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Brice Royer a 31 year old cancer patient whom after being told by his doctor that kindness and love is the best medicine , took this to heart and later on put it into action. He decided to put up a Craigslist ad, selling unconditional love for $0.00 dollars.  The ad which received over 1 million hits in 2 days; was featured in a news feed article on Facebook to which Francesca Murray, a single mom living in a 2nd stage shelter noticed.   

Why Brice Needs to Go to Bali
Brice has always dreamed of going to Bali.  His BFF moved there.  His deepest wish was to go away to some place where he could receive full healing.  He has been struggling a lot physically, but for privacy reasons, I cannot elaborate further beyond this comment.  He's in pretty rough shape, and he's come to terms with that.  In a private conversation with me just before Christmas, He said in his words: "I think in the new year after I've accomplished this tiny home fundraiser for you, I am so exhausted and tired of struggling. I just want to go away and heal myself completely".  I want to get away from everything, including all social media, and just focus on healing myself  because I'm no good to anyone if I'm sick.  I think I'm going to step away for several months".    :-(

The funds that we are raising for this trip is all inclusive and includes the cost of any caregiving that Brice needs during his time in Bali.  When he goes there, the posibility of him staying beyond 3 months is very high.  Therefore, we had to plan to include all costs, euro conversion, transportation, caregiving etc. 

Francesca said that: she became curious to see whom else speaks of unconditional love; led her her to clicking on the article and reading about Brice.

Further curiosity eventually led to the discovery of his bucket list which indicated that he was in need of a cook.

Francesca upon seeing this, added him to her facebook to investigate who this man was, and offered to cook for him. 

She said, "I was inspired by his level of writing and couldn't believe he knew about unconditional love.  I was looking for a way to give back because at the shelter; while I helped some of the women with food, I was always running out, our income assistants cheques is so small, we always ran out". 

She then thought,  "hmmm, perhaps the creator has other plans, so let me do something I know will have an even bigger and direct impact where I could see the end result of making a differnce starting with only one person, then later on expanding to many as I heal. Kinda like not biting off more than I could chew". 

Why should Brice go to Bali, by Francesca: 
Francesca Says, she thinks Brice deserves to go to Bali because he has showed us ALL that we are all capable of activating the true powers of our hearts, and can make a difference for someone else through paying it fowards. 

Brice have helped so many people, its time for us to help him get the rest of the healing he deserves.  By going to Bali, he will have access to an all inclusive manifestation retreat, in addition to the ability to stay in Bali as long as he needs to (3 plus months), this will help him complete his heart/body journey in order to fully heal himself; his body needs this spiritual nourishment in order to recharge as he continues to enlighten us by paying it forwards. 

This retreat will help him reconnect even more with his purpose in life. Brice has always dreamed of going to Bali.  His deepest wish is to go away to a place where he could heal himself completely for as long as he needs. This retreat is our opportunity  to fulfill his wish.  When he met Baptiste de Pape - creator of The Power of The Heart, it lit Brice's heart up to a whole new level, he became very inspired. He decided to recharge his unconditional love paying it fowards movement by helping people in even bigger ways.  

Francesca happens to be one of his recepients. He hasn't stopped talking about the Power of the Heart, and has shown us all that we are all capable of activating the Power of our own hearts through simple acts of kindness, big or small.

He has activated the Power of the Heart by putting it into action. 

How Francesca & Brice Met:

Francesca via messenger contacted Brice to meet and get to know him. But appointments kept getting in the way, so Brice and Francesca started messaging to get to know each other more. 

Then one day after they got to know each other and about Francesca's situation, Brice contacted her saying,  "well remember that conversation we had regarding you enjoying the sharing of food and I know you love to share food etc.?   Well there is a homeless counselor who is in desperate need of food, and I know someone who is associated with a local charity farm.  His name is Ruso, with whom we are planning a surprise food delivery for her.  And I thought that you might enjoy being a part of helping us to surprise her".  

Francesca upon hearing this immediately jumped to the opportunity , she said because it was a great opportunity to have a "direct" impact surprising someone with desperately needed food; I would enjoy this, count me in".  

The 1st surprise, 

I discovered that Brice and Ruso wasn't only surprising me with enough veggies for Charlotte and I, but that they had setup a fundraiser for me to get enough veggie supply for about a year.  

"I immeditely told Brice, well this is a lot, Charlotte and I only eat a little, so if its ok, I'd like to share this with other women at the shelter - I shared it with 6 others, then I asked their permission if we could use the fundraiser for all the women instead of just me".  I explained that I understand this might mean Charlotte and I will not have as much, but; I really still would like to buy enough with the money for everyone.  

After the 1st surprise, Brice spoke to Baptist about Francesca.  So, Baptist extended Francesca a free invite to see his movie, The Power of the heart.  This was the begining and continuation of full transformation for Francesca. 

She said, "I understood right away after watching the movie what my purpose in life was, it solidified my business idea of wanting to create a healing centre for men because this centre is going to be the biggest transformation and a reflection of unconditional love at its finest;  I was excited, and for the 1st time, intention and manifestation became clear".  "I understood what was happening to me".  
"I was inspired and deeply touched, and about 3 days later as my body went into deep transformation, everything suddenly became clear.  I too eventually found myself thanking the creator for my entire life's journey of pain, and everything else that had happend, it all suddenly made sense to me.  Because if it wasn't for this journey of pain and deep suffering at times, I wouldn't have been able to experience and embody such new found wisdom.  I became even more excited as I embraced it, and started feeling like I became lighter, the lighter and inspired I felt, the more I felt like I was glowing." 

"It was my preparation process during my journey each moment I persevered, forgived, reflected with deep understanding, and even more; understanding with compassion, with the remainder of my transformation to complete enlightened selflessness, it was this journey that prepared me for what was about to happen.  The Power of the Heart answered all of my questions, but one.  So I attended the 2nd screening". 

A day later, "I started feeling the physical fire, and I could visualize it, this beautiful real flame in my heart.  I wasn't going crazy after all". Because Baptiste and everyone in his movie, including the Math institute said so.

Food at the shelter for the women:
Several veggie deliveries later, Francesca said:
"The women are so happy, they couldn't believe this was really happening".  Francesca continued,  "I couldn't believe the creator was answering my prayers.. I was on top of the universe. Everything was happening so fast. It gave me hope that using the "power of my heart".  I can activate more help for the women. My deepest wish and prayer for the women getting food at the shelter was manifesting".

"I used to pray for this after I realized that I didn't have enough money to constantly buy food for the women because I was always running out, and the women were always running out too because our income assistance cheques was never enough.  In prayer I asked the creator for a big enough sign so that I can recognize what I was supposed to do in terms of my purpsose, and when he answered, this happened and he also showed me how I could accomplish it all.  Of course; he not only sent me Brice, but Ruso who came with fresh picked veggies, personally picked and delivered every two weeks.  The universe had opened up its floodgates. 

8000 lbs veggies later, cobbs bread, etc......

Brice started asking Francesca more questions about the women, their situation, the shelter, and including trying to understand how long she was allowed to stay there etc.  It was during one of these conversations, that Brice learnt that Francesca's term in the shelter was ending in February 2016.  

At that time, Francesca indicated that she had lots of time, and was getting worried about the depression that she had noticed the women and the entire shelter was in.  "I could see it happening", she said, and that this made her wanted to help the women even more because some of them had become so desperate, even after all the food delivery, there was still stealing food from other women.  And she cried out, "This made me very sad".  "I felt disappointed that I wasn't doing enough".  

Then about  a day later, Francesca said that she felt her other purpose for being at the shelter was to somehow lift the entire building up, and the spirits of the women, so she decided to do something for them for Christmas. "I remember telling this to my manager too at my case management meeting, and she told me I was taking on a lot that wasn't really my responsibility".   She also told me that If the women are suffering and need help, they know that they can ask for whatever help they need.

But, Francesca said that she still felt guilty for not doing anything for thanksgiving for the women.  She then told me that she told the women she was going to try and get turkeys for everyone and fixings for Christmas.  Of course, Francesca decided presents too and spoke to me about a potential plan of action.  

She continued, "For a while Brice contacted me daily as it got closer to Christmas to remind me that I should start looking for a place, and then I remembered telling him, 'oh Brice, I forgot to tell you, about that, well something an energy of sorts and the universe itself has been comforting me like everything was going to be ok, and its not like me to not worry, but, whatever it is, it is keeping me calm and I feel a deep inner peace with it,  and its helping me move forward on my focus of helping the other women 1st for Christmas.   So don't worry about it, I feel like everything is going to be okay and that something big is going to happen, I just can't put my finger on it as yet'".  

She told the women that she was going to get Starbucks into the building somehow too in the meantime to start, and that she did a week later!  She went in, spoke to the manager and she agreed to give her the left over unsold products at the end of the day for the women!

Brice then started to text her asking about whether she had started looking for a place, and again.  But she reminded him about that feeling.  She said, "Brice's worry became so worrysome, he was literally more worried than I was about me finding a place... lol, this man have the sweetest heart ever!"....

"So I had to remind him that the shelter being in deep depression was a bigger priority. And then politely told him that his worry was so strong, it was starting to trigger worry energy in me, and that energy was its throwing me off my bask of beautiful universal energies of glowing calm and peace; and he needed to stop worrying because whatever is going to happen will take care of everything... then I joked about winning the lottery... lol".

"Then I gently reminded him about my mission to lift the shelter up and all the women in it for christmas by giving them some relief and turning their negativity into love for each other.  I was on a mission to reach out and activate "The power of their hearts" by overloading them with kindness like they've never seen it before in order to inspire them to heal and be kind to each other. He said ok. He'd try not to worry me... :-)

During this time, Francesca continued working with me to try and figure out a solution to help the women.  She then called me telling me she's in Winners buying Christmas presents with her income assistance cheque for the women. She told me I needed to help her figure out the turkeys, and worst case scenario, she'll use her entire cheque if she had to.   Brice also called Francesca to teach her that if she doesn't put on her life jacket 1st by having a home, then she won't be able to help anyone. "I refused to believe in that concept", she thought, and didn't say that to Brice.  But instead; She told him politely, "I couldn't grasp that concept, to me, if I succeed, everyone else around me will succeed too all at the same time.  So please let me try".

Francesca thought, "I did start to worry a little that night too, because Brice must know something I don't, and if he's this worried, perhaps I should too... so I prayed lots that night.  But once again, I was charged up with this feeling of everything was going to be okay, something big was going to happen,  keep focus on my goal.

"Brice and Ruso called again the next day and this time invited me to go to Unity Vancouver Church for a Christmas potluck and ceremony that included an auction where I can bid on presents for the women.  I explained to Brice, I only had a little money left because  I already did some shopping at Winners for them, but I'm ok if we had to use Charlotte and my veggie money. He agreed!!

"I remember loved the feeling that not only am I now supporting a Church, but its an even better way of getting presents for all the women. I was excited and invited one of the women to come with me (Julie Seabrook) who was excited to join me in shopping for ALL the women.  Brice also told me that Ruso's birthday was coming up in a few days so he'll be going on stage to announce it. 

The 2nd Surprise
(Click link for video surprise reveal)!

"You could imagine my surprise, I was in utter shock, I didn't even know what to do when they made the announcement, my brain suddenly slowed down as I tried to quickly make sense of what was happening, but the shock factor not counting the sweat, shaking, confusion, and some ackwardness, because I still wasn't used to receiving, and definitely not of this magnitude.  The night unfolded beautifully, but I was still somehow in disbelief. And then I put my finger on it... lol"

Why should Brice go to Bali / By Ruso:
I feel that Brice should further heal in Bali.  Not only because he is my best friend, but he is like family to me.
Furthermore, I have another surrogate family member who is originally from Bali.  And I know how Brice would just love Bali!  It is full of spirituality, and profound healing.  I know from deep down in my Heart that the final transformation into wellness for him would take place there.  I feel it deep within my bones and the sacred space of my heart.

Moreso, that Baptist is leading a healing and manifestors' retreat.  His offer to gift this to Brice was a no-brainer for me!

It has been my top priority to get Brice 100% well, and in top emotional, mental, and physical shape. 

Since knowing him early this year, life has been an adventure.  Not only because I have decided to not ever return to a "standard job", to only take care of myself.  But make it my life's work to enter into the Gift Economy, which my friend Brice has inspired me to dive into.  The gift in giving truly is a great pleasure, and to work toward the greater good of the many.  In selfless service.

From first becoming a farmer at an organic farm just outside of Vancouver, to gifting Brice with fresh produce, then fetching fresh spring water for him from one of Vancouver's pristine spring water sources;  to becoming his best friend, confidante, driver and caregiver. 

My greatest wish for Humanity is to be One with the Law of Nature, kind to our Dear Mother Earth, as well as be with one another, in Unconditional Love.  And for me, my own awakening process was topped up and solidified with my friend Brice.  I Love You Brother! <3

by: Ruso Llanera


Ruso Llanera
White Rock, BC

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