Lily's Battle For A Healthy Life

Lily Aigner, 23, (a single mom of a 4-year-old boy), has pyelonephritis and has been hospitalized 18 times since November 20, 2016.

A little bit about Lily:
Graduated from West Coast Ultrasound Institute
Works at Simon Med Imaging as an MRI Tech
Is an amazing single mom of Easton, her 4-year-old son
Purchased her first home in Mesa, AZ. last year

She has battled with this kidney infection for the past 7 months and is now antibiotic resistant with a staph infection in the kidney, bladder, and urethra as well as the Klebsiella bacteria.

Surgery for removing the kidney is scheduled for June 27, at 1:00 pm.

She first went to the ER, thinking she had kidney stones in her right kidney. she was sent home but returned the next day with a severe kidney infection with the Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria. Klebsiella is a super bug and is very resistant to antibiotics, making it dangerous and extremely hard to treat. The more the Klebsiella comes into contact with antibiotics, the more resistant the bacteria becomes.

Long story short...
Lily has had this bacteria since November. The Drs. have tried every antibiotic as well as antifungal medications to eliminate this bacteria to no avail.

By Thanksgiving, she was transported to the ICU as the infection had spread into her blood, she had gone septic and was going into congenital heart failure.

The kidney was enlarged to about 12 times its normal size and inflammation reeked havoc on the whole right side of her torso causing fluid in the lungs which led to some pneumonia. The lung was aspirated.

In December, the Drs. put in a stint and a draining tube to drain the many abscesses in the kidney, but the infection continues to linger. Their goal was to save the kidney.

At this point, having done all they knew to do to treat the kidney, the Drs. decided to remove the kidney.

Just before the scheduled date in December for surgery to remove the kidney, she developed a blood clot and more fluid in the lungs.

Therefore this prevented the removal.

She was told her life for the next several years would be many trips to the ER, and that she would experience constant pain and require continuous antibiotics.

Their prediction was true.
In January, on yet another trip to the ER, due to elevated fever and pain, they discovered she had gall stones due to the rapid weight loss from the kidney infection.

At this time in January, they found it necessary to remove her gall bladder.

2 weeks later, back to the ER with fever and pain, they decided it was time to remove the kidney.

As they were scheduling the procedure, her urologist removed himself from her case, out of concern of her age. 

She had to start the process of finding another urologist who would work with our infectious disease Dr. and his recommendation that the kidney must come out.

3 urologists, many trips to the ER and 5 months later, she found the Dr. who is working with her infectious disease Dr. and agrees that there is no other option now but to remove the kidney.

She is resistant to antibiotics at this point and the infection has spread to part of the liver so they will need to remove part of it.

They hope to get the ureter out intact with kidney, but not sure if that is possible yet. They also don't know if the infection has spread to the aorta as the kidney is so close to it.

They won't know until they open her up. If that's the case they will airlift her to UCLA for the procedure.

She will be on a minimum of 6 weeks bedrest.

Someone will be there to take care of her during this time. She will need to be off work for at least 3 months.

Her little boy, Easton, 4, will also need extra care and is going to daycare one - two days a week with the rest of her family pitching in to care for him as well.

As you can imagine, the hospital and Dr. bills are absolutely beyond imagination (currently upwards of $250,000), and there is a lack of finances for daily living, mortgage payment, and utilities due to the fact that she was out of work for the past 5 months.

Any support you can offer to help her get through this difficult time would be so appreciated and we are so grateful that you have partnered with her in all the prayer and support you have given over the past 7 months.
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