Help My Mam Beat Stage4OvarianCancer

All donations raised will go towards life saving treatment urgently needed to treat a STAGE 4 ovarian metastatic cancer, at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany.

My Mam has to travel to Germany every THREE WEEKS for urgent immunotherapy treatment THAT IS WORKING but at the cost of £25,800. We have sold our house, both of our cars and spent all of her retirement fund on her first treatment back in February 2017. Since then we have had the most amazing results but having to travel there every 3 weeks is not enough time to raise £25,800. We now have nothing left to sell and are relying on the generosity of strangers to get her through this.

Update - My Mam has had incredible results and we heard from the doctor last week that she is 'almost in remission' and 'if money was not an issue i could get her into remission sooner rather than later'. To hear this broke my heart and to think that because she has reacted so well to the immunotherapy treatment, it is only money keeping us away from remission and a chance at a future together.

I don't want to loose my mam, she is all that I have. Money is nothing compared to a life and we have a chance at a life together. I beg you to spare even £1. We are almost there!!

Brief history - We are at the middle stages of treatment in Germany. Our uk oncologist told us that it 2015 my mam, Lisa, had two years to live. 5 months ago he told us she had around 8 months to live and nothing could be done in England to save her life. After selling our house, using all of my mams pension and any spare cash we have on a weekly basis, we still need to fundraise to reach the cost of her treatment which is around £20,000 every three weeks. The drug is called immunotherapy. We were told 3 weeks ago that it is working. That it is saving her life. Her tumour markers in her blood called ca125's have halved in 2 weeks of treatment. An outcome not to be expected for 6-12 weeks. It is working and there is hope. If you want to help know that any donations are going to a treatment that is working! My mam is only 46 years old.

ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO OFFER WILL HELP!!!! - anything. My Mam will live because of this treatment and we need as much help as possible. Share with your friends and work colleagues. Thank you for your time and please read on to see her background.

Here is a background on where it all started up to where we are today -

This is my mam, her name is Lisa, isn’t she beautiful? Well, her beauty on the inside far surpasses that. I wish you knew her.

My mam is the most caring, giving and generous person, (I know everyone says that right?) but anyone who has met her will back me on that. She has spent her whole life living for and helping others, well now it’s her time to receive help.

My Mam was diagnosed in 2015 with stage 4 ovarian cancer, at 44 years old. The cancer had been mistreated for years as the doctors thought it to be IBS. Because of the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer it is almost always caught too late and so treatments are so so limited. The doctors told us that she was TERMINAL and that palliative chemotherapy was all that was available, which will eventually stop working.

After hearing this, the lack of hope made my Mam look into alternatives. She started by changing her drinking water to filtered only, juicing fruits and veggies and buying only organic foods. She also Takes IV vit C, a concoction of supplements, changed her diet to raw vegan and exercises daily (yoga and walks). She has colonics almost weekly and is always doing some sort of 'detox'. This is great and it is giving her a fighting chance but cancer is still such a scary disease. A lot is still very unknown. It would be silly of us to think we could do this without medical intervention.

Unfortunately the medical intervention she can have here is limited. The NHS don't provide immunotherapy for all cancers. Who knows why?
So, we have researched into others with the same cancer as my mams and have found, that immunotherapy for ovarian cancer is a breakthrough drug. A clinic in Germany (called the Hallwang Clinic) which offers immunotherapy HAS a 100% success rate in putting woman with stage 4 ovarian cancer into LONG TERM REMISSION.

My Mam is such a fighter, this can only be proven when applauding her for dealing with a breakup, finding and decorating a flat, looking for a job all while dealing with this stressful journey of cancer.

She is still so young. I'm an only child and yet to be married and have her grandchildren. So much will be missed if she leaves us too soon.

We are fundraising through this site but also have fundraisers and marathons coming up all year, we really are trying everything to do this.

To give back to this crazy rollercoaster I volunteer with a cancer charity weekly, and I see what good is being done within the world of cancer. There is hope but we must help each other.

Here is a link about immunotherapy by the guardian - immunotherapy the big new HOPE for cancer treatment -

We still have so far to go. As an only child and a single woman we are trying our best to do this on our own. It is the hardest thing to raise money because there are so many charities to choose from. The NHS can't do anything for us now. It has already been 1.5 years since the beginning of this journey and she was only given around 2 to live, so time is so precious.

We really need help and support.

Please she is all I have!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading this and hopefully donating to our cause. All our love Lori and Lisa!!
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