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Over the last year, many of you have asked how you can support me, and today I set up an option for you to support my work as an independent-citizen journalist with J-Slay USA.

The Washington D.C. establishment has the singular intention of wrecking our constitutional republic in exchange for a Globalist Utopia. Outrageous inflation, open borders policy, legalization of theft, and a projection of international weakness are only a few of the signs that our leadership is indifferent to the well-being of its citizens.

Sparked by a deep concern for the future of our country and a need to fight the lies and propaganda being weaponized against the American people, I launched J-Slay USA in March of last year with just a simple website.

Then, on November 12, 2021, I left my corporate career to go all-in with this mission. No backup plan. No Health Insurance. No investors. Just a deep and abiding faith that God would provide for one who is listening to His voice and willing to follow where He leads. The purpose of J-Slay USA is to call men and women from all walks of life to take up their courage and engage in the war being waged against their God-given liberties.

Since launch, I have gained an online following of 15,000 people while improving my skill set, increasing production values, and raising the name recognition of my guests. This journey has been a crash course of education in media, technology, publicity, and politics. I now plan to ratchet up the hard-hitting, original content and analysis that you have come to expect from my channels, but also to branch out into more public speaking, on-site investigative journalism with higher production value videos, with the long-term goal of becoming self-supporting without making compromises due to investor interests.

Until now, I’ve focused far more on improving my craft and creating an audience than I have on the business side of this venture. However, I am currently in the process of setting up a nonprofit 501c3 but this will take several months to be approved and begin operations.

So, to make this all viable, to turn this passion into a career, I will need enough support to bridge this gap. I must upgrade my equipment, cover more travel costs, and hire the proper coaching to take me to the next level. While I can still self-fund for a while, I do not want to run out of cash before giving myself the best opportunity to make this a sustainable career.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to bringing you the best content yet with a focus on SOLUTIONS in the near future.

God Bless You,
Jeremy Slayden


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Jeremy Slayden 
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