Please help us as Kensington Journeys into a painstakingly unknown future as a 14yr old who has been recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Laryngeal Cancer. This Cancer has spread into multiple areas including her lymph nodes and lungs. Doctors say she will require a full larynectomy and partial Tracheotomy with Chemo and Radiation to follow after her surgery, if she is to have a chance at beating this horrible disease! Please donate and help us as we enter this journey terrified of the decisions we have to face and determined not to loose faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ! Please pray for all of us but especially for our daughter!!
Kensington Nicole Martin is a beautiful, sweet and loving 14 year old who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Laryngeal Cancer which has spread to surrounding areas. She loves Butterflies, Llamas, Reading and is a member of the Varsity Tennis Team at Pelion High School.  She is also a member of Pelion Church of the Nazarene. She wants to be a criminal profiler with the FBI when she grows up.  She is the only girl with six brothers being raised by her single mom, Kim, whom has sole custody and is solely responsible for Kensington's medical bills. She also has many other siblings from her father Bucky Martin and stepmom Joanne. Kensington's dad and step mom live in Hebzibah, Georgia and are very involved in trying to make the best possible medical decisions for our daughter.

Everything changed 2 years ago when she started having throat issues and hoarseness which eventually led to a tonsillectomy in February 2017 at which time a small nodule was noted on her larynx. We were told not to worry about it. Kensington just needed to rest her voice. After persistent increasing hoarseness and throat pain, we were referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist.  In November 2017, Kensington had an EGD at which time the nodule was noted to still be present. Again we were told a biopsy was not needed. We requested a biopsy anyway and it was refused.   We were then referred back to our ENT.  At that point Kensington's health took a severe decline which included having trouble breathing, severe Throat and ear pain and choking on food. This resulted in the scraping of her vocal cords and a biopsy of the growth which was found after she continued to complain about getting worse after tonsillectomy. She had surgery to remove the growth and biopsied it on January 30, 2018.  

The results were devastating.  Kensi was diagnosed within 24 hours with Stage 4 laryngeal cancer that had spread to her Trachea extending into her Epiglottis, Adenoids, Adams Apple, surrounding muscle and soft tissue (with possible involvement of the sinus cavities), her thyroid gland, 5 lymph nodes and possibly her Right lung. This is a very aggressive Cancer and has already grown back where the tumor was cut out on her Larynx. Devastating doesn't even begin to describe what Kensi and our entire family is facing and feeling right now. The surgery will be disfiguring to a 14 year old and will leave her the ability to speak only with the help of artificial assistance and breathing through a tracheostomy.  This would be devastating to anyone, especially a beautiful 14 year old young girl with her whole life ahead of her. Radiation is not a possibility due to the area and condition of the tissue involved, until after surgery. The suggested chemo cocktail that would be used if we did have not to do surgery could cause heart failure on a normal, healthy person.  

We've seen multiple doctors in Columbia, taken 3 trips to MUSC in Charleston this past week alone and are going to the Children's Cancer Hospital in Augusta, GA in the morning. We hope to get a second opinion from MD Anderson in Texas and another opinion from Cleveland, Ohio. We want the best possible outcome for our daughter! We are asking our friends and family (if you can) to please donate any amount that you can afford.  No amount is too small.  This money will be used exclusively for Kensi's needs, wants, medical care and factors associated with that (travel, lodging, food, etc).  The link I am attaching is a link to my PayPal account and I will be adding a bank account specifically set up for Kensi for those that don't have Paypal accounts.   If you can not donate at this time, please continue to pray for Kensi.  

Our biggest request at this time is PRAYERS. Prayers for Kensington's comfort and peace on what ever decision she decides on.  Prayers to take away her pain and fears about her unknown future. Please also pray for the Lord's healing hands on the oncologists as they decide the best option for Kensi and the surgeon's hands if surgery is determined to the best option over chemo and/or Radiation at this time.  Pray for my family that we remain strong in our faith and in our united support of Kensington.  
Thank you - Kimberly Broadway

Other ways to donate to #Kure4Kensi fund are
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Make cks out to: Pelion church of the Nazarene,
PoBox 86, Pelion, S.C. 29123.
Make sure to memo: #Kure4Kensi fund
-of course, through the GFM site

Thank you and God Bless❤️

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