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A couple years ago, I toyed with the idea of pursuing a career in film and television.  It was a pipe dream.  It's something I would love to do, but I had no idea how to pursue this path.  I'd done some minor film work, on the side, with some friends, and I considered myself pretty good at it.  But it could never be my occupation.  With a relatively secure job, I made a silent promise to myself, that I never thought would come to fruition.

"The only way I'd quit my job is if I got a job in my dream field, TV or Film, in my dream city, Vancouver, BC, a modern hub of film and television production.  But that could never happen.  I wouldn't even know how to go about it".  

I very quickly put that thought away.  It would pop up, many times, over the next couple of years, but always as an impossible dream, and not a obtainable goal.  Then something incredible fell into my lap.

In October of 2018, I was scrolling through Twitter, as one sometimes does when they can't sleep, and a serendipitous post came across my screen.  Kevin Smith, writer/director/filmmaker and fellow super geek, someone I'd admired all of my life, was sponsoring a scholarship to Vancouver Film School.  

I thought to myself, "Wow, this is awesome.  It can't hurt to apply, right?  It'll probably amount to nothing, but why not try?"  So, I applied.  A couple of months passed, and I didn't hear anything.  I figured they had moved passed on me.  And then I got the call.  I had been accepted.  I didn't get Kevin Smith's full ride scholarship, but I did get a partial scholarship.  I'd have to take out a student loan, but the possibility of pursuing my dream suddenly became very real.  

I had decisions to make.  Going meant leaving all the security I'd known.  But then I thought back to that silent promise I made to myself,  that I thought would never come true.  "The only way I'd quit my job is if I got a job in my dream field, TV or Film, in my dream city, Vancouver".  That's what was being offered to me.  And I realized that if I didn't go, I'd always wonder "what if".  

Since then, I've had one of the most transformative years of my life, full of incredibly powerful new friendships, reaffirmation of old friendships, emotional highs and lows that defy description, and the reminder that life is short, and we can't take it for granted.  The thought of this move was both terrifying and exhilarating.  But with the support of people incredibly near and dear to me, I decided to go, and preparations were made over the coming months.

I even got to meet Kevin Smith, just a couple of weeks ago, and talk to him regarding film school.   It was absolutely amazing, and filled my heart with joy to have a lifelong hero listen to my story, and even give his support. Talking with him was an incredible experience that served to reaffirm my commitment to my new path.

I'm now under 2 months away from moving to Vancouver and starting school in January of 2020.

However, there are a lot of coming expenses.   In addition to the cost of school, I have to consider the cost of living.  And for that, I humbly ask for help from anyone who can find it in their heart to donate.

The money from this fundraiser help pay for the following, during my year at school.

Rent: $600-1400 per month, depending on the apartment I can get.  I'm hoping for a shared place to save money.

Utilities (water, gas, electric, trash): $100-200 per month

Internet: $100-150 per month (Unfortunately, we live in a world where this is a necessity)
Food: $250+ per month

Transportation: $100-200 per month, depending on apartment location, gas prices, and public transportation options.

I don't expect to hit 30k.  I'll honestly be shocked if I break 1 or 2 grand. But I made 30k the rough goal, as that would be my estimated living cost, with a little wiggle room for emergency situations.  But I'm of the mindset that every little bit helps.  I'll be grateful, even if only $20 get donated.

Whether you donate or not, I want to thank everyone in my life for the support they have shown as I enter this new phase of my life.   I will use this page, as well as my social media, to share my experiences.  Thank you everybody.  I couldn't do this without the emotional support you have given me, through this transition.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,



Kyle Hansen
Rush City, MN

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