Let’s Help a Healer Heal: Jennifer Helminski

Jennifer Helminski has spent her life serving others, and now she needs our help.

Jennifer Helminski is an ally, caregiver, advocate, and friend to so many. In her service with AmeriCorps, The Watershed Institute, and the Rutgers Climate Institute, she directly influenced state and municipal-level environmental policy, published federally-funded climate change research in a scientific journal, engaged in public science education and non-profit work, and mobilized a diverse group of volunteers to make a difference in on-the-ground stewarding of our precious natural world.

Now a graduate student working on her Masters of Divinity at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, Jennifer co-authored her school’s Declaration of Climate Emergency and Climate Mobilization Action Plan, facilitated their 2021 Climate Assembly, and served as co-chair of Union’s Eco-Justice Caucus. She has served as a preacher, worship leader, Grief Circle facilitator, and food program volunteer at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem, is a member of Union’s Interfaith Caucus, Queer Caucus, and Disability Justice Caucus, and is an inaugural cohort member of Lab/Shul’s adult b’mitzvah Pass/Age program. Jennifer is preparing to serve as an interfaith chaplain as part of Union’s Clinical Pastoral Education partnership with area hospitals, and is keenly interested in interspiritual ministry and community formation, having deep roots in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity alike.

Her high-level accomplishments in activism, service, and scholarship by no means tell the whole story of the ways Jennifer shows up for family, friends, fellow students, and other loved ones: in caregiving, bringing wise and encouraging words, loving presence, or a warm meal in a moment of need.

In short: Jennifer has been there for us, whether the ‘we’ in question are those privileged to know her personally, or humanity as a whole.

And now it’s time we’re here for her.

We’re a group of Jennifer’s friends and loved ones who want to bring your attention to ongoing health concerns that Jennifer has been experiencing, giving you the opportunity to contribute to her finding both answers and effective treatment.

In recent years, and especially the past 12 months, Jennifer has been experiencing the following:

  • Severe vertigo
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Inflammation and fluid retention
  • Autoimmune dysfunction
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Cardiac abnormalities
  • Digestive issues
  • Persistent head, neck, and jaw pain

…sadly, this is only a partial list of the ways in which Jennifer has been suffering. Even if you’re in touch with her on a regular basis, much of this might still come as a surprise to you, as Jennifer’s way is to keep quiet about her own suffering, while paying attention to and caring for your needs.

Well, we’re saying ‘no more.’

Unfortunately, the medical resources Jennifer has access to with her grad student’s insurance is of little use in diagnosing or treating the diverse array of symptoms she’s experiencing. We’re seeking to raise $12,000 for Jennifer to receive care with a pair of the best physicians in the country this summer, so that she can begin her road to recovery and feel unburdened to resume her dreams of service to G-d and humanity.

Please contribute here if you feel so stirred, and continue reading to see exactly how your funds will be invested in Jennifer’s recovery.

Personalized Health and Precision Medicine with Dr. Gus Vickery MD:

We want Jennifer to have access to the extraordinary diagnostic capabilities of one of the nation’s most in-depth Medical Doctors, Gus Vickery . His Personalized Health / Precision Medicine approach will examine Jennifer’s genetics, blood, nurturing, and environmental exposures, enabling the following testing and treatment:

  • Comprehensive health review focused on health optimization and disease prevention.
  • Extensive blood biometric panel including lipids, metabolic health markers, inflammation markers, hormones, and nutrients
  • Body composition and bone density analysis
  • Meeting with Dr. Vickery, virtual or in-person, every 3 months to review her goals for health and create new protocols for optimization
  • Written plan that addresses supplementation, medication, hormonal optimization, and lifestyle strategies to optimize health
  • Access to hormone replacement services and peptide protocols for health enhancement
  • Access to a physician with decades of medical experience for your primary care concerns
  • Enhanced access to consultations and increased time
  • All consultations, including preventative or problem-focused, are included
  • Genetic reporting, including: Nutrition, Micronutrients, Circadian Rhythm, Cellular Functions, Fitness, and Hormones
  • Intensive consultation to review her unique DNA blueprint and its health impacts
  • Additional Testing For Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins, Envirotoxins, and Comprehensive Gut Biome, if needed
  • Regular email access to Dr. Vickery for real-time follow-up and course-corrections

Cost: $4500

Thrive Neurohealth: Five-Day Functional Neurology Intensive, Drs. Jerome Lubbe and Skyler Wilmmarth, DC DACNB

Thrive Neurohealth in Atlanta specializes in unresolved complex cases just like Jennifer’s. This clinic offers a five-day, in-person intensive that consists of unique treatment sessions customized for each individual patient. This intensive consists of in-office treatments and interventions, as well as follow-up exercises that Jennifer will be able to implement at home. Seasoned functional neurologists, Drs. Lubbe and Wilmmarth, utilize non-invasive methods of sensory stimulation such as light, sound, touch, smell, taste, and movement to activate the brain’s own innate transformative capabilities.

Assessments made and skills taught include:

  • Addressing miscommunication between the brain’s CEO (Frontal Lobe), COO (Parietal Lobe) and the EAs (Cerebellum and Vestibular Systems)
  • Mobilizing resources and oxygen to the brain via specialized exercises
  • Polyvagal stimulation
  • Vestibular system stabilization
  • Complex Movements and Gaze Stabilization for vision, balance, coordination and brain hemisphere collaboration.
  • Eye exercises and Visualization techniques to coordinate the frontal lobe with the cerebellum, and produce new neural pathways for positive outcomes.

Cost: $4500

The additional funds we’re raising are for Jennifer’s travel and lodging while receiving care this summer.

Both Thrive Neurohealth and Dr. Vickery’s office are incredibly high-demand practices, seeing patients from across the country. In order for Jennifer to be seen before her final year at Union begins this fall, we need to raise these funds ASAP. If you’re able to contribute, please do so. Thank you!
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