Endrijautzki

You might not know me or maybe through my art, but with
YOUR HELP, I will be able to release this book to help bring Lyme awareness to our community.
Every single dollar helps. THANK YOU  kindly for your donation.
Yvette Endrijautzki

"Under our Skin", a movie about Infectious diseases,
depicting a definitive record of the Lyme controversy, and exposes a hidden story of medical and scientific malfeasance and neglect.  As official case numbers explode and hundreds of thousands of people around the world go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, the film is as relevant and timely as ever:
(director's cut) 

Click on the link below to learn more 
about Lyme and Morgellons (non censored by pharmaceutical industry or their lobbies)

(portrait painting of Yvette in the profile page, created by Seattle artist and gallerist Julie Baroh)


Yvette Endrijautzki
Seattle, WA

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