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Sugarmama's Baking Wants to Bring Kolaches and Much More to Springfield!!!


Sugarmama’s Baking Brings Kolaches to Springfield


Sugarmama's Baking, LLC, located in Springfield, Oregon, has introduced Kolaches (kuh·laa·chees) to the people of the region. Since we began offering this delicious product using an exclusive and authentic recipe, our customers given rave reviews! We are now ready to expand into a storefront and offer Kolaches and our other products, but need to raise the capital needed to complete the process. Visit us at https://sugarmamasbaking.com/ to see our Kolaches, and all of our products.


Kolaches (kuh·laa·chees) are a product that has not been available in the Willamette Valley of Oregon before Sugarmama's Baking began offering it early in 2021. Since introducing Kolaches to our area, the feedback from our customers has consistently been how delicious our Kolaches are, and they were happy and excited to share with us how grateful they were someone was finally making them available in our region of Oregon. All of our flavors, both sweet and savory, are unique and original, and we are VERY excited to be working to build capital to achieve our goal of offering all of our products in a storefront.

Bringing a new twist to this unique product started with our dough recipe, which is an authentic, multi-generational Czechoslovakian recipe. Our Kolache dough has been developed over time to be light, and fluffy. We added a little citrus to brighten the flavor. Perfection!!

Over the past 12+ months, we have worked and experimented with different fruit and savory combinations, and have developed a menu of unique and delicious options. Our flavor combinations have never before been used in this product.

The sweet Kolaches are topped with a fruit compote, or a sweet cream cheese filling (or both). All of our ingredients are sourced locally from farms and local suppliers. This means we don't cut corners, and we don't use low quality products in our Kolaches.




In the Spring of 2020, we began the process of developing a way to expand our business and offer our unique products to our community. 

Our plan involves acquiring and operating our own storefront and kitchen.  Through this expansion, we will be able to focus on marketing our unique Kolache products, along with a full menu of coffees, beverages, and other unique specialty baked goods.

Our planned expansion also includes offering other professional services, including catering, specialized baked goods, and we'll even offer cooking classes, which are not available in many other restaurants in our area.

Our marketing plan includes walk-in business, online pre-order for pickup, delivery using a local service, and shipping to other geographic locations within the United States.

The Sugarmama's Baking storefront will also provide an additional community purpose. Our primary goal is operating our own baking business, but our second priority goal is to establish a commercial kitchen available for use by other small food service businesses.  There is a serious lack of commercial kitchen space available for other small businesses such as ours in the community, and we want to be a community leader in providing this service. We want to help other businesses, and the community be successful.

Working with our partners at the city and county government level, our storefront plans aligns with an overall vision by our city to revitalize and strengthen its downtown corridor, providing a robust community of small business owners, strengthening the small business economy. 

Funds raised will be used to obtain the property, build out our renovations and design, purchase equipment, hire employees, and operate the business. Ideally, we would like to raise $75,000 in capital. Our overall budget for the first 18-24 months of operation is expected to be about $250,000. We are also working with local banking partners to secure whatever remaining funds are needed to fill out our overall business plan, and it will be used to sustain the business during our initial customer buildup. 

In the event we do not reach our goal, any and all funds will be reserved towards the same goal, and we will offer additional opportunities for you to help us reach our final fundraising goal.


We are offering some fantastic perks! Free Kolaches delivered, or shipped to you, t-shirts, travel mugs, and shopping discounts. The top perk is up to four people get to help us create a new flavored Kolache, we name it after them, and it becomes a permanent part of our product menu! See all our perks listed below for more details!


Why is our project important, and what is the impact to our community and the world?

First and foremost, Sugarmama’s Baking is a company founded on the idea that local business supports local business. This means we source as much of our ingredients from local providers as possible. We use what they grow, we don’t cut corners, and we always serve fresh foods.

Second, jobs. We believe a healthy community is one that provides living-wage jobs to its workers, and promotes the philosophy healthy, well cared for people. In return, those people will have more disposable income to spend in the local economy, leading to a stronger overall economy that is more in tune with our shared environmental and climate needs.

Third, greater community food diversity. Kolaches are a delicious, and well-known treat throughout Eastern Europe and in the Mid-Western United States, but are pretty much an unknown in our community, and in Oregon. The greatest excitement we have seen from our customers are the ones who moved to our area, and know what Kolaches are. We have also witnessed testimony of excitement from our customers who didn’t know what a Kolache was before trying them, and in every case we won them over. 

Our city government partners have heard from many people how much they would like to have a bakery in the central downtown business district, and Sugarmama’s Baking’s goal is to be a community leader in this regard. The impact of our product will enhance this area of our city, as there is currently no bakery in this area.


1) Other businesses may copy our product - We cannot prevent other businesses from copying what we're making, but we can certainly lead the way. Our other advantage is our exclusive, multi-generational recipe. 

2) COVID-19 may interfere with our store opening schedule - No one can predict the future. We have remained in business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by switching to online marketing and communications, joining with other local businesses to form collectives for selling our products, and focusing on home delivery options. With YOUR help, these will all remain part of our strategy as we open and operate our storefront.

3) Relying more on other financial instruments to meet our planned goals - Reducing the burden of carrying too much debt is a primary concern for us. This fundraising campaign, and your support will greatly assist us in avoiding this potential source of stress, allowing us to focus on what is really important: Consistently providing a high quality product to our customers, and supporting the community!



We understand not everyone who sees our campaign can afford to support us monetarily. You can STILL help us out, and support small business by passing our campaign information along to people you know, or anyone else you think might be interested in contributing to our project. You can also post it on Indiegogo share tools, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, WhatsApp, or any other social media service you use to view and share information. The more people you involve, the better the odds we are successful.


Sugarmama’s Baking, LLC is a Springfield, Oregon owned business. Our plan (our mission) is based in our belief in working to build a strong, resilient community infrastructure. This means we buy from local sources as much as possible, provide living wage jobs, seek creative solutions to common but important issues, and we seek to work with other businesses (instead of in competition with them) to strengthen community diversity, and build resiliency where people can spend their money confidently in the local economy, and that money stays in the local economy. Additionally, we volunteer our services whenever requested by the community.

Volunteerism is another important aspect of our vision and responsibility as a small business leader in the community. Since beginning in 2018, Sugarmama’s Baking has volunteered its services for annual community fundraisers such as YMCA, providing meals to homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic, donating our baking and catering services to families and animal rescue teams during the 2020 wildfire season, and other community fundraising events.


$10 – I love Kolaches

$25 – I support small business

$50 – Sugarmama’s Baking Travel Mug

$100 – Sugarmama’s Baking T-shirt and travel mug

$300 - ½ dozen Kolaches, T-shirt and travel mug

$500 – 1 dozen Kolaches, t-shirt, travel mug

$1000 - A one-year membership in our Sugarmama's Bakery Club, which includes: A gift box of 2 dozen Kolaches (up to four flavors) delivered or shipped whenever you want them, 10% discount in our store and online, a gift basket that includes - T-shirt, travel mug, pens and magnets.

$2500 - A two-year membership in our Bakery Club, which includes: A gift box of Kolaches and specialty dessert pastries delivered or shipped to you every quarter for one year, 10% discount in our store and online, a gift basket that includes - T-shirt, travel mug, pens and magnets.

$5000 - A lifetime membership in our Sugarmama's Bakery Club, which includes: A gift box of Kolaches and specialty dessert pastries delivered or shipped every other month for one year, 10% discount in our store and online, a gift basket that includes - T-shirt, travel mug, pens and magnets. 

More than $5000 - Everything in the $5000 level, PLUS, we will work with you to create a custom flavor of Kolache, name it after you, and post it in our online store, and in our new bakery shop menu. *(limited to 4 total awards)*

To see more about what we do, visit us at https://sugarmamasbaking.com/ , or follow us on Facebook @sugarmamasbaking



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