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Lukkahs Surgery Medical Bills

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Lukkah is an incredibly generous, caring person. He is also an evil vegan junk food genius who works so hard to bring happiness to those around him with his food cart. Fatsquatch may be closing, but a new chapter of Lukkah's life is starting. In order to have his surgery he will be taking on a very large amount of debt. This gofundme is meant to help alleviate some of the burden for the incredible person we love. We believe in Fatsquatch!

Fatsquatch the cart is closing July 7th with a big blowout party. Donations will be accepted at the party but this gofundme is for everyone else. Lets get out our wallets and show our happiness for Lukkah on his journey.

Below is a bit more information from Uncle Squatchy about closing and what all this means to him.  

"Hey all,
It's with a heavy heart I must announce the imminent closure of the Fatsquatch PDX food cart. My primary goals for Fatsquatch were to explore new dimensions of culinary dankness and to make genuine connections with all the interesting people this pursuit has brought my way while consistently honoring a spirit of inclusiveness and being true to myself. I feel grateful to have met so many rad people and to have been part of your lives for a time.
I also feel humbled by the acceptance and support I've received both as a person and as an entrepreneur. I've never been secretive about being a transgender business owner; in fact, I'm rather proud of it. I'm less open about my daily fears, anxiety, depression, feeling alien and non human, disconnected, hopeless, hateful, and even suicidal because of my body dysphoria and incongruity. It wasn't until the Affordable Care Act and the interpretation of Title IX under the Obama administration that i was offered gender-related health care for the first time in my life. Now that Jeff Sessions has stripped transgender Americans of Title IX protections, and the Affordable Care Act has been gutted, I'm afraid I won't have access to this health care for long and feel compelled to move quickly. I'm also 35 years old and have never felt a moment's happiness that wasn't bittersweet.
It crushes me that I have to end something that has meant so much to me and that I considered a success, but I'm finally ready to begin my life.
Thanks for being cool, Portland. It was my pleasure serving you.

Uncle Squatchy"

"As a transgender person with little more than a sixth grade education, I've attained more success than I imagined possible in this lifetime, and it's because of the amazing support I've received from the vegan community here in Portland. You've changed my life, my outlook and filled me with gratitude. Thank you!

With my upcoming gender affirmation surgeries I'm looking at a minimum $16,000 in deductibles and having to relocate to Arizona for 10-12 months for the procedures. It'll be a while before I'm back on my feet 100%. Fatsquatch sightings will be rare, but with your continuing support anything is possible! Keep believing and we will too!"

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