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So many children spend hours in front of a TV, a tablet, or video games. You ask them to read a book and they hate that idea. Reading is boring, they say. My 3 book series, The Valiant Quests of the Knights of Musical Acres, is anything but boring. At the end of each book, everyone makes music together! The readers and the children create a beat or a song to celebrate the Quest that is different every single time. It doesn’t take talent or practice, just creativity and fun - and maybe put the fun back into reading too. Because no one should grow up without making their own music. Your financial support will help launch this series into schools, libraries, book fairs, and, ultimately, the hands and hearts of precious children around the world by funding print runs to host demonstrations, signings and donations to public spaces where kids need to read and make music!

I am an Author, a Teacher, and a Musician aiming to make a difference in children's lives around the world!

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