Lipeodema Surgery Fund

At age 21, my daughter has just been diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune condition called Lipoedema. She fell ill just before graduating from the University of Cambridge and her career as a management consultant is in jeopardy from illness. As she has an aggressive form of the condition, if we cannot find a treatment for her, she risks being in a wheelchair by the age of 25 and having to live with chronic autoimmune complications for the rest of her life.

Experts believe that lipoedema it is an autoimmune disease which corrupts the body’s fat composition, leaving large (benign) tumerous deposits in large arms, legs and buttocks on patients. ( Medical professionals tend to mis-diagnose the condition as obesity for this reason but lipoedema is resistant to exercise and diet as the condition is caused by excessive fatty tumours. They are highly painful, causing severe join pain, easy bruising and a crippling lower-back strain. Surgery is the only long-term treatment but the NHS does not offer this.

As my daughter is determined to get treatment as quickly as possible to halt damage to her joints, we visited by the leading authority on Lipeodema, UK – Anne Dancey, and she advised that she would need 7 surgeries of Tumescent Liposuction under General Aesthetic over the course of 18 months due to the amount involved. However, this comes with a staggering price tag of £65,000, something we could only dream of affording.

She is already working 3 jobs to try and save funds but the surgery is urgent – we have decided to harness the power of crowdfunding and corporate sponsorship. We really are so grateful for anything you can give to help give her the surgery she deserves. She really is too young, ambitious and positive to let this get in her way and she is immensely thankful for anything she can raise and anyone who can help promote her message. 

In the spirit of my daughter’s close work with women’s charities throughout her educational career, we would like to set up a Lipeodema Grants charity for women in a similar position, should we manage to raise more than our ambitious target.

Thank you so much – even the smallest donations really help us.
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