Lotus the Dog Needs a New Nose

This is a dog I found on an Instagram account called little_league_rescue. My heart went out to her and I want to do all I can to help her. I decided to start a GoFundMe for her, the amount needed to reach her goal isn't much. Here is her story on her website.

"The photo I received was the one of a dog with a mostly detached nose and a video of a dog that is non mobile, has sores on her hips, elbows and a few other spots. Her nose had fallen off, most of her ears where dried out and her gum color was very pale with a touch of yellow. The question was not whether to take her in but how would we get her here and would she make the trip.

With the help of a few wonderful people her and 2 others arrived on the 13th. Here she was and I didn't know where to start and how to help her or make the decision to let her go. The condition she was in gave me just a glimpse into her past! I considered letting her go for a brief second and that was the last of that thought. Our wonderful Veterinarian Dr. Monika Knoblich set up a re-feeding and treatment plan for us and within a few days her gums started to pinken up but along with her getting stronger a whole new set of events started that complicate things. Her body was so depleted which means that it only took care of the most vital organs to keep her alive-which meant that her ears and nose had suffered. Her nose fell off but once she started to get stronger her body attempted to supply blood flow everywhere making all of her wounds, ears and nose very vascular. The parts of her ears that had dried are now falling off and her nose is healing rapidly which would be great in any other place but her nose. Her nasal passage is so small that she has a very hard time breathing through her nose.

This is quickly turning into a very desperate for help situation! She had this catheter placed yesterday as her wounds are healing and unfortunately that includes her nose. She needs a life-saving reconstruction of her nose. We have written multiple surgical centers but have not had any luck finding someone that can take this surgery on it. She has gained 7 pounds and is making great progress but we are running out of time!

Since we started reaching out for help we got our first yes we can DO IT but unfortunately it comes at a high cost. We are in contact with one of their surgical specialists at UC Davis and we received a quote for her lifesaving nasal reconstructive surgery. I got a little sick to my stomach when I saw the numbers that are $5000-$6500 + or - . Not because I think its overpriced, these doctors are the best of the best and with that comes a price to match, but because it seems so unobtainable. This would include: blood work, pre operative care, scoping, ct scan, surgical procedure, and post operative care. It's a good feeling to know that they are confident in their skill but scary because the only other alternative is death.

Donated funds are for the care of Lotus, she is improving but has a long way to go......"

Lets all donate a little and help this pup get her life back on track! <3
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