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Love Dump Hallmark Spoof

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Leila Gorstein and Jesse Kendall met a few years ago doing comedy in Chicago.  Each time they ran into each other they discussed their love for Hallmark movies and all their inherently silly tropes. They met up in the summer of 2018 to brainstorm ideas for making a Hallmark parody of their own.  A year and a half later, they not only wrote a full screenplay, but filmed and edited an entire movie. The film is called Love Dump.  

Here is a small plot summary! Jessica Dump, the female protagonist works at a store front shop called "Love Dump," where she takes other people's trash and refurbishes it into beautiful new items. One day she meets Todd Barkley, a dog lawyer, you know- a lawyer who represents dogs, and they hit it off immediately.  As they fall in love, some obstacles are thrown their way, and they are taken on an unpredictable love journey full of silly characters and ridiculous surprises! 

Leila and Jesse raised money to film the movie this past July of 2019, but they are now looking to fund the post-production costs involved in completing the film.  They have researched and gotten quotes on the price of these services. The estimates include:

- Professional Sound Mixing, $2000
- Original Movie Score (Composed by Parker Callahan), $1000
- Movie Theater Screening/Rental, $2000
- Film Festival Submissions and Travel, $2000

If you could consider donating to this project, it would mean the world to Jesse and Leila! This is the most ambitious project they have taken on during their time in Chicago, but they're extremely passionate about what they've made.  Their goal in making the film was to create something silly and engaging, but also to showcase all of the talent they know and have worked with in Chicago. Every person involved in the film is a local Chicago artist with the exception of their fancy LA director, Jason Avezzano (Leila's cousin). 

Thank you so much for your consideration - they can't wait to show you the final product!!!!


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