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Anna is in a fight for her life. She was diagnosed with Stage 2B Invasive Ductal Carcinoma on September 13 of this year. Fear and worry are a natural response to devastating news but Anna's faith is strong and she knows that God is in control. Let's all work together to lighten her load. Known and unknown expenses arise daily in her fight.  Please donate if you can and continue to pray for her complete healing.
“Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”

                                                     Anna's Story 

 I have always been told that you never truly understand how important your faith is until it is all you have. Well guys, here is my story…

August was a month full of many laughs and lots of fun. I traveled to Missouri with my grandmother and was so excited for the beginning of the New England Patriots 2019 season. August 29th was a typical day for me. I was at work, of course, laughing and (possibly even hardly working) carrying on with my normal routine. However, in the back of my mind I was bothered by a small lump I had found in my right breast. I mentioned this to my fellow co-workers (that are more like family) and Lindsey insisted that I have this evaluated. She worked some magic had it evaluated for me and I was advised that it did not appear to be “a simple cyst.” (Simple cyst: meaning fluid filled cyst on ultrasound).

I immediately texted my fellow friend and nurse practitioner, Millie. I told her that I found a lump and needed a diagnostic ultrasound just to confirm that it was truly just a fibroadenoma. On August 30th, I had my diagnostic ultrasound performed and was encouraged/advised to have a diagnostic mammogram performed as well. (This was where my thoughts of, “Oh, It’s just a fibroadenoma” immediately changed). As many of you know I am a nurse practitioner and I have a little more knowledge than most when it comes to some of the medical side of things–which can be helpful at time and at others not so much.

 Oh, Anna, it is only a fibroadenoma. You have no family history of cancer, yet again breast cancer. You’re only 26. You have never smoked. You work out consistently. You are not overweight and never have been. It’s nothing.

But deep down, I was very nervous. I know how medicine works. We never “rush” someone through the system if it is nothing to worry about. Within two weeks, I had already had a diagnostic ultrasound and mammogram and was on my way to see a general surgeon (Dr. Harvey Miller).

September 10th, first visit with general surgeon. I was so anxious and nervous. I knew that my diagnostic imaging was not normal, but my physical exam was completely 100% normal (no skin changes, no dimpling of my breast, no nipple changes, no discharge, no drainage, NOTHING, COMPLETELY NORMAL!). Meeting Dr. Miller was short and sweet (not short as in he was in and out within 2 minutes, like ALL OF SOCIETY think medical professionals do, LOL. Short because my attention span was SHORT, so short. I could not process everything that was going on.) He was so very kind and gentle. He immediately had me go over and have my biopsies performed at SGMC. I arrived at SGMC Outpatient Clinic and before I could completely sign all waivers…my biopsy was completed and repeat mammogram was performed. (I don’t know if you are familiar with this but all I can say is…WOW, I never thought my barely B’s would be squeezed so tight–s/p biopsy and mammogram after is not pleasant, BTW!).

Dad was patiently waiting for me in the waiting room while I was having the biopsies performed. Once I was finished, the radiologist tech escorted me to my dad. At this moment, I finally broke down and cried to my father. (Up until this point, I was very nonchalant about everything to my family and Chason.) However, even when I felt as if the walls were caving in on me as we walked down the LONNGG hallways at SGMC, I was at peace. I found/find comfort in my FAITH.

Be strong and courageous; don’t be terrified or afraid of them. For the Lord your God is the one who will go with you; he will not leave you or abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

Fast-forward to September 13th. I had an appointment with Dr. Miller at 11am. Dad, Mom, Sarah (my sister), and Chason (my boyfriend) joined me at this appointment and “our fears” were confirmed. Stage 2B Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. (I later found out that my receptor status was positive for estrogen and HER2 and my genetic testing was completely negative) The diagnosis that I never imagined HIT me HARD! I am now THE patient, not THE provider. All the encouragement I have ever given a patient, I was now searching for…FOR ME! Wow, what a day?! Tears shed and more tears shed BUT there it is again COMFORT! I was comforted by my faith. I know Jesus has a plan for me! He will not forsake me.

“The Lord will fight for you, and you must be quiet.” Exodus 14:14

I started chemotherapy on Wednesday, October 23, at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. I will require chemotherapy first (6 sessions over 18 weeks) followed by my double mastectomy, (*hopefully no more chemotherapy—will depend on the pathology report from surgery*)immunotherapy via PowerPort, radiation, and then reconstruction.
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