Lally's Brain Operation Fund

Hello everyone . My name is Mayen .
I am the oldest of 4 siblings. I am followed by Lally ( in green ) , Yvette ( in red ) and Towi . 
I am doing this campaign for the sake of my little sister Lally .  

Over two weeks ago, she has started complaining of extreme headaches, something she has never experienced in her life , and that prompted a visit to the Emergency Room . She was given pain medication , she got some relief, and was sent home.   The excruciating pain  returned again and she found herself back in the hospital , and after a CT Scan that was clear - she was again sent home . This happened 6 times. She was scanned twice, diagnosed with migraine and yet the relief was temporary and the resuming pain was worse than the previous one.  We asked friends and family, did our own research, and felt that she needed to be admitted right away and not sent home until a true diagnosis finds out what was wrong with her. 

After the 6th Emergency Room visit, she was finally admitted, and an MRI was done. The initial result was not conclusive but showed that she had a possible aneurysm and fluid in her brain. Another test was ordered and after the angiogram , it was confirmed that she did have an aneurysm , and it is possibly bleeding -- and that in the past two weeks, there has already been bleeding in her brain, and it explains the fluid and build up of excruciating pressure. She has had a stroke.

She was finally diagnosed with aneurysm with subarachnoid hemorrhage and hydrocephalus

Her very fragile condition demands an immediate operation to address the danger.  We were advised she will need a craniotomy , ventriculoperitoneal shunt and the aneurysm clipping

The fact that she was walking for two weeks after the the bleeding in her brain was nothing short of a miracle.  The doctor said she was lucky because usually within 48 hours of the first bleed, another happens. 

For this , the needed operation, all the costs involved-- are good problems to have . I would rather have this any day , than not have my sister. 

The reason why we are asking for help, is because her insurance has been exhausted by the multliple visits wherein she was misdiagnosed . Her condition - having an aneurysm - is not covered by insurance because they classify it as a congenital defect . The procedure alone will cost $20,000 as estimated to us . We have tried to pool our resources and very sadly realizing we do not have enough to cover all the needed costs.  She has also been out of work since and will be out of work after her procedure.  In the Philippines, the medical scene is different ... if you do not have funds, things will take a bad turn very easily.  


I ask for help from friends and family who would like to send their support so we can all help Lally get better soon.  Lally is an amazing person -- she is actually the artistic person in the family . She has a big heart and would help someone in need in a heartbeat.  

Please help us assure her that she is not alone in this fight . And that she will get better. 

Thank you so much for your support and may God bless you . 

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