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You are in a nursing facility now daddy, but i promise you will have a beautiful gravestone...and because I love you so, even though you want me to, I won’t see fatemeh behbakht again in my life, so she will never able to deceive me again. Ever. The next time I will be near her is when she is cold lying in a shrowd about to be buried, I will be at her funeral. I wont go to her grave often daddy, I won’t want to, but to your grave I will go as often as I can, and take a picture of your grave, and always carry it with me. And remember how we almost didnt have that grave and how you almost didnt rest in peace, because of the evil vindictive lies of a purely evil person of fatemeh behbakht, the awful woman you had the misfortune of marrying. I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!
Dad is in the icu. Viral pneumonia. Please pray for me to stay strong. The day has finally come.

Folks, bottom line....when we hurt other people, we really in the end end up hurting ourselves. We sink lower and lower into despair, loathing ourselves deep down. And really, that's no way to live.  :-) 

And the good news in, I don't know for how long, but in the end due to the fact that we caught his high pulse, DAD LIVED!

The issue was resolved, despite the heartlessness of some, a dear family friend kindly donated 300 dollars and the final expense for the body transport was covered. Dad’s out of the rehab center now, and his heart hurts all the time. I am trying to stay strong. Thanks to all the donors, and also a HUGE thank you to those who shared and endorsed the campaign, because that was much more important than even donating. Money is certainly not everything, and amounts of money are not important to us. People’s intentions are. Thanks to all those who made this a success

Old section: 
My dad has been in the hospital since December 15th. He is now at Sancta Maria rehab center. Today his heart was hurting abnormally. I have bought the grave at the Gardens cemetery, but the funeral home was not honest with me, and did not tell me that 300 extra dollars were needed! I blame them for their dishonesty! Bastards! When you make your donation, please take into account that “go fund me” takes 5 percent of each donation. That is why we are still 300 dollars short. We have bought the grave, but if we do not raise another 300 dollars we will not be able to transport him the grave! This is an emergency! If you don’t share this campaign with your friends, you are not really helping the campaign. My dad’s heart was hurting today. I am very scared and panicked! I blame the funeral home for their dishonesty! I had even paid for the flowers! At halls of Tara, in West Roxbury, Mass, 18 roses to be delivered to place on the grave. Watch the videos in the updates section to know the whole story!

***HIS PULSE WAS CHECKED TODAY BY THE NURSE AND IT WAS MUCH TOO HIGH!! The first time it was 140, then a few minutes later it was 95!! .*** 

For a man his age—69—-a pulse of 80 is what is expected! The doctor said it was way too high! IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ THEN PLEASE SCROLL DOWN AND YOU WILL SEE THE VIDEO I MADE! IT IS IN THE UPDATES SECTION!! Easier to find and view on laptop. HE HAS BECOME VERY WEAK IN JUST THE PAST MONTH!! Also he has Aifib, a form of irregular heartbeat!! It is caused by RHEUMATIC HEART DISEASE!! He is in severe danger!! His heart hurts all the time, and he could have a heart attack or stroke at any moment. It is believed that his last stroke was caused by Aifib and his rheumatic valve :-( The last stoke was June 2015.

We were rejected by another burial company today, that we mistakenly thought would take us and pay 5000 dollars if we paid the minimum required monthly !! I was counting on the 5000 dollars they were going to offer us desperately!! We need your help more than ever!! I wouldn’t be doing this unless it were absolutely necessary!! I am ready to sell all I own and live on the streets and NOT BURN MY DAD’S “JENAZEH”!! I am with him now and I just hugged him!! His friend told him about the campaign, not me, and as he read the names of all those who had donated his eyes shone with happiness!
A Harvard educated neurologist told me two days ago that my dad could pass at any time! I asked him to be honest with me and he was!! Please help this liberal muslim dad Rest In Peace. He had such a hard life, at least he deserves to Rest In Peace!! I am so scared I don’t know what I am going to do without him!

FATHER THAT I TOOK LAST NIGHT!! If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see it!! It was taken of my father on November 15th, Wednesday. He is in very very poor health; low kidney function, irregular heartbeat that could lead to a blood clot happening at any time, rheuamtic heart disease, so a severe stroke or heart attack could take place at any time. He also had a stroke that happened two years ago which makes him much more vulenerable to having a second stroke, even without the irregular heartbeat, rheumatic heart disease. He also has pulmonary hypertension, which is why he is constantly short of breath. The fact that he is still with us is a miracle, but I have been forced to accept that that won't be the case for long! PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND MORE. SORRY THIS EXPLANATION IS SOOO LONG!!

Hello to all those with one ounce of HUMANITY!!!

My name is Mona Paak-zaad (Attarchi). I am 35 years old, and a student at University of Massachuetts in Boston, completing my final year there.
My younger sister, Sara Attarchi,--who is 28 years old--and I have the coolest and most compassonate

LIBERAL Muslim dad in the world. His name is Ahmad Attarchi, and he is from Iran--the country demonized by the USA right now--and the country under extreme sanctions. He came to the United States 32 years ago, at age 38. He has always been the opposite of a stern, strict, and authoriarian and patriarchal dad, he is a cool, LIBERAL, and OPEN-MINDED Muslim dad. And we have always been grateful for that. He's the reason Sara and I have both grown up to be such independant and open minded Muslim women.  For the past 21 years he has also been single, since our parents--who are both Iranians who immigrated here with me when I was three years old in, in 1985, got divorced. 

Unfortunately he had a serious stroke in June 2015, just after he turned 67 years old.  This was a very difficult and extremely uncertain, and SCARY TIME, and I lost a lot of sleep and cried a lot, since  I love my father very much! Since we were not prepared for him to have a stroke so soon, we had not purchased him life insurace or urged him to do so himself. He had to go to Mass General hopsital two years ago when he had the stroke in June 2015, and was hospitalized for a week...and then went to a rehab center called Spaulding Rehab in Charlestown, Massachusetts, for another two weeks.  I actually witnessed him having the stroke on June 17th, 2015; his hands were shaking, his speech was slurred, and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head, witnessing it was VERY FRIGHTENING, as well as ALARMING!

Dad recovered from the stroke two years and four months ago. But recently he is always out of breath, and doctors, including his cardiologist at Mass General, say that the occurence of another stroke--which could be fatal,-- (the second stroke is usually much more serious than the first) is very likey given the fact that he has an irregular heartbeat and a rheumatic valve in his heart. The heart doesn't pump blood normally to the brain, and the chance of blood clots forming are very high, that leads immediately to stroke or heart attack, according to a Harvard medical school educated neurologist at Mass General Hospital who I spoke to. Unfortunately my younger sister and I (we have both never been married, and have no children) are the only family my father has in the whole North American continent. 

We tried to get him life insurance to pay for the burial,  although it hurt us to even think of having a burial!!!---but they won't sell it to him since he already had a stroke, and is much more likely to pass away soon, so they won't get their money's worth.  This is the heartless nature of the capitalist society we live in!!! Our dad is on Social Security, and the SS department will only pay 1,500 for all expenses, which will not even come close to even covering his burial, even the cheapest burial and plot. What it does come close to covering is cremation!! Which is completely against his wishes; he has never even heard of cremation!!

We have no family plot in this country,  he will be the first in our family to pass away in North America. We have not purchased a grave ahead of time.

***We have no uncles or aunts or cousins to help us here. Due to years and years of ****SANCTIONS and EMBARGOS**** the United States has put on his native land, and the land of my birth, Iran (Persia) the money from the salaries dad's five brothers and two sisters receive in Iran is worthless in America!! In fact, since the year 1979, Iranian currency has gone from being 7 "tooman" per  1 U.S. dollar to
FOUR THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED TOMAN per U.S. dollar.  And at any rate their is such a TERRIBLY HIGH INFLATION RATE in Iran, that most of our relatives on dad's side can barely afford to purchase a kilogram of meat to make a meal,  in fact many are asking for help to emigrate from Iran, since life is so difficult there!  So we could never ask them for any monitary help for burying our precious father when they don't know where their next meal will come from, and there are no food stamp cards in Iran. ***Even if our richest relative on his side in Iran was to agree to send money, it would never come close to covering what is required.*** (42,000 Iranian toman is only ten dollars!) And if we want his seven brothers and sisters to take care of it in Iranian currency, we would have to send the body to Iran, which would cost over 25,000 U.S. dollars. It is much cheaper to do this in the United States, although he has told me his ultimate wish is to die and be buried in Iran, but I explained awhile ago to him that this is   un-do-able for most Iranians here. We really need every dollar anyone in the world can spare even if we are to bury our dad in the cheapest plot in our state, Massachusetts.....and somewhere close to Boston where we can visit the gravesight. The only other option is cremation,  which is a totally unheard of practice to him, and the literal word for that in the Persian langauge is to "burn" someone since the practice never ever happens in Iran, there are ZERO crematories. Yet the U.S. government that gives him his Social Security check seems to be pushing for cremation, since the 1,500 dollars they offer would only cover that terrible option!! My father himself is completely against cremation,  it would be against his wishes, HE WOULD NOT REST IN PEACE, and to be  honest I mentioned it to to him and he had never even heard of cremation. If his parents, our paternal grandparents, were alive they would be appalled at the thought of  us cremating their son. (I had a dream of my paternal grandmother last week..... and I was holding her tightly and felt very close to her, I had never dreamt of her before. Now I know what she was trying to tell me....). However my father  does not even insist in paying extra money to be buried in the muslim burying ground in West Roxbury, Massachusetts,  to him it doesn't matter if he is not buried there, in a shrowd. He is willing to even be buried in a coffin. So this makes other options open, and we are searching around for the cheapest cemetery in the area we can find, even if it's Christian. If you know of anywhere that is cheaper than 4800 dollars for the plot and burial please send me a  private message on facebook and contact me, that is, to my Mona Brave facebook account. My father is so open minded, and although he grew up in an orthodox muslim family,  he always taught me to respect Christians, and treat them as if they were my brothers and sisters.
In fact I went to Catholic school from fourth till seventh grade, (ages nine to  thirteen) and he had absolutely no objection. He never taught me that Christians and Jews go to hell. To be honest, he never taught me to fear hell at all. Please, if I ask someone to cremate my dad, I am going to have to tell anyone who I speak the Persian language to  for the rest of my life that "burned" my dad, SINCE THERE IS NO WORD IN THE LANGUAGE FOR CREMATION, and I know that is going to give me nightmares when I sleep. It's hard enough to face the fact that I am going to loose him already,  and the hardest day of my life is going to be the day we have to bury him. I don't even know how I am going to prepare myself. If I have to cremate him, on top of dealing with grief when he dies, I am going to have a nervous breakdown!!

****I have put all my pride aside to do this campaign; but I am doing it because I love my father very much.***If anyone has an ounce of humanity in their hearts please contribute even one dollar to a burial fund for my dad, and then send this around,  and post it to your facebook wall. If you did this I would soooooo appreciate it. It doesn't matter what religion you are, or even if you don't have a religion. OR EVEN IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD. If you believe we are all a part of one collective human spirit, please help us!  I have set the very modest goal of two thousand dollars, but what is actually needed is seven thousand dollars for the burial and buying the plot, and obtaining of the death certificate and body transport. You don't know how difficult this is, I am only in my mid-thirties, and my sister is only 28 years old, and we are FACED WITH THE REALITY THAT WE WILL HAVE TO BURY OUR DAD SOMETIME SOON, AND WE

Our mother, his ex-wife would have covered all the costs if she had the money, but she doesn't either, she has a very expensive mortgage, and she and him divorced when I was fourteen 21 year ago. WE LOVE OUR DAD SO MUCH!!! AND THIS IS A VERY VERY HARD TIME!

**please don’t make a “guilt donation”. Spreading the word would help us most at this point, the more it is spread, the less each person is going to feel obligated to pay. If you choose to donate it should be from the bottom of your heart, and you should feel fine about sharing it on your faceboook page. I don’t want to guilt anyone into helping me. **BUT PLEASE GENUINELY HELP US!!!
Yours, with love and appreciation......  
for those of you who believe, may God be with you, and for those of you who do not, may good karma be with you,

Mona Paak-Zaad (Attarchi)
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