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Hi, I have known Britt Campbell for a relatively short time but I feel like I have known her for years, probably because her journey has been much like mine.  I first meet Britt a few months ago when my mom asked me to go visit a neighbor who was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, a disease I have been dealing with for 8 years. I thought perhaps I could help her not feel so alone, maybe sharing my experiences could give her and her family hope that she will get better.   

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by a tick bite.  Along with Borelia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) the tick usually transmits other bacteria and viruses and now there 100 known strains of Lyme disease.  Known as the “Great Imitator, Lyme Disease can mimic the symptoms of many conditions such as MS, ALS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression. People with Lyme to the outside world sometimes seem perfectly healthy, when reality is anything but. It can affect any organ or system in the body and for these reason is difficult to test.  It suppresses the immune system and treatment is extremely complex.

It was a bittersweet feeling meeting this beautiful, amazing, frail young woman in a dark bedroom, with a baseball cap on to further block the light. Not to mention her SUNGLASSES! She frequently covered her ears to muffle even the quietest of noises.  We traded stories and talked for hours, which became days, and now months. We fell in love the moment we meet. We bonded over our struggles to find a diagnosis and the right treatments, hell even the right doctors. (some doctors don’t acknowledge chronic Lyme) And like far too many young people, we live a different version of the same nightmare.   

I learned about the Britt Campbell before Lyme Disease took over her life, from her parents and sister.  A young real estate professional who lived in a condo with a great view of the Fox Lake Chain, she loved walking in nature, she loved the beach and the mountains, she looked forward to babysitting her niece and nephew each week. Britt was a person that positively influenced everyone around her. I’ll never forget one my first times out with Britt at a doctor appointment, a handicap man was struggling to open a door. Out of a whole waiting room full of people Britt, who walked with a cane at the time, was the only person that helped.   

Since the day I met Britt, I have watched her health decline.  Her pain, weakness, anxiety, and sensitivity to light, sound and touch are so bad that she is not able to walk, read, use a computer, watch TV.  Everything is a struggle, everyday. Waking up is Britt’s nightmare, because she knows she will not feel well, and each day seems to get worse. She has tried various treatment methods, has been hospitalized, has seen numerous specialists and continues to decline.  She manages to smile and make the most of each day but she desperately needs help.  This disease affects your brain and body, you become unable to do the things you need to do to get well without tremendous support. Britt is not able to do even the simplest things we all take for granted.

Britt has exhausted tens of thousands of dollars, she has given up everything in her fight to beat Lyme. She left her condo, and is selling the car she worked tirelessly for. She has two amazing parents that have graciously opened their home to her while she recovers. They search for a way to help their daughter like it’s their job, also expending much of their resources in the process. This disease is demanding in every sense of the word.     

Britt needs our support. She wants desperately to do the things that a healthy 31-year-old woman does.   I have started this GoFund me campaign for Britt’s doctors, testing, treatment and medication, most not covered by insurance.  

If you are able to help with a donation she would greatly appreciate it.   Encouraging words or loving thoughts are appreciated. She has a Facebook page that I help her manage and she tries to check as often as she can. I can’t wait to meet the healthy Britt Campbell.

Thank you all,

Mark Eiden
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