Shortly after meeting Josh we went to get a tattoo one night. I got the word "faith" , I felt like since I prayed for 2 years prior to bring forth MY husband, I had finally met him. In fact God said this your husband.

Josh decided to get "struggle." But if you knew him, you would know that he actually ended up with "STRUGGEL." 

This became an inside joke in the home. During rough times, we'd say, "Well, life is a struggel."

Well, life is definitely a struggel now. 

There is no way to say the things I need to say here. But I do know that I need "the village" right now. I do know that Josh would never put me where I am right now on purpose.  But none the less here I am.
Laying my business and personal life out for everyone to whom usually laugh, scoff or spread vicious rumors on. That's ok .I know who I am God knows too. 
Josh was the our sole provider.  Back in 2017 And even before Josh had told me to stay home because he wanted to take care of me. I didnt ask to be taken care of this is what the man wanted to do. Some people close didnt agree but never said a  word of the wife who worked and husband who stayed home. But anyways. Even while he had been staying at his parents he was still taking care of me his wife, he paid everything here . We actually were behind in some things. He knew that and told me very recently its ok were working on it. And I believed him. I have had to shut down his banking as I have not his wallet or any electronics here with all that info. Hopefully one day I will. But for now I have nothing to go on except what the union brought me as an initial death benefit that will cover most the expense at the funeral home. Nothing else will be released for weeks / months possibly.
So thru these days and weeks as I struggel as I know I will I need help. Its not an easy thing to do asking for help. Noone except Josh has helped me in that manner except my mom maybe or my sister. If you can help me that is great please go to the go fund me link. I was asked to create.

Thanks so much. Once I thought I'd been thru the hardest thing I'd ever go thru amd here I am almost the same spot doing it over again. This one hits the hardest. He was and is my best friend and I was his as he told me..

To anyone else who thinks differently do not ever come up to my face and oh keep spreading the hate. I will honor Josh no matter what you do.

Just to be clear.  This fund will help me find Justice, It will help recoup money that my husband would have made the rest of this year and the next 25 years. It will help me pay bills that Josh paid since we've been together.  It will pay Joshs bills. It will help me recover the initial payment I've paid for everything to do with death. His coworkers asked that I open this to help me , the wife of their brother. Let me tell you all something.  I had to go to the funeral home to see Josh and the injuries. I undressed him to look for the answers noone will tell me. I cant even obtain a police report, a death certificate or even an autopsy report for up to 6 months.  If anyone thinks they've gotten away with anything. They are sadly mistaken. Share that.
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