Skyber, The Customisable Hospitality Tipping App.

SKYBER: USE IT IN HOSPITALITY. ALSO GO VIP, AND ENJOY CUSTOMIZED TIPPING IN VARIOUS FORMS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. Creative workers step up. Like for example while @ home, tip your youngin' on Skyber when he/she does a good chore. This will teach them how tech can be used to be an asset, and not a burden to their family. On top of that you can get commissions through the reward program for doing that. Ok and here's our story about Skyber's beginnings. After some time since our RCS venture (2005-12), we've come up with a new strategy to reinvent some cool customer service jobs through tech. Also teens that want to earn monies after school USE SKYBER WEEKLY to get allowances (Example: do a chore, parents pay you through Skyber, and we'll give you extra commissions if you do a good job. This is the rewards program)  And check it: Our Rewards program is continuous (winners picked every 3 months) Androids click this
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Here's the thing w this GFM: techy knowledge is extremely expensive to maintain. And yes, courtesy is always extended to any guests in hospitality, but now, through Skyber, you can finally upgrade from courtesy, to pre-ordering any guest services on your phone. Built for airports, but it's unique design also makes it available for anybody to use it to send money, tips, or what have you, to anyone. AND A SPECIAL MESSAGE GOES OUT TO ALL HOTEL GUESTS: So you're now able to upgrade from courtesy to pre-ordering, all for just a few dollars. This will benefit everyone, especially you. You pre-order a shuttle, it'll be there when you get there. Regardless of the circumstance, there's less of a wait time, when you pre-order. Plus it's fun. With this initial fund raising amount, everything can be 100% updated and maintained on the techy back end. NOTE: We'd gladly embrace any good vibes alliance that would help blue collar workers take care of their guests better. We'd like to also help any hospitality services managers regain some of their lost pandemic profits.  AND FINALLY: you can trick out this app, and it'll become a skyber club for any freelancer.  Use it to set barber appointments. Or Skyber Clubs can work as little shops to buy, sell, or trade any home items. This way kids, adolescents, or what have you (with parental permission of course), can practice what it's like to operate their own knick knack shops on the app. Skyber is a great way to uplift everyone that's in the customer service industry. Not just clients, and workers out there, but now even the kids can have some fun making money, all the while learning the values of work. Thank You!


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