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Owen is the beloved 41 year old husband of Theresa, father to 4 amazing children, as well as a YouTube and TikTok coach and personality serving millions of people across the world. 

On Sept 16, 2020, just 2 days after moving into their new home in Utah From California , they discovered terrible news. Owen’s Cancer had returned. A rush to the ER after not feeling well for a few weeks revealed the shocking news. 

5 years after his first battle with stage 3 thymus cancer that went into remission in 2016, he now has stage 4. And this time—that battle to heal will take faith and radical research.

According  to his doctors at Huntsman, this time—his cancer has spread too far to be cured. He is not a candidate for surgery. 

He will receive “palliative” chemotherapy to try to control the growth of the cancer that has spread to his lungs, pleura, diaphragm, pericardium, and 9th rib.  We are hoping it also reduces his Myathenia Gravis-- an autoimmune illness he has developed from the Cancer that causes a lot of weakness.

Chemo Treatment  began December 24th 2020

Now even though traditional medicine say's he is not curable, that DOES NOT mean he’s not curable. It just means they can’t do it with their form of treatment. 

Other treatments and protocols can cure metastatic stage 4 cancer. 

So they’ve  done their research  and will now be doing a “metabolic” approach to starving this cancer at the stem cell level so that it not only shrinks, but they hope it will take the cancer into remission . 

Here’s their  evidence based strategy:

1. Low glycemic Vegan Keto diet -Research shows cancer loves sugar and meat. Owen switched in October and already his Myasthenia Gravis symptoms caused by the cancer have significantly improved. ($1000 a month) this is a very hard diet. It’s a lot of nuts and seeds. 

2. Metabolic starvation of the cancer by blocking the pathways that feed it. They will be getting treatment from Care Oncology using a patented combination of off label drugs that is backed by research to starve cancer and then killing it with chemo. He started this protocol December 5th and will go through his first cycle of 3 months.

 This may take numerous cycles before it is all starved and killed.  ($500 a month for as long as he needs until it's gone and stays gone. He may need to still take it on occasion to keep the cancer gone)

3. Evidence-based supplements to block pathways and starve the cancer: ($500+ a month for life.) He has a list on Amazon for the supplements he is taking. If you choose to support these supplements, you can visit the list here  the next time you are on Amazon and have the supplements shipped directly to Owen. He started this full throttle November 20th, 2020. 

4. Evidence-based treatments to kill cancer cells, improve the effectiveness and recovery from chemotherapy, and to strengthen Owen's immune system
 including visits with a Naturopath, IV Vitamin C infusions, Hyperbaric oxygen, neural-kinesiology, and ozone therapy and more ($12,000 for first round (15 week protocol started December 7th. Another $12,000 second round started in May 2021 and the next $12k for August  

4. Psychological and Emotional Counseling to help him heal from childhood trauma, and toxic thinking  that only stresses his body and feeds the cancer. ($280 a month)

5. Prayer, abiding, trusting, and living out the love and compassion he’s learned from his savior Jesus Christ. 

6. Detoxification through a sauna a few times a week: ($1500 for the sauna). 

7. Chemotherapy: Hes gone through 10 cycles so far and as of now will continue until his body vs t ha for it anymore.   His first treatment was December 24th, 2020. (Note-- their medical sharing plan should reimburse them for most of this but they still have to pay up front) ($150k+ for 10 cycles so far ) 

8. Other treatments we are looking at— IBC Treatment in Mexico: There is a 3 week protocol he can get at this hospital in Mexico where they will also create a personalized vaccine for him using his own blood. There he will also get hyperthermia treatments, infusions, etc to help him. We are hoping he can do this during the spring after his chemo treatment to help him recover (30K for 3 weeks).

Hyperthermia treatment in Bountiful, UT- cost ???? (2 week treatment ideally around chemo) 

Oxygen treatment (more like infusions and baths) in Las Vegas cost???? (7 day cycles over multiple weeks). 

Hyperbaric Oxygen- We are considering buying a hyperbaric chamber so he can increase these treatments more often. 

Their medical sharing plan will cover their doctor visits with the oncologists and chemotherapy along with all the scans and bloodwork.

But the off label drugs, the supplements, the IV infusions and ozone therapies-hyperthermia and oxygen, etc are not reimbursed-- nor the vegan diet.

These are all coming out of pocket for the Hemsaths in a time when they are already limited in the amount of work they can do with Owen's energy levels. 

This battle may take longer than traditional curative treatment, but it’s better than traditional non-curative treatment. We don't know how long they will need to continue these treatments. It may likely be a couple of years. but we are hoping we will see radical shrinkage and remission  by the end of 2021. 

As of May the tumors have shrunk 30%.**

This is our further request when corresponding with The Hemsaths :

Would love to see your comments, prayers, and encouragement in the threads below, however please do not send the Hemsaths sorrowful texts of hopelessness or despair. They need your encouragement,  your support , and above else—your faith that Owen and his family will get through this. 

They need faith filled encouragement and for you to agree with them that these evidence-based non-traditional methods of fighting the cancer, along with prayer and trusting in God will help Owen live a long life either with cancer or without it...but a long life. 

Research metabolic treatment of cancer if you are concerned. Believe the research and believe God that western treatment  does not determine our future or our years . 

Their business is a small business and takes care of their needs but not all of what they will need to fight. They have clients and sponsorships that depend on Owen being healthy and his dynamic self.  

Owen has children who need their daddy, a wife who left her career to help build the family business with the love of her life, and a business that needs his vision, his face, and his mind to keep helping entrepreneurs grow theirs own dreams with video . 

Your financial and/or faith filled support will help them fight without going weary or bankrupt.

Please pray for peace, for financial protection , and for radical healing . 

The Hemsath’s believe all things are used for good in the lives of those who love God and are called according to his purpose. 

 Please pray for their strength and that they do well as good  as faithful servants. If you prefer to give another way,  you can find Theresa on Venmo or reach out to Carmen Gonzalez or Jeremy Vest who are managing this account for The Hemsaths. You can connect with Carmen or Jeremy on Facebook. 

we also have a Facebook group where we will share more about journey as well as help otherswith cancer too. Join us at





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