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Bucks for Bossy

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As many of you now know, our friend Karen Bosso is facing the biggest fight for her life.  We, all of her family and friends at GSH and beyond, want to help raise funds to help her family focus on each other.

In May of 2014, Karen injured her back while caring for a pt at work.  We've watced her endure terrible back pain, physical therapy and numerous doctors appointments...all the while, trying to return to work with little improvement.

Fast forward, to the early morning hours of Jan. 2  2015.  Dan brought Karen into the ER in Livermore for shortness of breath related to  "a cold".  The ER physician did a chest xray and said  "You have Pnuemonia and your cancer is getting worse".  This was Karen's first time ever hearing "you have cancer".

After bone marrow biopsies, MRI's, PET scans and a blood transfussion it has been confirmed.  Karen has a rare form of stage 3 Multiple Myeloma.

Currently, the MM has formed lytic leisons (fractures)through out her spine and sternum.  Hence, all the back  pain and inability to cough and kick the pneumonia. 

So far, they have radiated her sternum to help her cough, hoping she can clear the Pneumonia.  She has started two chemo drugs and a steroid.  She'll do 4 cycles of these meds.  After that, she will be hospitalized at UCSF for 2 weeks.  She will be given multiple chemo drugs and hormones to stimulate new marrow growth and then, collect stem cells.  From here she will be given automarrow twice and then discharged home.  Similar treatments will continue for the next 3 yrs.

Karen is scared, courageous, terrified, and brave.  She is determined to have as much time with Dan, Jack and Thomas as she can possibly get.  She's gonna FIGHT!
She appreciates all of us and for now, asks that if we want to send support, do it in the form of an email ([email editado]).

She is humble and unable to ask for any monitary support herself.  But we know what lies ahead...cobra payments, the loss of a primary income and what will surely be mounting  health care costs.  We hope that you can contribute in any way possible to ease her inevitable worries.  Please feel free to pass this Gofundme site to whom ever you think is interested.

Thank you,
from our GSH family.



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