Let help Aster beat breast cancer!

Hello Everyone,

We are Dawit Tuccu, Beimnet Abraha, and Berhane Gebremariam created this platform on behalf of our friend, Aster Mehari.

Hi friends, family, and particularly those who were born and grew up in Dekemhare and its vicinity. Aster Mehari is a mother of three children, 2 daughters and a son, a resident of Dekemhare, Eritrea. Her husband, Berhane Hagos, died (martyred) while serving our country. Aster is a very hardworking women who has been raising her children on her own. Unfortunately, Aster has been going through a lot lately with her health. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Aster is looking for a helping hand at this difficult time. Aster is currently residing at Doha, Qatar where she is seeking medical attention. As we all know life in Arab countries is not that easy; living expenses such as rent and medical treatment are really expensive. So, let's all please help out Aster and the kids by praying, sharing the link, and most importantly using a generous donation to overcome her cancer battle.

We can't express how grateful we could be and thank you all so much for helping out Aster in advance.

Tigrinya  (ትግርኛ)

ሰላማት ኣሕዋት

ንሕና  ዳዊት  ትኩእ : ብእምነት  ኣብርሃን : ብርሃነ  ገብረማርያምን  ዝተበሃልና  ነዛ  ኣካውንት  ኣብ  ክንዲ  ኣስቴር  መሓሪ  ኮይንና  ንኸፍታ  ዘለና  ኢና።

ዝኸበርኩም  ኣዕሩኽን፤  ፈተውትን ፤  ከምኡ 'ውን  መተዓብይትን  ደቂ  ደቀምሓረ።  እዛ ስእላ  ኣብዚ  ትሕቲ  ትርእይዋ  ዘለኹም  ሓፍትናን  መተዓብይትናን  ወ/ሮ ኣስቴር  መሓሪ ብዓልቲ  ቤቱ  ንስዉእ  ኣቶ  ብርሃነ  ሓጎስን  ኣደ ሰለስተ  ቆልዑን  ዝኾነት።  ኣብ  ቀጠር ብስራሕ  እንዳተናበረት  እንኮላ  ብሃንደበት  ናይ  ጡብ  ካንሰር  ስለዝገበረት  ኣብ  ትሕቲ ሕክምናዊ  ክንክን  ስለትርከብ  ኩልና  ደለይቲ  ጽቡቕ  ዓዓቕምና  ዘፍቅዶ  ንኽንሕግዛ ብትሕትና  ንልምን  ኣሎና።

ሓፍትና  ኣስቴር  ኣብዚ  ፈታኒ  ግዜ  ናይ  ኩላትና  ኢድ  ትጥምት  ኣላ።  ከም  ኩላትና  ንፈልጦ  ናብራ  ዓዲ  ዓረብ  ሓሚምካ  ኣይኮነንሲ  ከይሓመምካ  ምስ  ሙሉእ  ጥዕናኻ  እንኮለኻ  ኸማን  ኣዝዩ  ኣሸጋሪ  (ከቢድ)  ኢዩ።  ስለዚ  ንኣስቴርን  ንደቃን  ኣጆኹም ኣለና  ኣብ  ጎድንኹም  ንበሎም።  ከምቲ  ኣቦታትና  ዝመሰልዎ  ሓምሳ (50)  ለሚን  ንሓደ (1) ሰብ  ጾሩ  ኢየን  (50) ንሓምሳ  ሰባት  ግና  ጨና  ኢየን  ዝበልዎ  ንሕና  ድማ  ነዛ ሓፍትና  ኢደይ  ኢድካ  ንበለላ  ኣሕዋት።

ነቶም  ብጸሎት  ትሕግዝዋ  ነዚ  መልእኽቲ  ናብ  ኩሉ  ምእንቲ  ንኽባጻሕ  ናብ  ኩሉ ትዝርግሕዎን  ከምኡ 'ውን  ብቁጠባ  ንትትሓጋገዙዋ  ኩላትኩም  ኣቐዲምና  ልባዊ ምስጋናና  ይብጻሕኩም።

  • Fiori Tibebe 
    • $150 
    • 46 mos
  • Esayas Tesfagiorgis 
    • $50 
    • 47 mos
  • Hadnet Negash 
    • $100 
    • 49 mos
  • Tsegazab Ghirmazghi 
    • $100 
    • 49 mos
  • Birhane Tesfazghi 
    • $100 
    • 49 mos
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