Library Folks in Solidarity

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-Shirts take between 4-6 weeks from date of order to receipt
-Folks ordering outside of the continental U.S.--please email me before ordering, as the cost is slightly higher due to additional international postage
In the days since the election, members of our library community have been scared, vulnerable, and targeted for violence.  This campaign is a small act of resistance and protest against white supremacy, sexism, ableism, homophobia, racism, religious persecution, hate speech, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression. Libraries are not neutral.  People who work in libraries are not neutral.  This campaign is about social justice,  taking a stand against oppression and hate, and welcoming people from all backgrounds and communities (especially the marginalized) into our institutions.

For a $20 donation, contributors receive a bad-ass library tee-shirt.  The shirt is available in unisex sizes XS-4XL, and reads:

Library Folks In solidarity with Muslims, Refugees, Asian Pacific Islanders, NoDAPL, Immigrants, Latinx, Women, Indigenous People, Jewish Communities, Black Lives Matter, People with Disabilities, LGBTQIA Community, All Vulnerable People

Purpose of Shirts:

·      To publicly and openly offer support and hope to marginalized and oppressed groups of library users who are currently being targeted

·      To raise awareness and organize library workers who stand against ignorance and hate; to start a dialogue with one another; to build relationships and allies among our colleagues.

·      To take a stand and object against the myth of libraries being neutral, to share the message that people who work in libraries will not tolerate attacks on the communities that use our institutions.  

Actions you can take:

·      Share this page with friends and colleagues in the profession. 

·      Organize a “teach in” at your library or institution and have everyone wear the shirt on the same day.  Talk to people who come in about what libraries stand for, and our values of inclusivity 

·      Share photos of you, friends, and colleagues wearing your shirt on social media, demonstrating that library folks are committed to solidarity and standing with marginalized communities.  Use #libraryfolkssolidarity to tag.

Donation Recipient--Political Research Associates:

Proceeds from the sale of the shirts (about 35% of your donation, after the cost of tees, site hosting and postage) will be donated to the social justice think tank Political Research Associates (PRA), to provide them with crucial funds during the next eight weeks before the inauguration.   

PRA produces thorough, carefully researched and reliable analysis on the U.S. Right to support social justice advocates and defend human rights.  PRA studies the entire spectrum of the U.S. Right–secular, religious, economic, and xenophobic– domestically and overseas.  PRA exposes the true agendas of right-wing leaders, institutions, and ideologies.  Core issue areas span reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, racial/immigrant justice, civil liberties, and economic justice. 

Inclusion and Social Responsibility:

·      The term “library folks” was chosen deliberately, in order to encompass everyone who works in a library setting, regardless of title, educational background, position or salary.  I truly believe that each person in the library has an important job and that we could not run successfully without each person's contribution. 

·      The shirts were printed by hand at a local, independently owned screen-printing shop in San Diego, California.   The shirts are produced in WRAP-certified factories dedicated to ethical standards of conduct, which include no sweatshops or child labor and care for the environment.

·      Every attempt was made to be as inclusive as possible and to not marginalize, erase, or make anyone invisible.  I had a very, very long list, but had to shorten it due to space constraints. I apologize if this shirt does not incorporate everyone that it should.

·      If you would like a tee-shirt and cannot afford one, due to being an unemployed or under-employed library worker, please contact me at the email address above, and I can offer a tee-shirt at cost.
About Me:
My name is Alanna Aiko Moore—I am the Librarian for Ethnic Studies, Critical Gender Studies and Sociology at the University of California, San Diego.

Like many folks, in the days after the election, I was angry, depressed, and wanted to take action.  I called  politicians, made donations to groups I care about, and researched volunteer opportunities.  And I needed to do something more.  So I made tee-shirts. 

As a librarian committed to social justice and a queer woman of color with invisible disabilites, a gender queer wife and two small children, this campaign is important to me both personally and professionally.  This is a time-sensitive fundraising campaign.

I'm happy to communicate with donors who want to know more about how this campaign is working, how their donations are being put to use, etc.  Please feel free to contact me at the email address above.

Thank you so very much for your commitment to libraries, social justice, and all vulnerable people.
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