Gifts for Hafiz Quran Graduation

Excited to Announce the first batch of gifts were delivered to students that graduated and are now Hafidh ul Quran, Allahu Akbar. 

These are our future Imams.  Every Quran Legacy box sponsored will be a gift to a Hifdh ul Quran Graduate.  

If you wish, we can include your name and a message in the thank you card to be added to the gift when presented to the young graduate.  

Legacy Collections will donate £78 credit towards every £100 donated to cover the cost of a complete Quran Legacy Keepsake gift. 

For your £100 contribution, we will empower a young Hafidh ul Quran by feeling appreciated and rewarded for his / her sacrifice so that they may aspire to achieve great things for our Ummah.  Let's invest in our Youth now.  

Donate any amount you wish, every £100 collected, has pledged to cover the balance and the gift will be on its way to the next Hafiz Graduate bi'ithnillah ta'ala. 

So a bit more info about this project and where the idea came from...

Bismillah, Wa Salaatu Wa Salaamu 'ala Rasulillah,
As-salaamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuhu

Please help us give a beautiful gift to our future Hafidh al Qur'an students.  These are the people who serve this Deen for centuries preserving the sound knowledge of the Speech of Allah.  They are the reason that, unlike other faiths which cannot produce proofs of the original texts and scriptures, we as Muslims are able to present the very words which were revealed by Allah to the noble Messenger, pbuh.

We are raising funds to give the Qur'an Legacy gift box to each student of various hifdh programs.  If you know of a madrasa or a school where youth are becoming hafidh then get in touch with us to request these gorgeous timeless keepsakes. May Allah preserve you and us all with sound knowledge and fill our hearts with love of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our beloved. 

You can gift any amount or you can gift a box or you can purchase one for yourself.  You will support the Da'wah and benefit As-sadaqa jaariyah as well as get this box and see its benefits to your family right away. 

Our latest campaign for fundraising has been the sponsorship of Mashaa Allah.  Legacy Collections are offering 100% proceeds of the Qur'an Legacy gift box sales to the Da'wah.  The feedback and testimonials have been soul moving to say the least.  The gift box is absolutely gorgeous and a Must Have in every household and Masjid.   

This Dawah project is in appreciation of our beloved Qur'an teachers in every madrasa and masjid and even more so of the students and their families for dedicating their time and efforts in preserving the Qur'an.  In order to help the centres and schools to cover the costs, we open this platform of sadaqa jaariyah.  The funds here will enable us to give the Qur'an Legacy gift box to each Hafidh of the Qur'an and a gift to the teacher.

"The best among you are those that learn the Qur'an and teach it to others."  Bukhari

Here is a letter application for sponsorship from our first sponsored school in Stevenage:

We at Stevenage Muslim Community centre have been dedicated to our youth since we have established the masjid. Our main focus at SMCC is on our future kids.   Our community have lots of tolerance for the children even during prayer times when they make noise compère to The other mosques in UK.  Since the opening of the mosque in 2003 we have been teaching children Islamic ethics and social cohesion. 

We never thought in the past holding a gathering or assembly for our children but right now we feel this is very important and an integral part of our community which will encourage our children to a brighter future.  We are proud to have five of our students who started memorising the Islamic texts. 

As a motivation we want to give them something that they can appreciate and now we have found Quran Legacy to be something they remember.  We would like 6 of them insha'Allah. 

Other than memorisation of the Quran some of our students are able to construct Arabic poems in Arabic language Alhamdulillah.  Also One of our student have received a award from the council for his memorisation of the Quran and won a youth star award 2021.

We want to also do something at our mosque and Buy them something special like Quran legacy.  We have a total of 90 students Alhamdulillah. Our classes run 7 days a week.  We pray for the prosperity our Ummah Ameen.

More information about Eid Celebration Commitee: 1Eid - We believe that people must get to know each other in order to achieve peace and unity. We achieve this by taking Eid out of the Mosque, give women their Eid, give children their festivals and the community Da'wah. We achieved this in many cities around the world Alhamdulillah. Why do we still need support? 1Eid happens twice a year, every year, forever insha'Allah.


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