Life Changing Spinal Surgery

My Story started with a headache on a holiday to Portugal in June 2016, that headache never went away! I came home and after lots of trips to the gp, hospital and natural practitioners I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation type 1 by CT scan that was then confirmed by an MRI. We were told it wasn’t serious and to go home and wait on a neurology appointment that didn’t arrive but the headache got worse and I developed new symtoms that concerned the doctors enough to be put on the emergency list for brain surgery. I had decompression surgery in October 2016 it was the worst experience of my life but doctors said it was nessceary to prevent a stroke and ‘cure me’. I was deputy head girl and tired to get on with things and get back to school but that didnt happen, I pushed through day by day my body fighting a toxic chemical meningitis due to the stitches dissolving after my Decompression surgery. Between February and May 2017 I seemed to get a little better but then the bad days got closer and closer together and from June I was back and forward to my GP who sent me to the Royal A&E who sent me back to my GP, no one seemed to know what was going on and assumed my surgery had just ‘cured’ me. Eventually after 3 days back and forth to hospital experiencing numbness in my left foot and hand and a lot of pain that was unbearable, I was house bound again in October 2017 but then an MRI of my head and neck was finally done and a Syrinx (a cyst like pocket of fluid on my spinal cord) was discovered that just went off the screen. An MRI was then done around a month later of my full Spine which showed 3 Syrinxs had developed on my spinal cord with the doctors saying that I already had treatment and there was nothing that could be done, my mum decided she couldn’t sit and watch me become paralysed day by day so she started to research other treatments outside the uk and in Europe’s only Chiari Institute located in Barcelona she discovered a treatment called Filum Sectioning. This surgery is less invasive with Dr Royo Salvador carrying out the treatment for over 20 Years and results of up to 95 per cent improvement with most cases the spinal syrinx reducing and disappearing within 3 months. It took 40 days to receive medical records and MRI's to send to the chiari institute and we've now received confirmation that I'm a candidate for surgery. This surgery costs a lot of money but it is the only chance I have of living a life with less pain and a future without paralysis so please help me get to Barcelona.
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