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At a moment when so much feels wrong in the world, author Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller (pictured above, left) has a recipe for personal joy and collective hope.  

Love, Power & Purpose is one part personal memoir from a society that no longer serves; one part forecast of humanity’s emerging story, and one part road map for our collective journey toward a more loving, joyful world. With your donation, you help fund the writing of this book that will show us how to step fully into our own authentic love, our own authentic power, thus to be fully ourselves—and, in doing so, to create the conditions for a fundamentally different future to emerge. 

In this moment, when people all over the globe are wondering how we can shift our course from one of self-destruction and ecocide to one of conscious co-creation, Christiane feels compelled to share her story. “It’s a call,” she said. “The time is now.” In order to heed this call now, Christiane needs your support. 

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Christiane has been an entrepreneur, an international business consultant, and a coach for most of her professional life. After decades of working for and within traditional business structures, she made the life-changing decision to align everything she does with her personal purpose. This decision was the outcome of many experiences which were, at the time, deeply painful for her. To name some of those experiences: As the youngest of six sisters in a patrilineal family, she heard her nanny say that her mother had had a crying fit when she was born—a girl again. As a business executive and CEO of her family company, she wrestled with both the history and resulting culture of leadership in the business and the strongly intertwined family dynamics. Then, as a single mother and successful businesswoman, she experienced a life-altering breakdown that left her with no way forward but the way toward authenticity. 

In a 2019 TEDx talk , Christiane shared, “these events have something in common: they’re about love, and they’re about power, and they’re about how those are connected . . . or not.”  In Love, Power & Purpose, she explores how much of the pain and trauma we as individuals suffer are rooted in the separation of love and power—and how much healing their unification can bring. What followed Christiane’s breakdown was both an intensely personal, profoundly revealing journey of self-discovery and a re-understanding of some of humanity’s most fundamental, unquestioned beliefs about—and expressions of—love and power. Through Christiane’s experience and resulting discoveries, we receive the gift of profound clarity for our shared way forward. 


Christiane has brought the experience of united Love & Power in service of Purpose forward through programs serving clients from four continents, and by writing this book she hopes to share what she calls “the most meaningful work of [her] life” with many more people.  

She writes, “I write this book in hopes it resonates and serves a wide audience, and while money is not the focus, it is needed to assist with writing and publishing.” 

With your donation, you contribute toward basic living expenses for six months of focused research and writing time, plus € 8,000 for editing support and self-publishing.

“With six months of support in financing my life,” Christiane goes on,  “I can fully focus on the research and writing. € 2,500 per month gives me a place to live, a means of moving around, basic insurance, and food on the table.” Upon publication, Christiane intends to make the book accessible to all through a pay-what-you-can format, ensuring that all who wish to grow their own alignment between love, power, and purpose may access this resource without a financial barrier. 

“At this moment,” she said, “we need to find joy and trust and carry it forward. We’re not the victims of what is going on around us, even though we keep getting told that we are. We create our circumstances, and when we learn to be who we truly are and to trust in what wants to manifest in the world through us, we allow a miracle—and a new way for humanity—to unfold.”

Christiane writes, “we are limited by the stories we tell ourselves, about what we consider is true.” In Love, Power & Purpose, she will explore what becomes possible when we move from an increased consciousness of who we really are, from the connection to our authentic love and power, from understanding the interdependence and interconnectedness of everything. “We have the capacity to change those limiting stories,” she writes, “and actively begin NOW to reshape the future into what is needed for humanity and for what author Bill Plotkin calls ‘the more than human world’.”


Christiane’s perspective has been profoundly shaped by her family of origin. Theirs is, in some ways, a common story—one of being party, and witness, to history’s changing currents, and of letting go, unwillingly or otherwise, of old stories and paradigms that no longer serve. Her grandfather, with whom she lived in the last years of his life, was born in 1894 in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy under Emperor Franz-Joseph. Her grandmother lived most of her life in a castle, only to live out her last years in a 300 square foot studio apartment. In the political and economic aftermath of the war, her father watched his family business—one of Europe’s largest private banks—dwindling. The common thread, on both sides of the family, was change and loss—watching, over the course of the 20th century, how the world as they knew it shifted. 

We’ve seen immense, rigid structures and institutions crumble in the span of a generation. As we move through a tumultuous chapter of the early 21st century, we’re seeing the pace of change grow more rapid and the need for liberating unification of Love, Power, and Purpose grow more urgent.

At the heart of this story, in Christiane’s perspective, is hope. She has seen firsthand that change is possible, and that it can take place faster than any of us might predict. In Love, Power & Purpose, she’ll explore what new stories we might be able to step into. 

“Look at where we are today,” she writes. “Look at what we have been invited to let go of, for so long. Notice ever more symptoms showing up to tell us that many things are going terribly wrong. We are invited to make room for what wants to emerge now.”

“I have been a witness to how this huge, old world has brought with it incredible individual and collective trauma for humanity. Holding on to the stories also means holding on to the trauma. In this and every moment, we have a choice: to heal, and to co-create new stories where we make room for interdependence and interconnectedness and use our love and power to act in service of the greater whole. That’s how new stories become reality.”


Christiane is a firm believer in the power of self-organization as a force to support a new level of consciousness. Moved by that belief, she co-founded two self-organized entities:, offering models, rules, and methodologies for a fundamental power shift in purpose-driven enterprises; and Evolution at Work, guiding personal and organizational journeys into self-organization. She was a featured speaker at TEDx Dornbirn in 2019 and at the Integral European Conference in 2016 and 2018, as well as at other conferences in Europe, the USA, and Asia. She has authored many articles on love and power, the new world of work, and the differentiation and integration of organizational and personal/interpersonal life. Read some of her work here:

For more than a decade, Christiane has been an active participant within a growing global community in the new world of work, power shift, and self-organization. Join her in the work of challenging old stories—stories that tell us we need to be different in order to fit in, that we are not enough just as we are, and that we have no power to change the trajectory of a world in chaos. 

Thank you in advance for your gift in support of the creation of Love, Power & Purpose: a map for a new way forward. 


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