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Hi I'm Eleanor Donnelly I'm 12. I want to do something special for my mum with everyones help. HELP PROLONG MY MUMS LIFE. My mum Has never in her life asked for anything for herself. All she does is help everyone else and gives everyone everything. Mum fundraises alot for other charities when my mum needs money herself but she doesn't keep any for herself and gives it away even when my mum struggles. I want my mummy to be happy,not struggle and to put herself first ,i hear my mums cries when she isnt watching me finding ways to give up on her lifes needs because she gave her life to England being Police Women and no one protected mum. She lost her police officer money because a bad man hurt my mum and made my mum be in in wheelchair. My mum was taken away from me when i was 3 years old then when i was 5 in hospital i wasnt allowed to see my mum . I was so scraed because my mum was going to die. But i was so scary watching my mums voice go she couldnt speak anymore and her hands werent working normally. I had to show mum i was strong for her and not cry. I would give mum long straws to feed her soup and drinks.we have csrer who have to wash my mum,dress her and do things thay my mum doesnt like because she wanted to fo thi gs herself and live a normal life but she cant. My Mums muscles were getting damaged and i was angry at the bad man for breaking my mums body and affecting my life. My mum needed the new wheelchair and more help at hospital but we dont have money so mum gets worse cos we don't have money. My mum has helped me with this help page so you can know why i need your help to help my mum live and get help now . I want my mum to be old and grow old with me and be old grandmother because my mum doesn't have her mum and grandma that loves her. My mum was disowned by her own family . My mum only has me and her volunteering work is everything to my mum because she taught me we need to work and help others,and fight for our rights and campaign and be using our skills to help other people. My mum says im her life line and without me she wouldnt live. I ended up being my mums young carer for a long time and that's ok because she's my mum I dont want my mum to live her life in her bed dyingaway. My mum cares about everyone and helps so many people and fundraise lot lots of money for other people but I know my mum needs money for herself to get better but she doesn't have money and she still smiles. My mum is my superhero a police woman when a bad man beat my mum and hit her in a car .This bad man really made my mum cry hurt my mum's back he didn't like the police that's why hurt my mum. I saw my mum's face all coloured differently , when she used to grt beaten up alot ,shed be black and blue,and her body was all scary looking and she would cry all time in pain... She didn't think I would notice but I did...i was 3 years old then. I used to go with my mum to hospital and I saw lots of doctors doing lots of stuff to my mum. One would put needles in my mum's poorly body and mum woyld scream in pain . One would do electric shocks to make mum's legs work . One would get in the water with my mum. Mum would cry alot because she wasn't getting better .....I had to be brave for my mum and be strong for my mum and not cry. But i started getting really scared when my mum couldnt speak to me anymore. I would speak to mum and shE couldnt GET her words out..... WATCHING my mum get upset and angry cos her voice was going i could see my mum try to get her words out but she couldnt. My mums hands started getting worse and she couldnt move her hands and fingers and fro nouth . I disnt know what to do. I would look at mums actions so then i know how i could still be with mum before my mum was taken away . My mum stopped eating and i would put long strawes in her mouth so i could put soup and drinks in mouth but i memebr mums muscles werent working. I prayed to my god at church to make mom better and would sing to mum to see her smile. Caring for mum was been hardest we had to change everything a d it reslly is hard life brcause when we go out people don't respect my mum anymore,they be horrible cos my mums in wheelchair,they park in wheelchair dpaces when they dont have bade and i will fight for gor my mum and tell people about the disability rights but they be horrible to me and dont care about my mums struggle of needing the space. When we go out to shops,shops dont help my mum cos they dont have access and kerbs grt blocked so i have then help my mum go lobg way rounds,educate people who just swear at us. I dont like that my mum is treated like she doesnt exist cos shes in wheelchair. We go thtough so much abuse and my mum just says smile and not let it affect our happiness but it hurts me because shes my mum and is human bei g. I can see my mum as whole and know my mums wheelchair is her legs why cant other people be accepting and follow the rules. My mum fights for these rights for othrr disabled people and sge always tells me for us to change the world we have to do it one voice at a time,one story at a time,one campaign at a time,one education on disability rights at a time. We just keep making a difference and never giveup no matter hoe hard others challenge us we just use it as motivation to keep being better humans." Nickis story- Hi im nicki and i thank my daughter for saing her story for the first time. My daughter was bullied and treated differently and limited to doing the things she loves because of peoples lack of understanding with genetic conditions such as joint hypermobility syndrome and Parents with disabilities can still be moms and role models. I want to keep educating people the invisable disabilities like jhs are as serious as my visable disability and are life threatening. But for me to start my raise awareness education talks workshops in all Birmingham schools on positive living and awareness on invisable disabilities rights education,sharing my life Adversities and police storiesto stop disability bullying ,better childrens learning and understanding on disability is ok,girl power empowerment days,and teachers better handling and communications. But i need the funds to commit and volunteer and dedicate myself to desperately do this while I still can because my health is progressive. Both myself and my daughter put our drive and passion into everything we do aswell as raising monies previously donated to different charities for my daughter's and mine , Acorns Hospice ,Spinal Injuries Association and Genetic Diseases where we complete charity races. I was overwhelmed with my gratitude in receiving Inspirational Role Model Award in 2016 by Lord Mayor part of Brummie Awards and 2017 Birmingham Awards. I also made history in UK beauty pagents winning Miss British Empire 2017 making it possible for all young Models with Abilities to believe they can achieve to and continue to raise awareness for body positivity and women empowerment. In 2016 i was given cure to walk again with a miricale technology that was donated to me in recognition to my Police Service by Singer Mark Ronsons Uncle Gerald Ronson cbe who enabled me to attempt to walk again with the Robotic Suit. I was named Real Life Robocop in 2016. I became the UK Police Officer to walk in 7hours ..a record never done by a paralysed police woman. I was accepted in the world when I spoke live in Munich on stage alongside kevin Spacey , my Story became a platform to do more good . I became a motivational speaker. Just when i thought my daughter's wish came true on her 10th birthday (waiting since was 5 years old)for me to walk again the heart-breaking news mentally broke me when I was told all over again i will never be able to walk again using the exoskeleton because of the contraindications of my heart can stop and problems with my joints were getting damaged due to my eds. More bad news;police Insurance of£115k which was rightly mine to help my quality of Life and support my daughter was taken off me because I was working to raise awareness for the rewalk robotic technology and-using the robotic legs voids&affected the life changing injury claim even though im still paralyzed and robotic legs are not a replacement to my wheelchair. I could no longer use the robotic suit due to my heart stopping. My brave decision to no longer use legs was not by choice but heart-breaking to accept my life nearly ended cos my robotic legs. I have lost my financial security of £115,000 but in this struggle Gerald Ronson Foundation removed my £100k donation that was given to me for my Robotic legs was taken off me to give to another paralysed person could use the technogy and promote it. However i am glad i did help change the life of other paralysed person who would not be able to afford the device and helped changed their families when legs were donated to them. To me , my daughter reminds me that we did our best at following gods work by giving the legs to someone who needed them . That is why I decided to go public and share my police story to help everyone see what police officers go through everyday when they go to work to protect the public. I campaign for #ProtecttheProtectors on all my social media sites as I’m now recognised as Positive social media influencer aswell as in schools talking about DisAbility Inclusion and how to respect and learn from #ProtecttheProtectors campaign in the hope that no police officer becomes paralysed like me and worse death. I have accepted I will never get the justice for mine but I know I can do my part to help get justice for other police officers by ensuring the campaign is being heard and courts have to change the legislation.To this date ive never got justice inany of injuries sustained on duty and left me finacailly struggling . I share my #Metoo story through my own #wheelchairbeauty to help young girls with differet coping techniques and to be confident on moving forward and prevent ways not go through what i went through and if they have to no longer hide and speak out on having positive life aswell as wheelchair lives exist and matter too....we really are a minority that are forgotten and ignored. I am now turning another chapter of my story by completing my book to educate and inspire. A true adversity battle of survival since being a survivor at 9 years of age. I need YOUR support to raise the funds i was entitled to help my quality of life ,and my daughters with the medical treatment which is very expensive with the specialist. I also still need we need suitable electric wheelchair, my home still need adaptions so I can have access to all my home with my daughter, i live my home life by throwing myself on the floor and having to scrape my bum up on the stairs where my skin breaks,bruises,hurts my arm joints, bruises my legs, risk of injury as i keep sliding down where i can break more of my body,this is not how a paralysed human being should live in this country in 2018 because i dont have a wheelchair lift . I need groundfloor shower and toilet , , get the medical aids and treatments I need to help me prolong my life from my expectancy age of 48. And help pay my mortgage(because i didn’t put protection on my house thinking i would be a police officer for 30 years, you see the government doesn’t give me any benefits or hand outs.) ,accessible lifestyle without struggles to live out my life with her daughter.( As a motivational speaker I make no profit and donations of money are given directly to the charities) . I now need your help to support my road to recovery to live out the rest of life with the financial security from each and everyone one you in a country I served . As many know you join the police force not for the money but to make a difference by putting others first. Everyone needs support and help every now and again no matter how little..... it will make a difference. Read more about me and my progress on all my social media sites and my new 2018 you tube site where I will keep sharing my real life to motivate and change minds to be positive and educated because we matter too while i still can with the help of any donations made . The funds will also help me set up my passion to keep working withmy DISABILITY INCLUSION WORKSHOPS IN SCHOOLS, ALL COMPAINES/EMPLOYEE TRAINING to help expand our young people's minds & employment so our young generation grow accepting and being welcoming towards disability. I also am campaigning to make Birmingham wheelchair accessible. It is dehumanizing to be told I can't come into stores because they don't have wheelchair access. As a paying customer all wheelchair users have the same rights as able bodies but we are still in 2018 discriminated and ostracized. It is degrading. I go around all the store educate managers and highlight the disability discrimination act and wheelchair rights access this includes hotels, restuarants.,school, business...eveything and everywhere from public road speaking to residents and passer by to get everyone to accept wheelchair users by making their part wheelchair accessible and changing their behaviour and actions to include wheelchair users and abide by the law. This is very hard for me to do alone but I remain strong and face so much abuse everyday where stores and passer by but I won't give up. I want to make my Birmingham better and all the people that means disabled community too. . I want to make my community better so wheelchair users can live a accessible free life and we can see more of us which is normalizing disability. I hope my story gives you a reason to donate no matter how little. I also do take pictures and videos and share them on all my social media to show everyone what I do when people and compaines put barriers up by obstructing wheelchair access rights. I am doing this so every wheelchair user can live a free quality of life to enjoy their live outside of their homes and be independant. I have shared videos to show the parts that people don't necessarily notice being paralysed from the chest down isnt just legs don't work. It is so much more than that. For me my voice is a blessing from god to share my story becauase when I was beaten up on duty and in the car crash on police duty my vocal chords were damaged when I was hospitalised I lost the ability to talk and was unable to communicate or comphrened with with my daughter as we found out I Also had brain damage . I then had to get speech and language therapy for year to lead how to speak and eat and train my damage muscles . My brain will always have the damage and it processes slowly hence the pauses and repeat words but for me to now became a Motivational speaker is powerful for me to share to others that they can be anyrhing they want to be. My speech that left everyone in tears I had to hold my tears to finally be myself and tell everyone it is ok if things don't go your way you can be on a different course of your life journey. For my daughter to say her words on stand is very special for me to hear and know my daughter is a strong girl and she can believe in herself to be anything she want to be becuase she has watched and gone through so much with me to know we don't give up and keep fighting for our rights in this cruel world to make it better by working together and sharing our stories and campaign and be activists for disability rights and diversity inclusion and women empowerment,wheelchair beauty is my movement on social media to raise awareness on life in a wheelchair is still life and getting other wheelchairs user to use the hashtag to their lives are beautiful living, i also campaign for protect the protectors for serving injured police officers but to do all the work and be out their making a change raising awareness i need help with funds so i can travel to all the companies,schools volunteering for all the campaigns to change and make our society better and world. I would appreciate everyones help in my road to recovery to enable me to keep serving my country and helping others and have the life my DAUGHTER deserves with out struggle. Before i die i want to leave a legacy and mae the changes needed to make our society better and help others a much as i can while my health lets me.


Nicki Donnelly

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