I don’t know where to start, because asking for people’s help is the least I’ve ever attempted as everyone’s got their own circumstances and unexpected events happening in their ongoing daily lives, but to say if I didn’t try for a young, brilliant and adventurous soul to survive even with 3 legs would shatter my heart…

Pictures underneath are of my 4 month & a half old beagle puppy called Kuro – a Japanese name meaning the 9th planet, undiscovered and full of mysteries, bright and shall always be circuiting under the solar system regardless of whether yet to be explored…

The tragic happened at 11am today as small curious Kuro bursted across the street as he saw another dog on the opposite side and probably just wanted to say hi… I wasn’t there to witness as my father who only comes visiting few times a year from oversea was the one who opened the gate, but an old woman drove past and hit him, caused the terrific trauma as a leg of Kuro has been broken with unidentified internal injuries. I heard Kuro screaming from my bedroom and ran out taking him straight to Vet24 in Balcatta, wasn’t aware of recording the car number plate but sympathised with the woman in shock tearing out. 

Continuing the outrageous tragic, I carried the bleeding pup with no movement and close to pass out to Vet24. After an hour of patiently waiting, the nurse came out with the result of right back leg fractured around his waist, belly covered in blood and stomach fluids, on oxygen mask for the time being there, and the total cost for a full body and inside check get added up to $5000, looking at a minimum of $10,000 for leg surgery, not including of internal damage costs which can be blood tissues broke out/kidney/chest/lung injured (yet identified because we didn’t have the money but the obvious symptoms such as breathing difficulty and inability to do absolutely anything but sleep and cry in pain over the past 10 hours have been the biggest grief for a little sweetheart).

At the moment, the pressure of insufficient fund leading Kuro to face death in which he does not at all deserve has been driving me insane… For everybody here who knows me personally, I’m not the richest of person living and looking after a 14 year old brother, working as an event photographer and studying motion graphics. My parents aren’t exactly financially stable themselves and have already put in for what they can support.

I did not want to jump into rush decision of putting Kuro to “sleep” for what CAN BE FIXED, but my broke ass self cannot afford to do so. 4 MONTH & A HALF OLD, Kuro has been on 4by adventures, explored an abandoned train carriage in the dunes, camped in the bush 2 hour up north with bonfires and eating baked beans, swam in a river, multiple times at the beach hanging out in caves with me; a party animal, a local at Mirror skate park, been walking around the city for 6 hours on Christmas giving out food to homeless people with me, HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO AN OUTSTANDING RELENTLESS YOUNG SPIRIT WITH MANY MANY YEARS OF EXPLORATION AHEAD GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE TO GIVE?

This probably is one great cry out for attention, but if you have ever met Kuro and under the impression of how beautiful this sweet little darling is then please, any amount given is appreciated by us as we are striving to fight for his life.

Finally, now I have really learnt by “Stairway to Heaven” yet “Highway to Hell”.

Thank you for your time and consideration, best regards to all.


My biggest apology for lacking in the awareness of providing confidential proof of Kuro being patient at Vet24 in Balcatta for an emergency on February 18th resulting in an inconvenience for the facility receiving  unexpected calls throughout the day. I'm fully acknowledged that the most concerned people are the ones who care for such a horrific event and take into consideration of whether this could be a scam, so here's the doctor's notes I've picked up today!

Secondly, Kuro has been safely transferred to Swan Veterinary Hospital in Midvale, thanks to one of the most caring human bean called Brooke! I've lowered my fundraising goal as we've been offered a much better deal that's more suitable to our budget and wouldn't want to ask for the excess from the kindness of family, friends and a surprisingly number of strangers!

Here's the Vet Clinic info if you wish to justify, however Brooke as being the receptionist there have clarified a few things as shown below so I'm hoping people take this into account! I'm already amazed with numerous people out there those only wish the best of being for Kuro and would never take that for granted, so thanks to all the kind souls existing on this Earth, we all have came here to share compassion and words cannot establish my mixed emotions for great genuine help :)

Last but not least, this is definitely one big time to reflect back into my own fault for not getting insurance quick enough leaving the innocent roaming spirit suffering an unimaginable accident. Definitely a great lesson to learn but the one promise I will 100% commit to in order to pay back for the generosity of our community is to train Kuro picking up rubbish when I do my Sea Sheppard volunteering work along the coasts!

*Note: I'll be aware of the microplastics Kuro maybe digging but boy is smart enough to avoid, we don't want another choking incident here. At home he has been seen to show some outstanding skills at collecting little things around the garden :')

Kuro has been casted up and I'm on a process of a payment plan so he could get surgery as soon as possible!

Sincerely, thanks everyone for going to this extreme length for a little soul! I own the world out there and I wish you all well on your pursuit of being, stay safe and be cautious for your beloved pets.


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