Lee Ann and family (Alyssa Morales)

Hi, my name is Danielle and I am fundraising for Lee Ann Morales, a close friend.
On the night of June 16th, Alyssa, known to many as Bre, was the victim of a gruesome and unthinkable act. She was brutally attacked and set on fire by her assailants. She sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns over more than half her body and is currently in a medically induced coma in the ICU. She was in too much pain to identify herself when she arrived at the hospital, and was listed as a Jane Doe for two days before her family was able to see her.
Alyssa has been struggling with addiction for 14 years. She has tried to get clean several times, but still hasn't been able to conquer her demons. Even in the darkest days of her addiction, Alyssa would never physically harm anyone but herself. She has been featured on social media as "Bre", and it was thanks to a YouTube filmmaker, AML Films, that her family was able to locate and identify her.
Lee Ann, Alyssa's mother, has been nothing but selfless for almost her entire life. She's spent the last four decades raising her children, looking after relatives, taking in troubled youths, caring for foster children with special medical needs, and even raising Alyssa's own daughter while she struggles with addiction. Every person who knows Lee Ann knows she will come to their aid in their time of need.
Unfortunately, Lee Ann is now the one in need of help. She lives in Florida with a son who has special needs, and Alyssa's daughter who attends school there. She will need to travel from Florida to Philadelphia, PA several times a month in order to look after her family and maintain the household, and to be with Alyssa while she heals and goes through rehabilitation.
Alyssa will be in the hospital for the next three months before heading to a rehabilitation facility for further treatment. She will undergo several skin grafts and have to relearn how to perform tasks self care. The medical needs Alyssa will have in the future are unknown.
No matter what people may think of those who battle addiction, no human being should ever have to endure what Alyssa has endured. No one should have to deal with the struggles that lie ahead for her. It's going to be a long, hard road to recovery. and Alyssa will never be the same again. Any amount you can donate towards's Lee Ann's expenses and Alyssa's care is appreciated.