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Luke was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6. It took a year of diagnostics. We knew at 18 months. It was a time of chaos so we started researching. Collected data on his sleep patterns, eating times, what he ate, bowel movements, diaper changes. It was so hard. Life was not normal. We were so scared. We love him with all our hearts and have adjusted our lives around him and his needs. It’s just me, his Dad and his older brother in his life. No family on either side. There came a point where we needed others to help us. He is now 9 years old with level 3 autism. Luke has completed one module of therapy of one year. He just started his second. One hour a week with Maureen for ABA.

He cannot speak – He cannot tells us what’s wrong. We always have to figure him out.
He also has an eating disorder and sees a Speech Pathologist.
Getting the flu is especially bad. He won’t take medicine for a fever. Stops eating. Thank god he drinks water.

ABA can help him communicate through PECS. Picture Exchange Communication System.

He frustrates easily. Partially because he cannot communicate his needs to others.
When he is frustrated, it can escalate to a meltdown. Meltdowns are not tantrums.
Meltdowns May include hitting himself and others.

Noises can be too loud, clothes too scratchy. Stimming is a form of coping. Finger curling, tapping, pacing, and hitting himself are all forms of stimming. Teaching Luke positive stimming like his yoga ball or sensory toys. Soft blankets and pillows in a calm area.

ABA is the most evidence based therapy. 70% start talking.

With more therapy, his speech could improve and his frustration could be eased. He could learn to cope with the sensory over-stimulation.

Luke is 106 lbs now. He needs therapies now. Being bigger will make things more challenging.

Luke is not yet potty trained. He’s 10. This makes it extremely hard for him to interact in normal social situations.

Luke has an eating disorder and currently starting feeding and swallowing therapy with a Speech Pathologist. We will be starting an ABA program for his eating disorder. He only eats French fries, chips, goldfish, and Ensures. ( not since Dec 2017 when he got the flu, just mcds and Cheerios)
Loves apple juice and water.
We are not suppose to force him to eat anything. With autism, eating is a whole different ball game. The sensory game. The coping game. We will find out more when therapy starts.

We are a household of 4. Me, his father, our older son, and Luke. I am the only one able to work, as his father must stay home to care for Luke - a full time job in itself. My son Julian, helps when he can but needs to have his life back. He needs to catch up with School. Him helping Luke too much put him behind.
We have no family and friends that help us.

Luke needs daily therapy – OT, BT, ST, preferably ABA therapy (applied behavioral analysis). Recommended weekly hours for ABA therapy is 25-40 hours. Luke receives one hour a week right now. The hours of ABA that we need is not covered by our insurance, nor is it offered at the public school he attends.
There is little therapy or time spent working on the speech, social and sensory issues he struggles with daily.

Please help Luke. Donating helps. Sharing helps.
Government is cutting everything.
Luke needs life skills. The basics. To prepare him for adulthood.

Luke needs life-long therapies. We currently must use Zip Car to drive to his current GI and swallowing clinics, speech pathologist and dentist, as we do not own a car.

We want to give our son a chance, a life, but are limited to a few therapies and activities because we don’t have the money, or a car. With extra therapy he could achieve so much more than we can do now. There are programs out there that can help, but it costs money.

Please consider donating to Luke. Help us get him the therapy he needs.
Thank you to the people who have donated already. It has helped sooo much. It’s not just therapy, it’s life. Giving Luke life experiences.

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