Lil Rev's Blue Arpeggios Book

Hi, Thank you for taking a moment to learn about my fundraising project.
My name is Lil Rev {} and I am full-time musician, entertainer, and traveling ukulele clinician.
I am trying to raise $3,900 to seed the launch of a self-published, 51 page ukulele instructional book titled: Blue Arpeggios: Exercises To Foster Fingerstyle Proficiency {W/Accompanying Audio Files}
There's nothing I love more than helping others realize their musical goals and this book was inspired by my regular ukulele students, who's desire to become better at fingerpicking, has led me to create the 24 arpeggio exercises in this book.
I believe this book will fill a much needed void in the fingerstyle ukulele book world by teaching a variety of foundational techniques, while also helping them to develope agility, stamina and dexterity thru the repetition
of these exercises.
All too often, the beginning fingerstyle student, comes to me yearning to play popular pieces, yet, then often lack the basic fingerpicking skills necessary to play a fingerstyle solo. This book was born to fill that void!
The exercises in my new book will also help foster a better undertanding of:
-Common Blues Chord Progressions Including 12 bar and 8 Bar Forms
-Quick Change Blues Study
-Sliding Chords
-The Pinch, Scoop and Claw Techniques
-4-3-2-1 Arpeggio Patterns, as well as a half dozen others
-Learn To Play Arpeggios In A Variety of Time Signatures including 12/8, 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8
-The Little Train That Could Concept Of Playing Arpeggios Slow Vs Fast
-Arpeggio Applications With Rock, Bluegrass & Country Forms
-Triplet Feel Patterns
-Arpeggio for Solos & Song Accomnpaniment
-Improve Understanding of Moveable Chord Forms
-Become more familiar with Major, Minor, Minor 7th, 6th & 9ths and Diminished Chord Forms.
Note: These exercises are highly playable, fun, transformative and student tested and approved!
The $3,900 dollars that i hope to raise will cover the following expenses:
1st press run of 300 copies @ $2,200
Graphic Art Fees {Cover Design, PDF for Print, In-Design Work, Press Release Tear Sheet} $700.00
Bowker/ISBN Registration and Consultation: $300
Misc. Promotional Expenses {Mailings} $200-$300
Additional Marketing Expenses (Advertising it's release online and in Print} $300.00
Most of my work these days has been online and i am only now just starting to slowly return to doing some live performances. Typically, my bread and butter is made by touring and teaching, from town to town and sea to shinning sea, since that has not been possible these last 19 months, i am asking for your support.
To the 1000's of students whom i've had the great pleasure of teaching over the years, if you've benefitted from my help in any way, i am humbling asking for your help in achieving my goal of self-publishing this new collection of fingerstyle arpeggio exercises: Blue Arpeggios.
In closing, please note how incredibly grateful i am for your help.
Your friendship, committment and support of my artistic endeavors, is something that i will forever be thankful for.
Lil Rev

PS: I am offering the following donation rewards at this time:

Anonymous Donations That Are Later Revealed When I Am In Your Town: A Huge Covid-Free Hug and A Lil Rev Bumper Sticker! 

Bronze Level: $25.00 Donation: Receive both a hard copy and a digital version of the book when it is released {$35.00 value}

Silver Level: $50.00 Donation: Receive a hard copy of the book/ digital copy of the book, Lil Rev Tote Bag, 10 minute Zoom Tune Up Music Lesson {$85.00 value}.

Gold Level: $100.00 Donation: Hard Copy of Book, Digital Copy of Book, Lil Rev Hat, 1/2 Hour Zoom Music Lesson. $100.00

Platinum Level: $350.00 donation: Hard Copy & Digital Copy of Book. Lil Rev Hat, 40 minute private Lil Rev Zoom Concert {must be scheduled 1-3 months in advance}

Note: Those who do not want to give online may send a check via snail mail to: Lil Rev PO BOX 1282 Sheboygan, WI 53082-1282
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