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A little while ago my brother was getting a massage for pain in his back when he noticed a lump in his abdomen.  He thought it might be a hernia until later when he started losing his appetite. He had lost some weight and we noticed his Instagram posts seemed to be darker and a bit concerning. Then he coughed up some blood one night and I tried to encourage him through his anxiety. He went for an ultrasound and a test for TB soon afterward.

My father wrote Matthew a letter that night. It reads like this:


I have a few thoughts I want to share with you regarding what I have observed over a lifetime—or I might say over our lifetime together. I really love the way you have always encouraged me to listen to music while I paint. I no longer listen to music, and I miss it. I also love the way you have tried to integrate your art and music into some kind of meaningful existence outside of the box we all live in. That really takes guts. I respect your religious practices, too. Your life seems to be kind and gentle—something I have perhaps only recently attained to a small degree. The kids really love you. Eva was sitting on her bed late last night playing with her jewelry looking rather sad. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was…worried about Matt. I guess she overheard us talking downstairs. I have always felt the kids were safe with you. We may not agree on everything, but one thing is certain—you have taken seriously what happened to these little ones, and your love for Rachel and her babies always shines through...[]

Whatever your state of health—I will be with you no matter what. I was so blessed that you found some good dialogue with David last night. You always seem to be able to reach out when you need to and find what you need. I believe you have within you the resources to face whatever comes down this road we are on. The spitting up blood was disturbing and reminded me that our bodies are fragile and that they belong to us only a short while on this planet. You are facing your health stuff with the same creative and positive energy that you are known for. I pray for your complete return to wellness. Peace my son.


The next day he was diagnosed with cancer. It has reached several of his organs. 

Matthew has a degree in philosophy, is an activist and a landscape manager. He is also a musician. He has stage 3 testicular cancer that has spread to his lungs. The large tumor in his abdomen is causing issues with his kidneys as well. He will need UCSF specialists to remove the nodules in his lungs and lots of chemo to shrink the tumor. 

Matthew does not deserve this. He has been helping our father take care of our sister’s 3 children--Eva, Ariel and Alex. They need him. We need him. This world needs people like Matthew in it and I can’t bear to lose another sibling. 

I’ll do everything I can to help him fight this. This GoFundMe is about helping a wonderful person who has touched this world and many of us with a powerful force from the light of good. Money goes to food, medical support, and assistance with Rachel's kids. As he is going to be unable to care for them, it is also to assist our father who is basically taking care of 4 people now on his own. Please, please help us fight this battle with him. It is going to be a long, tough road. If you know Matthew at all, you know he is going to turn this into a philosophy that changes us all. Let’s fix this. Let’s beat this cancer.

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